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Saturday 30 April 2022

Spider Nugent returns to Coronation Street this summer

Spider Nugent's coming back to Coronation Street and he'll be on screen in July.

Martin Hancock will resume the role as Spider, Emily’s eco-warrior nephew.

As the on/off boyfriend of Toyah Battersby, Spider left Coronation Street in 2003, when he headed to London to start afresh with Toyah. They later separated with Spider moving to Peru, while after a failed marriage Toyah returned to be with her family in 2016.

With life having moved on, has Spider held on to the ideals of his youth and has he come back for one final attempt to rekindle his love with Toyah or is it something else that brings him back to the street?

Coronation Street producer Iain Macleod explained: “Martin is a fabulous actor and Spider is a character with real heritage, and affection from fans. His return heralds an enthralling new story for Toyah, who will be embroiled in a mess of guilt and secrecy when Spider arrives. Will he be her saviour or the thing that ruins her life forever?”

This fan only hopes Spider will put a smile on Toyah's face, something that's been woefully missing since Toyah's much-heralded return to the soap years ago.  

And as the world's number one Spider fan (it's official) I'm overjoyed to have him back.

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Conversation Street Podcast Episode #520

On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 25th and the 29th April (Episodes #10622-10627).

All in all, it was a pretty good Corrie week, we thought, with a good mix of drama, comedy that was actually funny, soppy romantic scenes and characters having a good old gossip about someone else. As Daniel spectacularly fails to apologise for accusing Daisy of revealing Nicky's secret past this week, the guilt of being a nasty little scrote is starting to really weigh on Max - though we reckon there were still a lot of viewers wincing as he got himself a very nasty injury on Friday's episode! Also this week, George's big secret is revealed, Toyah gets tiddly at her hen do, and Jacob continues to prove what an asset he is to the show - and not just by making Simon look like a complete plank either!

Up next on the podcast, it's time for the news, and we ponder over whether it's a good idea for Corrie to have a new product placement on the show - this time, Heineken 0.0!  After a bit of feedback from our lovely listeners, we delve into a Kabin Extra section, where we share our first reactions to a bit of spoilery cast news that broke a few hours before recording the podcast - and it's certainly something we've got strong feelings about!

Street Talk - 00:11:03
The Kabin - 02:07:22
Feedback - 02:13:38
Kabin Extra - 02:33:05

For this week's bonus podcast, we take a look at the character of Doreen Lostock, one of the original 'barm cake girls' from 1961, and who, along with Sheila Birtles, helped inject a shot of youthful energy into early original Corrie cast. Whether she was out chasing boys, dancing the twist with the volume up in the Corner Shop flat or getting into scrapes with a young Emily Nugent at Gamma Garments, Doreen was never short on energy, which is why, though only lasting on the show for a few years, she's fondly remembered by so many viewers of Corrie's early episodes.

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, stream all our old episodes on our own site here, or click the play buttons above to give it a listen from the comfort of this very blog! 

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Friday 29 April 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review;Wednesday 27th of April 8 pm

I will start tonight's review with an apology. For the past few weeks, I have slated the Sally, Tim, and Elaine storyline down as some kind of 'carry on' smut fest full of double entendres and role-playing sauciness. A tad overboard, when in my 40th year, Tim's impotence may form some relevance for me, as I hurtle towards middle age! In tonight's episode, Sally presses Tim to seek medical attention, and like all us men, he seems to be delaying the inevitable but promises Sally he will book himself in with Dr Gaddas. Seeking advice from Dev, who seems to have binned Bernie, and is now on Tinder, may not have been the best idea, so he cancels it. Now that Elaine has gone home, I think we will see this story grow more, in scope, and in-depth. I shall look forward to that. 

George and Eileen are like a breath of fresh air! and I’ll fly my fan flag for these two, all day. The comedic element is back in Corrie, and with Todd included - these three are a treat. Tonight, and with his snoring issue out in the open, George has had a successful sleepover at N0.11 with a happy Eileen, Todd, and even Mary, all getting a good night's kip. Later on, George is seen dozing off in his hearse. It transpires that he’s stayed awake all night, to hide his indiscretion. It is funny and so very sweet. Todd had some belting one-liners tonight, and I’d rather see his character involved in this kind of caper, than being in Billy's exes group, supporting Summer. 

As the son of drug dealer Callum, and killer Kylie, adopted son of David (and not forgetting auntie Becky) it's hardly surprising that Max is such a trouble-causing menace. What with Amy's spiking, and Nicky's outing added to his charge sheet, it's no wonder Daniel is riled at his young nemesis. It's been a strong Corrie thread in 2022, and tonight Amy finally finds out the truth about the night of her drug collapse. Amy's passion for young women's issues is already well known and has been portrayed brilliantly by the young actress. Although it did have a dash of ‘Hollyoaks’ about it, you cannot fault Corrie for thrusting such modern issues in front of us viewers, with intelligence and accountability, as opposed to soapy sensationalism, or tabloid titillation. It's all very commendable, and as a 40-year-old, I do feel educated and more enlightened about the younger generation's cultural issues.

Putting Amy’s bae in a job at the factory tonight is also quite inspired when it comes to drama. I'd imagine Mike Baldwin would have baulked at 'Underworld’s latest staffing levels, but it keeps the houses of Barlow and Platt embroiled and at the forefront of current stories. All good stuff. Talking of which, it was great to see factory boss Carla out for dinner with Peter. It’s been so long since we saw these two on-screen together!! Without a doubt my favourite couple on the show, I enjoyed the Bistro scene, and seeing Peter get rankled by Nick was a nice nod to their shared past. Simon Barlow, however, seems to have a shorter memory. How many second chances has young Si, had? You'd think he would get on with Jacob as they used to. Kelly had a bit of point, and certainly knows what it’s like to face such scrutiny. Maybe they could recruit Max Turner, and start some sort of former bad boy support group? Daniel may be an Osbourne, but being part Barlow, he should know that the truth will always come out. Confronted with the wrath of Tracy and Steve, Daniel has now made enemies of his own family and half the street.

Twitter and the soap mags have been throwing online speculation out about Toyah’s real intentions for marrying Imran, and it may seem obvious, yet, I'm still unsure if she is out for revenge? Tonight, she tells Leanne all about the latest developments, and with Alfie due out of the hospital, Toyah seems keen on forging ahead with the adoption. Toyah has a heart of gold and is often the level-headed one amongst Corrie residents, but could Imran have finally broken her counsellor spirit? Leanne’s wise words of warning seem to come as a genuine shock to Toyah, and she retaliates by banning her sister from the proceedings. We can only wait and see.  

Families at war, revelations, lies uncovered, comedy, and true-to-life issues. That, my Corrie blog friends, was a superb hour of our favourite drama. 

What did you think? 

PS - I am on the Corrie Tour this weekend visiting the set. It’s my first visit since 2019, so keep an eye out for my review on that.  I am @rybazoxo your self-styled 'cobbles connoisseur'

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Spot the Corrie prop - April 29th 2022

Congratulations this week go to Annie who was the only person to spot that last week's cute cactus can be found in Sarah Louise and Adam's flat. Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this profusion of prosecco.

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