Monday, 29 May 2017

Devastation Street: More pics emerge of old Corrie set

With thanks to Paul at @CorrieArt for alerting us to these pictures showing the total devastation of the old Coronation Street set.

See that pile of rubble above? It used to be the exterior to Roy's Rolls.

There are hundreds more of these kind of pictures at the HiveMind website. I'm not sure who takes the pics and posts them but it makes my blood boil that there are historic Coronation Street artefacts being smashed into bits and thrown in the bin. Fans would have bought them. Fans would have donated to charity to buy them.

However, I have been assured that the cobbles have been taken up and are all safe.
You can find out where they are.

If you can bear to look, you can see all the pictures here.

I'm still furious with Allied London and the Granada Wrap Party who offered us competition prizes and then reneged on their promise. I am out of pocket as I reimbursed the two competition winners from my own money.  Despite contacting all involved, I have still not received a response.

Horrible pictures for a horrible end to a major part of the world's longest running drama serial.

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1 comment:

Maricha said...

While I share your frustration. Aside from paying a couple of workers to take a day or so to remove the most important pieces like signage, demolishing the set while setting aside many things would make it almost as expensive as building one would be. There's no way the money they might raise for charity or even sale for profit would make it worth the effort for a company.
We're lucky someone thought to save the cobbles.
I'm shocked that no one has contacted you to offer to reimburse you for the money you spent over their mismanaged contest. You did allow them to save face after all.

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