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Thursday 31 January 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30th Jan 8.30pm

As promised, here is part two of this Wednesday's Corrie, all wrapped up in a handy blog review.
Seb reconciles with Sarah, as his mission to adopt the twins heads into court. Without adult representation, will the lad succeed in winning back the twins?.

Over on the street, Tracy informs Tyler's Mum that Amy has already had an abortion, that didn't put her off slurping her tea though. Tracy decides it might be best to move the family down south, in hope of avoiding all the conflict. In the context of the serial drama, I doubt that will happen. The parent's self-realisation of their messy re-marriage, looks to have more repercussions, than wedding fights and farcical honeymoons. As for the abortion lie, well, it's not long before Amy bumps into Tyler's Mum on the street, and the truth is revealed.

Roy continues to try reconciling Evelyn and Tyrone ahead of her holiday. A certain kinship seems to have formed between those two, I hope that's just the beginning of this friendship.

On the street, Paul riles his sister, Gemma, as her brothers Coronation Street charm fest continues. Lively ideas of a northern e-commerce website cause hilarity amongst Rita, Brian, and Cathy. Gemma's comrades seem far more interested in her brother, and it looks like this sibling rivalry is just getting started.

In court, Seb lies about his employment and paints a pretty picture of homely harmony, whilst Abi and Adam look less than convinced. Taking the stand, Abi, although heartfelt, can't help but admit that the kids are better off in foster care and admits the truth about the reality of the her son's   work/life imbalance.

Back on the street, Seb's angry storm continues, and Abi seeks solace on the good ship 'Lost Buoy'. Before you can say 'nautical euphemism' Abi makes sure the boat door is locked before Peter drops anchor! (sorry). Will this new romance, cause ripples or waves, for other residents of the street?.

Anyway, that's all for this Wednesday, I shall be back same time, next week.

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Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 30th Jan 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's Coronation Street Blog, and the first of tonight's two episodes-reviewed in a handy blog post.

Its the day of Sebs adoption ruling, and Gary looks to have found some new business for the yard. Instructing Seb to tidy up the place, he forgets when Eileen and Abi visit and is enraged when neither of them appears to offer help at that afternoon's hearing. Still sporting a shiner from Adam, the lad puts off the potential business, and Gary sacks him. Sarah shows some sympathy and tries to woo Gary into changing his mind  (we all know why) but she fails. With the hearing fast approaching, Seb decides to blackmail Sarah into being his adult representative. Will she agree, or will he go ahead with his threat?.

Talking of adoption, Liz lambasts Tracy and Steve's idea of adopting their own grandchild, an idea which Amy seems to warm too.

Adams repertoire in all things legal continues to expand, as he offers his advice to the McDonalds. Facing a troubling adoption approval, Tracy and Steve decide to not reveal the news to Amy to sustain her improved demeanour. However, things don't look to be getting any better, when Tyler's Mum decides to pay them a visit.

Continuing in a theme of family ties, Evelyn gets ready to depart on her holiday whilst Tyrone is still incredulous at the discovery of his horrendous family history (as if Jackie wasn't bad enough). Informing his Nan that she's no longer welcome, Evelyn asks Roy to see if he can change her grandson's mind. Roy reveals regret in the relationship with his recently departed mother, will this change Ty's mind?.

Meanwhile, Gemma is as equally perturbed with Pauls slippery behaviour, as she is of Chesney's relationship with Emma. Charming Rita maybe, Paul has no luck with Billy. Unusually downhearted at Roy's Rolls,Eileen offers Billy a catch-up over a bottle of wine.

Also, as Abi gets to grips with the mechanics of the good ship 'lost buoy', Tracy reveals to Peter that Abi is no longer an enemy and that she's pleased he's offered her a new chance. This could be interesting, as Abi and Peter continue to flirt...

More from me later tonight, with your Coronation Street blog review of the 8.30 pm  part two!.
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Wednesday 30 January 2019

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 30 Jan

Wednesday 30th January

SEB FEARS HE IS LOSING EVERYTHING Abi and Eileen call at the yard and do their best to talk Seb out of his mission to adopt the twins. Seb’s furious and as their row escalates, none of them notices Gary arrive with a prospective client. Unimpressed he tells Gary he’s taking his business elsewhere. Gary tells Seb he’s fired. Desperate, Seb has an ultimatum for Sarah.
STEVE AND TRACY KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY Liz warns Steve and Tracy that adopting Amy’s baby is a huge commitment. How will Amy feel?
EVELYN SENDS IN THE CAVALRY Tyrone bitterly tells Evelyn to enjoy her holiday and not to bother coming back. Evelyn begs Roy to speak to him. Roy warns Tyrone not to turn his back on his grandmother, admitting how much he regrets his fractured relationship with Sylvia.
Elsewhere As a loved up Chesney and Emma head out, Gemma watches with a pang of jealousy.

Wednesday 30th January

SEB FEELS UTTERLY BETRAYED BY EVERYONE Seb attends the twins’ hearing, lying that he’s got a full time job and the backing of Eileen. Abi tells the court that while it breaks her heart, she wants the twins to remain with their foster parents as Seb is lying about his situation. How will the court rule?
ABI FLOATS PETER’S BOAT Noting how upset she is, Peter takes Abi back to his boat where he comforts her and they end up kissing passionately.
Steve and Tracy blame themselves for Amy’s predicament.

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Tuesday 29 January 2019

Julia Goulding interview: Shona's son returns to Corrie

When Shona discovers Clayton’s dad has died of an overdose, what are her first thoughts, does she decide she needs to see Clayton to break the news herself?
Yes, her mothering instinct kicks in and she just needs to get to her baby and break the news to him that his dad has died, so it’s not an easy job.

Shona hasn’t seen Clayton for quite a long time, in what state does she find him in prison? Is he struggling to cope and does it pull at her heart strings?
Yes it’s exactly that, he’s an absolute mess and all her instincts as a mother completely kick in and it’s heartbreaking for her to see. She just wants to do anything she can to help him.

As a mum does she want to help her son?
She does but Clatyton is a very bad boy. He says his life is at risk in prison, he’s being threatened and he wants her to help him get a move to a different prison. 

Shona and David’s relationship hasn’t been easy but right now they’re in a good place, does she worry about revealing she’s been to visit Clayton?
Absolutely she’s worried about telling David she’s been to visit him, they’ve got a rule that they don’t talk about it so even though she doesn’t talk about it she does keep in contact with Clayton, it’s just never mentioned. But with such a huge betrayal at stake there with David if she does keep this is a secret that’s on her mind too.

Is David as angry as she anticipates?
It comes across as anger towards Shona but what’s later explained after an altercation with Nick is that it’s also anger with himself because David wants to be there for her and support her but with Clayton he just can’t and therefore he’s frustrated with himself.

How does Nick react when he hears that Shona’s talking to Imran about getting a move for Clayton?
Nick’s on it, he’s massively confrontational, he doesn’t like Shona and she doesn’t particularly like him because he let David down so there’s not a lot of love lost there. So I think he probably relishes the fact that she’s in this really difficult predicament.

It quickly becomes clear that isn’t likely, how does Clayton react when Shona delivers the news?
He totally spits his dummy out of the pram and he uses every method he can as her son, and knowing that she loves him, to change her mind. He comes up with another plan and while Shona doesn’t want to consider it, with his life being threatened, that does tip the tables and she’s torn.

Do you think this is something David and Shona can get through or will the Clayton issue always come between them?
Well it’s not ideal is it (laughs) but these things are sent to test us and crikey have they been tested throughout their relationship. I’d like to think that it will make them stronger and they can get past it but eventually will there be an obstacle in the road that completely sends them off track who knows.

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Tonight: Sue Cleaver's dog George Paws on Britain's Top 100 Dogs

Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street, will be with her dog George Paws on Britan's Top 100 Dogs.

In an interview with What's on TV, Sue says she took George Paws to the Corrie set:

 “I took him to Coronation Street and he had a little look round Street Cars. This was his first visit to Corrie and I’m not planning on bringing him back in! He peed on set and started humping a member of the crew’s legs…”

Britan's Top 100 Dogs is on ITV tonight at 7.30pm.

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