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Saturday 31 October 2015

Coronation Street Halloween Howlers

As it’s that time of year for ghoulish goings-on and supernatural stories, I thought I’d take a little look back at some of my favourite spooky Corrie stories.  Please feel free to add your own favourites in the comments box.
Anne Malone dies in the freezer at Frescho
Has there been a more grisly death on Corrie? Freshco manageress Anne Malone was locked in the supermarket walk-in freezer whilst she was attempting to implicate fellow manager Curly Watts in a blackmail plot against Freshco. She froze to death but Curly's name was cleared. 

It started with a knocking and things falling off the wall in the back room at the Kabin. Terrified Norris was sure it was spirits from beyond and demanded a seance to exorcise the demon.  Along with Rita, Betty and Blanche, the foursome had a seance in the back room but it wasn't a demon that was causing the problems, it was dampness.

Mind you, it wasn't the first time that Corrie had held a seance. Here's Hilda having one too

The ghost of Vera Duckworth
This ghostly apparation wasn't spooky at all, it was probably the loveliest spirit on the Street. Liz Dawn had left Coronation Street but reappeared as the ghost of Vera when on-screen husband Jack Duckworth passed away. 
The ghost of Ivy Tilsley
As if having her alive wasn’t bad enough, the mother-in-law from hell came back to haunt the Street.  A vicar came onto the cobbles to exorcise the ghost of Ivy Tilsley from the Street (remember the Omnibus Trolleybus incantation?) after Sarah Platt claimed she saw nanna Ivy looking down to her on the cobbles from the upstairs window of her old house.

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Winners announced in our Coronation Street calendars competition

The official Coronation Street 2016 calendar is now on sale from Danilo and you can order it here. The theme for the calendar in 2016 is Trouble at Mill.

Congratulations go to three lucky Coronation Street Blog readers who have all been drawn at random from correct entries received to win a calendar each.

Calendars will be on their way to Lois Reeser, Claire Livesey and Tyler Smith.  If you're one of these winners, check your email inbox!  Well done!

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Corrie weekly update - The Inexplicable No. 65

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 20 years in 20 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle

Available from or

Deirdre: A Life on Coronation Street
- 2015 official ITV book

Hailed as a "must-have stocking filler for fans" and as a Christmas bestseller too.

Now available in all good book shops and online.

Ken’s always been a man lost without a woman. Audrey’s long been a woman lost without a man. It seems only right that they should get together as in the world of soap things have to move apace. But for this fan it’s too soon after Deirdre’s death for them to start swapping tongues. Mind you, it hasn’t come to that yet although Audrey gives Ken a trim in the salon, they share a drink in the Rovers and Ken’s eyes light up every time she comes into view.  Ken invites her to dinner and she accepts when she hears Roy and Cathy are coming too. But at the last minute she tells Ken she’s got a migraine and declines dinner after Rita asks her if she’s developing feelings for Ken.   Please no, it’s too soon. We’re all still trying to adjust to Roy with Cathy, nice as she is and all that, but, well… you know.

Kev upsets his neighbours this week when his forecourt is chockablock with cars. He’s got a lot of work on, has Kev, but there’s nowhere for him to park the cars he’s servicing and there’s a kerfuffle on the cobbles.  Sophie decides it’s time for her dad to expand the business and move on, all the way to Viaduct Street where there’s an empty unit under the arches that’s come up for sale.

Mary moans all week about how life is passing her by before deciding to write her life story. But then something inexplicable happens when Brendan, the editor of her favourite magazine about the paranormal comes into the Kabin. Their eyes meet, they recite the same classical literature lines and love is in the air. It’s fair to say that Norris isn’t best pleased, but then he’s just a nasty little man who’s not best pleased about much these days.

 Wedding preparations move on for Alya and Gary as Sharif and Yasmeen give Gary a 25% share in the gym as their wedding gift to the couple. Gary signs the paperwork and becomes a partner in the gym business. Too late, Alya breaks down and tells him she slept with someone else. Gary is distraught but these two have never had any chemistry between them so I’m glad they’ve split up and hope it stays that way too.  Anyway, Gary storms onto the Street and demands to know who Alya slept with, he assumes it was Aidan when he sees Aidan comforting Alya but Jason confesses it was him.

Yasmeen as drawn by (L to R) Audrey, Ken, Michael
Over in the Community Centre, Cathy runs another of her art classes. I like these, they’re lovely little touches. Yasmeen poses as a life model and has her hair done specially as Ken, Audrey and Michael put pencil to paper and set to drawing her likeness in their pads.  “Where do you want me?” she asks them. “Any position is fine, I do pilates!”.

Cathy’s sister Nessa arrives to interrupt this little scene, she’s looking for her son Alex who’s disappeared. Fortunately he turns up later in the Rovers and challenges Roy to a game of darts, a lovely little touch, as playing darts, as we all know, is clearly not Roy’s cup of tea.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Glenda Young
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Kev Webster's new garage on Viaduct Street

Last night on Coronation Street, Sophie showed dad Kevin premises for sale on Viaduct Street with a view to him buying it to extend Websters' Autos.  I'm loving the sound of this storyline because it gives Sophie something to do, a real storyline she can get her teeth into, finally. 

But it's made me curious about the premises on Viaduct Street and I wonder if anyone can shed any light on what the building has been used for in the past, if anything?

Here's a screen grab from last night's episode of Corrie with Kev and Sophie at the premises.

Here's a picture of it as it currently is on the set.

Here are two old pictures with my arrows pointing at the premises.  The boarded up arch under the viaduct next door to Kev's possible new garage must be the old nightclub 7th Heaven which Terry Duckworth opened. Am I right? If not, can someone help me understand Viaduct Street a bit better please! Ta!

And here's 7th Heaven when it was up for sale (before it was boarded up). It's next door to Nick's Bistro.

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Coronation Street episode review, Friday 30 October 2015

Mary’s quest for adventure has been answered by the arrival of a dashing knight in cream chinos in the form of Brendan, the editor of her favourite magazine, The Inexplicable. Positively beaming, she rivals her alter-ego Roxy in the passion stakes as she gushes over its creator. He too leaves her in no doubt of his attraction, and makes a solemn commitment to locate the one edition she is missing; “I will find you the elusive number 65" he broods, before quipping "if it’s the last thing I do - in this life or the next”.

Sure enough, he presents her with the magazine wrapped in a bow before gallantly resuming his delivery, ensuring that other fans of The Inexplicable won’t be left wanting.

This alive and invigorated Mary is infinitely preferable to the surly incarnation, and when combined with Brendan’s sublime delivery, there is definite potential for them to be a great couple. My hope is that their relationship constitutes a passionate and linguistically florid liaison and an exaggerated and comic homage to classic literary pairings. In fact, in many ways, they already remind me of Brian and Julie, which is no bad thing.

The only blot on the landscape came courtesy of Norris and Rita who saw fit to mock and sneer. While best ignored, I don’t understand why this continues to be included as a response to anything positive and joyful.

While love blossoms in the Kabin, petals fall at the Nazir’s as Alya pleads with Gary for forgiveness and a second chance. Meanwhile in the Bistro, Sharif confidently rebuts an angry Aidan by telling him “We know our granddaughter”. His words later serve to mock him as Gary reveals to the family how Alya slept with someone, and it wasn’t him. At one point Gary tells Alya to "stay classy", but to my mind he could apply this to himself, as making this announcement to her family seemed unnecessary and beneath him.

Fans have been wondering about Alya’s pregnancy status since Sinead found her test three months ago, and Zeedan asking this very question tonight appeared designed to solve this puzzle once and for all for viewers who learn definitively that she isn't pregnant.

Despite her infidelity, Alya cuts a sorry dash as she loses her fiance and the support of her family. Her grandfather telling her he is ashamed of her ensured added sympathy. Things get worse for Gary when, after counselling his supposed friend all these weeks, Jason confesses to it being him. You’d honestly wonder if there is any going back from this for either the couple, or the two friends.

Sophie seems intent on re-housing Kevin’s expanding empire, and has found just the property at the minimum distance from the current location. "Leave it with me" she tells him, and it appears that, yet again, Tyrone's feelings are the furthest thing from anyone's mind.

Missing Alex is found by Ken and Audrey quaffing ale in the Rovers, and his relieved mother Nessa and annoyed aunt Cathy aren’t far behind. I particularly enjoyed the scene with Roy where he and Alex spoke about the difference between living alone and living with others and the contemporary reliance on technology before engaging in a spot of darts. While I hope we see more of Alex in the episodes to come, Audrey may not feel the same about his mother, as Nessa’s bold flirtation with Ken rose more dander than the salon floor.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Coronation Street's top five power couples

Guest blog post from Tommy Cowell.  
Follow him on twitter and have a look at his website.
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Coronation Street has always been populated by power couples. From the early days of Jack and Annie Walker, to current times with Beth and Kirk. In soap land, affairs and deception are common place – it’s very rare that a happy relationship will stay that way.

Here are five Corrie Couples that prove love can conquer all...


This dynamic duo had their ups and downs, but Mavis and Derek stuck together like glue. Despite some close calls, the two remained together until Derek was tragically taken away from this mortal earth after suffering a fatal heart attack. When friends of the couple mocked Derek at his own funeral, Mavis defended her love for the man in what I consider to be one of the most emotional scenes in the shows history. (Forward to 7:15 in the YouTube below)


Tommy Harris was a difficult man. He and Angela made some very questionable parenting choices – especially when Katy started dating Martin Platt. And like all the best couples, they could row! In his final argument with Angela, Tommy hinted at the fact they could have separated years ago. However, they stuck at it. Who knows, if Katy hadn’t whacked him over the head with a wrench in the garage, they might still be together to this very day!


A classic Corrie couple. From the comedy storyline with the sofa last Christmas, to the sweaty moment when it looked like Tim wasn’t going to turn up to the wedding – Tim and Sally have been through it all in the short time they’ve been together. Despite Sally’s kiss with Kevin, Tim managed to forgive her and has stayed by her side ever since. Tim is a hapless window cleaner and Sally is a lady with delusions of grandeur. Sound familiar? They’re the reincarnation of Hilda and Stan!

Talking of which…


These two were loved by all on the street, and audiences at home - a true power couple. All Hilda wanted in life was a little bit of glamour – and when the pair won a holiday, she managed to see what the high-life was like. They were even staying in room 504 – a fact that Hilda was very impressed by.


Jack and Vera – the ultimate Corrie couple. Despite the fact they’ve not been in the show for five years, they’re still voted the most popular characters by audiences. Everybody knows and Jack and Vera – a couple who’ve been through thick and thin, and come out the other side. Interesting fact – Jack was never the sensual type. Actress Liz Dawn even suspected the character might be asexual! However, in their final scene together, Jack gives Vera a kiss – the first tender kiss he’s ever given her in 30 years on the show. Vera had been dead for two years at that point, so to show how much he missed her, he gave her a kiss. Just look at her face! She’s shocked!


Ken and Deirdre – they were on and off for many years, but were happily (ish) married for ten years before Deirdre peacefully died earlier this year.

Sally and Kevin – True, they’re no longer together. However, the pair still have a special bond. Kevin is practically married to Tim and Sally!

Beth and Kirk – as mentioned earlier, these two are fiercely in love. Kirky is the perfect man for Beth – a gorgeous sex god with a heart of gold. (And a brain of mush.)

Sophie and Maddie – a truly happy couple, until Maddie was in the wrong place at the wrong time during the Victoria Court fire and died.

All the best,
Follow Tommy on twitter and have a look at his website.
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Pics from the past of visits to the Coronation Street set

Stuart in 1998

Stuart in 2015
With thanks to Coronation Street fan Stuart on twitter who allowed us permission to post these gret pictures.  Stuart paid a return visit to the Coronation Street tour recently and he had his photograph taken in exactly the same spot that he had his photo taken in when he visited back in 1998!

If you're going back to visit the Coronation Street set for one final time before it closes at the end of this year, and you've got similar pics of you from years ago when you visited, do please get in contact with us here at the Blog.

We could end up with whole gallery of pics from years gone by and recent visits to the Street tour!

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Pics: Coronation Street - Horrible Halloween

It's Hallowe'en, and time to give these fabulous archive pictures another airing for our Coronation Street horrible Hallowe'en blog post.  All the pictures below are from the Hallowe'en episode in 2003 when Fred Elliot threw a Hallowe'en party in the Rovers Return.

How many of the characters featured in the party can you remember?

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