Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 31 May

NICK’S HOPES OF SURVIVAL ARE SINKING FAST As Nick is sucked deeper into the quicksand, he pulls out his mobile but drops it and watches in anguish as it sinks out of reach. Up to his waist, Nick notices with panic the rapidly rising tide. Will help get to him before it’s too late?
BETHANY AND SHONA ARE AT THE HANDS OF NATHAN Passing Bethany another spiked drink, Nathan slips off her engagement ring telling her he wouldn’t want their guests to be jealous. Mel hands Bethany a parcel but realising it’s a present from Sarah, Bethany bins it. Convinced Nathan is up to no good and worried for Bethany, Craig heads to the salon but on his way finds semi-conscious Shona in a ginnel. Craig phones for an ambulance, whilst at the party a worse for wear, Bethany makes a show of herself. How will Nathan react to this?
ELSEWHERE Erica agrees to distract Anna whilst Kevin prepares the house for her surprise 50th. Cathy advises Brian to overcome his superstitions and take control. To prove the point, she drags him under a ladder and kisses him passionately. Will Brian respond? Ken’s attacker is arrested for attempted murder.

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Naysayer said...

Getting weary of the Bethany storyline now. Too much, too long and very disrespectful to the Police.

Newfy Pearl said...

I am not 5 minutes into watching this episode and I am so down right now. I had to fastforward over Daniel's self harm with the knife, Poor Nick is sinking deeper in quicksand with no help in sight, Bethany threw her mom's gift in the bin without even looking at it, Nathan is preparing her for group sex, Shona is left battered in the street, and there is a dead bird. Really! Whatever happened to Corrie evening out traumatic episodes with something light-hearted to balance it out. Is it just me or does this episode make anyone say where is our Corrie?

Corriegated Cardboard said...

i feel the same way newfy pearl :( big stories are all very well, but there needs to be something else alongside. all we got was a bit of cathy and brian, and some stupid scenes between erica and kevin in roys rolls an other than that it was all doom and gloom, violence and fear. this is why i don't like the Big a Week too much, there's not enough pleasant conversations between the people in the street, everyone is too wrapped up with their own crises.

Newfy Pearl said...

Thanks Corrigated Cardboard.

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