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Friday 31 December 2010

Fat Brenda tops New Years Honours List

Coronation Street's taxi cab controller, Fat Brenda, has been awarded the No. 1 New Years Honours List slot in actor Steve Huison's top 10 tweeters. 

Steve, who plays Corrie's Eddie Windass, awarded our blogger Fat Brenda this prestigious honour for the best woman achiever of the year. "She's always there," tweeted Steve. "Always! Inspirational!"
Find out more about Fat Brenda by following her on twitter and reading her blog posts.

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2010 Coronation Street blogger's awards

It's the end of a long and bumpy year on Coronation Street. As we ring in the new year, I've had a look back at the old one and made a few lists of awards. These aren't your standard "Best Storyline" or "Best Newcomer" type thing. They are more in line with the style of our Weekly Awards.

With that in mind, Part 1 has the awards for the Mad, Bad and Dangerous, such as "When is it going to end" award and "Horrific Revelations" award.

Part 2 has awards in a more light hearted vein such as "Fashionista Award" and "Best, Worst and Pointless" Character Returns.

Is this Eddie Windass's worst ever outfit?

Eddie Windass has provided us with some fairly eye-popping sartorial choices throughout his tenure on Coronation Street, pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable as male attire. In public, anyway. I'm not that fussy myself but honestly, there are limits. Aside from the dressing gown, which I've blogged to death already, we've had horrible gent's slacks, foul jogging bottoms and awful tops (see photo on right). A common theme throughout has been - and I have to pause for a second here - absolutely ghastly socks.
You can just see a pair in the photo on the left. They're all the same. Beige and worn through. Horrible. There's no excuse for that nowadays.
After much pondering, my choice as worst EVER Eddie outfit is definitely that dreadful one on the left.
Flaming heck. Words fail me.
You've got to admire Steve Huison's nerve for wearing it mind!
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Thursday 30 December 2010

Coronation Street logo spotted in shot on DVD

I was watching 'A Knight's Tale' today, and I spotted a little something on show on the Harvey's truck that over takes Norris and Mary, see if you can spot it! (Click on the picture to show a larger version)

My Corrie Collection for 2010

Inspired by Flaming Nora's post about Coronation Street Christmas gifts, I've gathered together my hoard of Corrie goodies I was lucky enough to receive.

Pictured is the Golden Anniversary 12-disc DVD boxset; The Treasures of Coronation Street book - updated for the 50th anniversary; Jack Duckworth and Me - Bill Tarmey's autobiography; Fifty Years of Coronation Street - already proving to be a brilliant read; and A Knight's Tale - the 2010 DVD spinoff that I enjoyed watching with the family on Boxing Day.

My autograph collection is pictured around the presents, and has expanded considerably during 2010. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of starting a collection to go for it, it really is a great set to have!

Who will attack Tracy Barlow? Vote now!

The little madam's going to be found in a pool of blood on New Years Eve on Coronation Street. But who do you think attacks her?  Mind you, if no one on the Street did, I might have been tempted to do her in meself!

What Coronation Street Christmas presents did you get?

Come on then, let's have them - what Coronation Street Christmas presents did you get this year?  From Sunny Jim's brother, we were given fun Corrie gifts of  45rpm vinyl singles bought from a charity shop (50p each!) of Bill Tarmey's Wind Beneath My Wings ad Liz Dawn and Joe Longthorne singing Passing Strangers.  And, wahey, we also got this from my brother.

Maria Connor Look-a-like

While channel surfing yesterday, I came across a Miley Cyrus movie and was struck by the resemblence to Samia Smith aka Maria Connor.

Photos don't do it justice, but watching her in action, her facial expressions really did put me in mind of Maria.

There's other Corrie look-a-likes, you can see some of our choices here.

Sally Ogden?

The Sun has a funny spoiler today about the lengths that Sally will go to in order to prevent Kevin from selling the house out from under her. She's going to dress up like Hilda Ogden, and act trashy to put off potential buyers. She'll leave the house a tip, shriek and nag, (nothing new there, then)  and pretend that slobby Eddie is her boyfriend. Obviously, Kevin's going to figure out her game pretty quick but it will be fun watching this one!

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, January 3 - 7

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.
Week of Monday January 3 – Friday January 7 2011
Sally snogs Tyrone, Steve and Becky are questioned over Tracy’s assault, can Sally and Kevin get back together again?, Sian and Sophie consummate their passion, Claudia wants to open a hair salon in the butchers and Owen provokes a violent attack from Gary.
The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the
Coronation Street weekly updates.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, December 30 2010

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for this week's fab Stevie McGurn. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Mark Eden in Dr Zhivago - who knew?

Not me for starters. I know this is hardly news, but for me Christmas isn't Christmas unless I find myself half-watching Dr Zhivago while cooking, nodding off or doing me nails. Only scenes I pay attention to are the ice palace and the daffodils.
However this year while glancing at the credits I saw "Mark Eden - engineer at dam".
This was about twenty five years prior to his being trammed on Corrie as nasty piece of work Alan Bradley. I must say I didn't notice him engineering at the dam but I'll look out for him next year!
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Charlie Condou confirms Marcus' return

Actor Charlie Condou has confirmed on Twitter that he will be back on the cobbles in March - though due to the way the show is filmed, the scenes probably wont be shown until April.

Charlie denied knowing about the civil partnership storyline that The Sun printed this week. I'm glad he's coming back, Marcus always stuck out as a down to earth character, and if there's one thing Corrie needs right now, it's down to earth characters.

Fat Brenda's Deep Filled Mince Pie

Happy flamin' Christmas!

Excuse me for not being in the festive spirit loveys but it's been another disastrous Christmas on the cobbles. What have we done wrong to deserve this amount of bad luck? We've had a gas explosion, a tram crash and now we've been visited by the ghost of Christmas past in the shape of Tracy Barlow! Great! Just what we need, a pantomime villain in fishnets! She's a right 'mare that one and the thought of her sneering her way round Weatherfield fills me with dread. She got out of a black cab in a calculated move to hack us off at Streetcars and then came out with summat about Jesus! Right, that's it for Tracy, I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of talking about her any flamin' more... I might have to talk about her a little bit but I won't enjoy it!
Did any of you hear Rita 'singing' David Essex? A belting performance loveys but was she miming? Are you joking? Of course she was miming. Norris had a tape recorder hidden in his pocket and on Rita's signal he pressed play! She recorded that song in 1988 for Alan Bradley's Christmas present and some say that's what tipped him over the edge into insanity. After Rita's performance I got up and belted out Cliff's 'We Don't Talk Anymore' - now that was real singing - I dedicated it To Sally and Kevin in the hope it would help to heal their hurt but I don't reckon it did.
I bet Sally's glad she swapped houses with the Peacocks. Imagine if she hadn't, her house would be burned to a cinder and she'd have no conservatory for Kevin and baby Jack to live in. He should move in with Tracy so they can have unpopularity contests and see who can get the most people to ignore them in a day. While we're on the subject of Kevin, what the flamin' hell was Rita doing taking Kevin to Emily's for a brew? I still can't believe she did it. I know she's nice and all that but if he'd have kept his monkey wrench tamed he wouldn't be in this situation would he.
I like the way Becky sulks and pouts 'til Steve buys Max and then goes out and steals money from her friends while people are lying dead and injured before going all moody on flamin' Steve! I tell you why you've lost Amy lovey, it's because you've paid for a flamin' kid and it's that kid that will be taken from you if anyone but Tracy finds out! And how did Tracy find out Becky? Because she overheard YOU telling Claire!!!!!! THAT'S FLAMIN' WHY! IT'S NOT STEVE'S FAULT!!!!!! IT'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that loveys but she gets on me flamin' wick does Becky. She never used to but she's bugging me at the moment. I wouldn't tell her that to her face mind, she's terrifying!
It seems that the new Christmas game sweeping Weatherfield is 'pass the baby'. The competitors this week are Tyrone for his faultless passing of baby Jack to Kevin who ended up one nil down. Kevin in desperation to score a point went for a crafty left foot to Sian but it was only a short pass and he ended up having his baby returned along with a good shouting at from Sally. John and Fiz never ones to be beaten passed their baby onto the NHS and went to the pub while Hope tried to muster the strength to live another flamin' day! So this week's 'pass the baby' was won by the Stapes and they get first prize, a Kerry Katona baby care manual signed by her liposuction surgeon!

If you want to tweeter me and help me out of me post Christmas grump then click on this thing that's here. No more bad news please Weatherfield, I don't think I can cope!

Claudia Colby, Landlady of the Rovers

As you know, Rula Lenska is bringing Claudia Colby back to our screens on New Year's Eve. She may try to open a rival salon around the corner but the Mirror thinks she's also going to make a play for the Landlady-ship of the Rovers when Liz leaves.

I can't quite get my head around that possibility though it's possible she may may a play for it. But Steve owns it and I can't see the connection there. It does raise the question, however, of who's name *will* go over the door after the departure of Elizabeth Jane McDonald. Neither Steve nor Becky can have the license as they have criminal records so who does that leave? Maybe Lloyd, or, maybe Leanne can finally have a bar! Maybe Andy, as the only McDonald with a clean record, could return!

Tuesday 28 December 2010

How do you solve a problem like the Websters?

It’s fair to say life chez Webster isn’t exactly a bed of roses at the moment. Some people will argue that Kevin deserves everything he gets through proving his inability to keep his manhood in his trousers and fathering a son with his supposed best mate’s wife, which is probably a fair point. Granted Sally hasn’t exactly kept to her marriage vows having an affair with her boss, but that didn’t result in a child which is now living with the family she betrayed. Kevin asks what he’s supposed to do. Simple, find a B&B and move out!

Part of me does think Kevin should simply move out, but part of me quite enjoyed the truly pathetic bickering between him and Sally last night. When it gets to the point of arguing over who owns the TV and the poufy you may as well call the divorce lawyers there and then! It also says a lot about the situation that Rosie has been the sensible one by retreating to the Grimshaws’ tardis house. Sophie might think of doing the same but as her girlfriend is living there rent free (as Kevin pointed out last night) that’s not really an option.

The Websters are one of the most popular families on the show but they seem to be in tatters. Some people will hope for reconciliation but with events taking place next week I honestly can’t see it happening, again. Put it this way, I can’t see it happening any time soon. Right now Sally can’t even bear to be in the same room as Kevin so it seems incredibly unlikely she would be open to reconciliation any time soon. The only reason Sally allowed Kevin to stay in the house on Christmas Day was because Sophie tearfully begged and I for one wouldn’t be able to refuse a tearful Sophie.

Of course we can only guess what will happen next, but I have a feeling Lloyd’s comment about divorce lawyers loving January may turn out to be true

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The future of Elliott & Son's butchers

With Ashley and Fred no longer in the world of the living, the Victoria Street butchers is left vacant, there's a few suggestions on what will happen next.

One of them is Graeme will take over and carry on the trade, but does Corrie really need the butchers? Tracy wants to buy it and open a florists, but like the bakers a few years ago, it probably wouldn't be used much. Finally, there's whispers that Audrey's friend, Claudia Colby might be opening up another salon there - but there is already a salon, unless Audrey's closes down.

What do you think should happen to the old butchers?

What next for John Stape?

Looks like Gary Windass isn't the only person battling his demons on Coronation Street this week.
Alarmed by her husband's deteriorating mental state, Fiz made an appointment for John Stape to see Dr Matt (by the way - is it me, or does Dr Matt look like he'd be great in a "Just for Men" advert?).
"You seem very...troubled," mused the concerned G.P., writing a prescription for sleeping pills and suggesting John see a counsellor.
John is refusing counselling at the moment, and I think we all know why. He's racked with guilt over Charlotte's death, and he's torturing himself with the idea that baby Hope is suffering because of his evil deeds. He's longing to get it all off his chest, but he knows that if he talks, he'll end up in jail. Again.
What will he do? John Stape's a popular character. Many viewers would like him to stay on the Street and make a life for himself with Fiz and the baby. I know I would. The Stapewick saga has been terrific black comedy and the writers have done an amazing job keeping the sympathy of the viewers with John despite his horrific trail of death and destruction . Months ago I suggested half-jokingly in a blog post that one way forward could be for him to have psychotherapy. We've been up the ginnel a few times since then, but I'm just wondering if this is where we're now heading? Difficult though. I'm pretty certain that a psychotherapist would be obliged to break confidentiality if John 'fessed up to manslaughter/murder and so forth. Then John would be forced to bump them off, as well, in order to avoid jail...oh, where will it all end?
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Marcus and Sean to reunite

Here's some news that the Sun is touting today. It sounds as if Sean's ex-boyfriend, Marcus Dent may be making a return and if things work out, Sean and Marcus may get married! I won't bet on them living happily ever after because few soap couples do but I'll look forward to this storyline. I always liked Charlie Condou and Marcus, his character.

Monday 27 December 2010

Can’t Do This: Thu Dec 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane, directed by Duncan Foster

Kevin’s getting the silent treatment in his own home the morning after he’s allowed to stay “one night.”  Well, almost silent treatment.  Rosie’s giving him an earful and doesDec-23-2010-Rosie-Sally-angry he deserve it?  Yes.  When you cheat on your wife, you’re cheating on the whole family.  Kevin is still trying to get a word with Tyrone but he’s not getting an audience.

At the factory, the girls are gossiping without any subtlety about Sally’s marriage woes.  Sally tells them that if they’re going to gossip they need to get the facts straight: she hasn’t taken him back and she won’t.  Sally says it’s all terrible and its made harder by gossips.  Doesn’t gossip just make things worse?  Meanwhile, Rosie is reminding us of the greatest tragedy of all this year: people forgetting her birthday.  I mean, all she wants is smiles and presents.  Jason patronizes her when she whines about it. 

Dec-23-2010-Tryone-sad Maria finally manages to get into to Tyrone’s home since he’s sat in the corner sulking and not opening the front door for anyone.  She comes in and berates Tyrone for not opening the door then starts to feed baby Jack.  She tells him how concerned everyone is and Tyrone says he can’t do this.  Maria goes out to Freshcos to get Tyrone some food and tells him he’ll be fine.  Maria returns and Tyrone says that years ago he’d have done anything for this situation: Maria, he and a baby. Only now he’s stuck in a nightmare.  Maria tells him he’s got a baby that depends on him and he can’t let him down.  Tyrone says he can do all the work for taking care of a baby the problem is that Jack’s not his.  Tyrone doesn’t know how he can look at Jack and know that he’s not his.  As Maria leaves, Kevin sneaks his wayDec-23-2010-Kev through.  Maria tries to kick him out by Kevin pushes past.  Tyrone tells Kevin that he can take his baby (and hands over Jack) and get out of his life for good.  Tyrone then shoos Maria and Kevin out with baby Jack and smashes his house to bits in an understandable rage. 

Sophie asks her mum if she should give Kev his present as Kev walks in with baby Jack in arms.  Kev tells Sally that Tyrone doesn’t want nowt to do with baby Jack.  Sally has NO mercy for him, neither do his daughters.  Rosie has had it and declares (to a shocked Jason) that she’s moving in with Jason since she can’t live there anymore.  Kevin says he needs to shop for baby things for his son since he’s all Dec-23-2010-Steve-mad he’s got left in the world.  What about Diggory and Pam? 

Lloyd complains to Steve about their bills after all the money he took out of the business.  Steve’s got more and more worries making that hairline creep further and further back.  Steve tells Becky that she has to go since he can’t walk around pretending everything’s normal.  He tells her there’s nothing she can say that will change what she did.  Their friends and neighbours die and she loots them!  Becky is gutted when Steve kicks her out.  I’d say it’s about time.  Becky does a lot of pouty and foot stamping but Steve’s not giving over (that easily) this time.  If anyone cares – Becky goes and sulks at Roy’s so that she can get some sympathy from Hayley.  Hayley wonders what she’ll do if Steve kicks her out and she says she’ll just have to find a place for her and Max.  Dec-23-2010-Gary-sad

Gary is even more moody and dark after the army and Anna doesn’t know what to do with it all.  She tries to make small talk with him over his army issues, but he shuts her down.  Anna sees Izzy in the cafe later and asks her if she can have a word with Gary about Afghanistan.  Izzy didn’t even realize how depressed Gary was.  She says that she’ll have a word, but she’s not making any promises.  However, a haunted Gary is pulling a Tyrone as he ignores Izzy’s knocks at the door and invites for dinner. 


- Janice, upon seeing Kevin leave his home: “Well, I knew Webster [Sally] was stupid but I didn’t even think she’d take him back this quickly.”  Hayley: “Maybe she just can’t stop loving him despite what he’s done.”  Janice: “Like I said, stupid.” 

- About Becky, Steve: “I can’t even bear to look at her.”  Lloyd: “It must be bad if you prefer to look at me.”Dec-23-2010-Rosie-Jason

- Rosie: “All my life I’ve had to put up with people being more interested in Christmas than me.  What is that about?!”


- I feel sad for Claire during the holidays, but it’s only a little sad since her character is leaving soon and I never really warmed to her.  I did almost tear up when she talked about how she felt that going to France would be leaving Ashley behind… *sob* 

- How difficult is this post-military stress on the Windasses?  I really feel for Anna and Gary. 

- Janice pestering Sally about Kevin’s affair at work.  No relief!

- Kevin for being a bad dad by not even so much as texting his daughter (Rosie) on her birthday! 

- Is it just me, or does anyone have NO patience or appetite for another Becky/Steve at odds storyline?  I think that Steve should put his foot down with her as he did with her stroppy sister. 


Hello loyal readers – just wanted to make a quick note.  Apologies for my missing reviews!  For those of you who do not know, I blog from Canada and have been having some difficulties downloading the episodes lately.  Big sad, I know.  When I watch, I review however.  :-)

Gary Windass tackles his demons

Ooh Mikey North's so good at that look isn't he! I know this will sound callous, but I think it's a bit of a shame that he spent the tram crash episodes cowering behind the sofa suffering from post-traumatic stress. I'd like to have seen him emerging from a burning building with a rescued "somebody" (me! me! twenty years ago - he'd need a block and tackle these days) over his shoulder.
I've always liked Mikey's performances as Gary Windass. I think he's an excellent young actor. So I'm really looking forward to seeing him getting plenty air time "losing it" over the coming weeks.
There's an interview with Mikey here, in which he talks about Gary facing his demons. There's also some more info. about him here.
All levity aside, post traumtic stress disorder is no joke, and you can find out more about it here.
Risking making this blog post look like a measles outbreak, my own blog is here.

Who would win a Corrie smackdown?

Tracy's back and she's out to cause trouble. She wants Amy back and is going to do anything she can to make that happen and that means she's going to come up against Becky to do it.

Becky is caught in the middle between Amy's parents but is pretty fierce when she wants to be. In coming months, there's going to be more than one confrontation between Becky and Tracy, I can feel it in me water! After musing about it here, I'm still not sure who would win the final smackdown between these two women! Guesses?

Sunday 26 December 2010

2011: A fresh start?

At the moment, Corrie seems very Tracy orientated, but I personally think (hope) that they tone her down after New Years Eve as at the moment she is way over the top (it's a bad way to reintroduce a character - thrusting them into the center of the show.) Anyway, here we go, teasers for upcoming storylines in 2011!

  • In 2011 we will see the introduction of Sylvie Cropper, who is said to be the new Blanche! (I hope so!)
  • Will Gary be able to battle his demons? Or will his demons spell bad news for his family?
  • Tommy Duckworth will turn up on the street, once again bringing the Duckworth name back to Coronation Street.
  • The street is set to be rebuilt - what will change? Will Dev reopen the Corner Shop? Will Norris decide to stay in the mobile shop buisness (not likely!) will the Joinery reopen?
  • Frank Foster will turn up in 2011 as a buisness associate of Carla Connor, I'm hoping he will develop into a Danny Baldwin style character, either say, it will be interesting to have new blood in the factory.
  • Speaking of the factory, will John's secrets come to light?
  • Finally, how will Claire and the boys leave the street? I've heard whispers that it wont be what we're expecting!

Weekly Awards: Dec. 20 - 24

High Noon award: Gail and Tracy. Tracy's 6 inches taller and Gail is like a dog with a bone. Let the hair pulling begin!

Not Guilty Yer'Onner: Relieved Star: Nick isn't at fault, it was faulty equipment caused the explosion. Probably doesn't make him feel any better, though.

Homer Simpson award: Gold Star: Doh, did John really think he'd not be recognized at Charlotte's funeral? And why didn't he just tell Charlotte's parents he was going to his own Mum and Dad's for Christmas?

She knows how to make an entrance award: Tracyluv. (Who gets out of prison and has stilettos and fishnet stockings on hand?)

Crossed the Line award: Platinum Star: Tracy Barlow of course. She crossed every line there is and she did it to cause as much trouble as she could!
Gold Star: Becky. Steve was right to be so angry. He thought his last wife was a loose cannon!

Broken award: Gold Star: Tie: Gary Windass and Tyrone Dobbs. Both broken, different reasons.

Slip of the tongue award: Gold Star: Amy overheard Becky tell Claire she paid for Max.

Bad taste award: Gold Star: Ken gave Simon a tram (ok train, but it looked like a tram) for Christmas! (oops!)

Phrase of Doom award: "She's hardly going to come round on Christmas Eve, all guns blazing, is she?" Of course she is!

Lines of the week:
Becky "They're freeing murderers for Christmas?"
Fiz to John "Top 10 ways to spot a liar. I thought i wouldn't need it anymore" (more fool you)
Julie "Kevin's faaaace..." Izzy "...Deserves smashin' in!"
Kevin "I've nowhere else to go" (Um. your favourite motel, perhaps?)
Steve to Becky "I don't think i want to be married to you anymore" (and can you blame him?)
Steve "I never said i wanted a divorce" (No? ... see above)
Lloyd "Divorce lawyers love January. Busiest time of the year" (looks like there could be a few of them needed!)
Janice about Kevin "He was having an affair because she was half his age and he thought he could get away with it" (That's it in a nutshell)
Rosie "Nobody understands how hard it is being me!
Eddie "I thought the army was meant to make a man of you not a surly thug"
Charlotte's mother "I'd like her to be reincarnated as a stray cat. Then one day she could wander in here and I could feed her milk and fishy treats." (eh?)

All that shouting and posturing minutes after getting out of the taxi wasn't even classic Tracy, it was embarassing! And why was she making out that she didn't know what happened to everyone? Wouldn't Deirdre have rang her or got a letter to her to make sure she knew all the news.

Best scene: Ciaran on a mission to mistletoe every woman in the pub and Steve grabbing him for a big kiss!!

Tracy's back and Kate Ford's enjoying herself!

The general consensus on the return of Tracy Barlow is about 95% negative. I've not had a chance to watch yet, but I suspect I'll be making it 96% when I've seen Friday and Saturday's episodes.

The thing is, while Tracy is such an awful character, by all accounts, Kate Ford is a very nice person. Poor thing probably gets an awful lot of stick from the general public when she's doing her weekly shop at Tescos (or wherever she shops). In the Mirror today, there's an interview with Kate. Don't take any notice of the headline, at the end of the piece, we hear there's lots more in store for Tracy so it doesn't seem she'll be killed off at New Year like the headline says.

Kate says she won't be letting her 2 1/2 year old little boy, Otis, watch her on tv because she doesn't think he's old enough to understand that that awful person isn't really his mummy. Tracy spends the week ruffling everyone's feathers and pays for it when she's assaulted on New Year's Eve. We hear about Kate's background and how she came to acting as a profession. I was surprised to hear she'd had a part in a movie I had seen, The Affair of the Necklace but, alas, her part didn't make the final cut as often happens. It's a tough gig, acting!

Kate talks about her time as a full time mum and about her return to the screen where she's got an initial contract for 6 months.

Bored with Barlow?

Having had a couple of days to digest not only the turkey but also the reappearance of Tracy Luv Barlow, I have a horrible feeling that we may be in for a dire few months. Maybe I'm out on a limb with this one. I just thought that watching Tracy ploughing through people's emotions was a totally joyless experience, save for feeling a certain amount of schadenfreude as the increasingly unlikeable Becky got her comeuppance.

Is it realistic to believe that Tracy has learned nothing in jail? Is it any more realistic to believe that she has a future on the Street? Over to you!

Saturday 25 December 2010

It was just another winter's day...

Just got home from work and treated myself to a hot cup of tea, a selection box and the Christmas special of Coronation Street.

This years Christmas episode has to be my favourite since 2004, there was so many great moments. Rita singing was fantastic and good call back to Hilda Ogden's exit, and also to Rita's singing career, the new Kabin was an unexpected surprised and John spending Christmas with Charlotte's parents was hilarious. I loved the end of the episode too. It felt like an actual Christmas special, rather than just another episode which happened to take place on Christmas Day.

Which was you favourite moment?

Baby Book for Kevin

On Christmas Eve, Kevin Webster was bemoaning the fact that there isn't a Haynes guide for babies.

Here's hoping that he finds one of these in his Christmas stocking today, though given how many friends he has on Coronation Street now, I don't know who would give it to him. Not even Santa would leave it for him as he's clearly on the naughty list.

Merry Christmas from us all at the Coronation Street Blog

Here's to a wonderful Christmas to all our readers. Merry Christmas to you all!

Friday 24 December 2010

Carol Ann Duffy's Coronation Street poem

If someone could direct me to a street where I could stand
Cobbles beneath my feet tearful with rain;
The shadows of my hopes behind the stained- glass windows of a pub, ghosts –
I would turn up the collar of my coat, walk, number each small, terraced house by heart:
Birthplace; neighbours – hardman, hussy, haridan, hustler, hero, heroine –
Threshold, bride and groom as clueless of next year as Christmas Eve;
Or exit-place, a hearse, a raw and local grief...
Then I'd retrace my steps, perhaps a baby's cry sharp as a sudden star nailed to the sky,
To stand now in this backstreet bar, nursing a beer
All my griefs, my gifts, and glad I live here.
Written by Carol Ann Duffy.

This was the poem read out by Ken in tonights episode, it was written especially for the episode by Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.

Corrie on Christmas! The Noughties

It's time to bring the Corrie Christmas story bang up to date with a review of the past decade. A chance to remember Deirdre at her naughtiest and THAT festive encounter with a shopkeeper. Plus collapsing dinner tables, deep fried turkeys and a good old fashioned Christmas wedding. Happy Christmas Corrie fans everywhere!

Spot the Corrie Prop - December 24th, 2010

Congratulations to Tvor who recognised last week's festive frippery, which can be found hanging on the stairs at the Windass house this Christmas.
Another Christmas gift of a prop poser this week. Whereabouts on Coronation Street might you see this silver star on a tinsel tower?

Greetings from us to you!

Merry Corrie-istmas from all of us here at Blog Towers, to all of our wonderful readers! Eat, Drink (but not if you're driving) and be Merry and may you all have a joyous and safe season!

Thursday 23 December 2010

Corrie on Christmas! The 90s

There were many classic Corrie moments during the 1990s and more than a fair share of odd gatherings on Christmas Day! Is it just me or did Phyllis Pearce seem to wangle a free dinner at somone's house, usually Emily's, most years? There were certainly several punch-ups, several stand-offs and a seemingly annual game of guessing who Ken Barlow was sleeping with. A further investigation of all festive goings-on, 90s style, can be found at

Is Becky Granger McDonald turning nasty again?

I do hope so. I've never taken to the "redeemed" Becky (Katherine Kelly), gushing over Stevie-babes and swanking about behind the Rover's bar in an array of horrid off-the-shoulder tops. So I was glad when she half-inched the dosh from Dev's safe. Not a nice thing to do, I'll grant you, but it was a sign that maybe Becky is getting her own brand of bottle back - and not before time as far as this viewer is concerned.
I thought that Katherine Kelly was great as Becky when she first appeared in Corrie as Kelly Crabtree's thieving mate, a really nasty, venal piece of work. Then they started bringing in a bit of back-story, hinting at an abusive past, showing how folk can change and so forth. Fair enough, but for me it didn't work. And unlike most viewers, I've never liked the Becky, Roy and 'Ayles relationship (whereas it worked for me when the Croppers fostered Fiz).
Maybe Steve is finally waking up and smelling the coffee too. Is it the end of the road for this Mcdonald marriage?
Apparently, Tracy Barlow ends up in a pool of blood on New Year's Eve (surprise). Is Becky the culprit? She's a street fighter and a survivor, so perhaps she is. Personally though, I was hoping for a good hair-puller out on the cobbles rather than a sneaky under-cover-of-darkness attack in the ginnel. If Tracy survives and it ever comes to that, my money would definitely be on Becky.
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Steve McDonald gurn of the week, December 23 2010

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for this week's fab Stevie McGurn. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, Dec 27 - 31

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.
Monday December 27th – Friday December 31st
Tracy upsets just about, ooh, everyone and is found on New Years Eve in a pool of blood! Gary’s violent behaviour escalates and Claudia flirts with the locals in the Rovers.
The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Corrie tram to be preserved in Museum

The Corrie tram has found itself a new home - The Museum of Science and Industry, which is right next door to the current set! The Manchester Evening News reports that MOSI were approached to see whether or not they wanted to take the tram - and they did!

MOSI are also in talks with Granada to see if they can preserve the current set as an attaction when Coronation Street moves to it's new home in Trafford in 2012.

MOSI hopes to have the tram on show when they fully reopen in January 2011, following a £7m revamp.

Corrie on Christmas. The 80s

It's probably true that many people measure their lives by marking off each Christmas. The 1980s were a decade of change in Weatherfield as many of the old stalwarts disappeared from Weatherfield forever. However, the Christmas celebrations continued as did the infidelities, rows and sing-songs at the Rovers. There's more waffle over at

Personally I loved Hilda's departure episode from Christmas 1987, especially the post-Christmas lunch chat she had with Sally Webster. It felt as though the baton was well and truly being passed on to the next generation!

Tracy goes for the double header

I'm really sorry to add to the "Ick" factor so close to Christmas but here's something I bet you never thought you'd see! Tracy Barlow is in a liplock with David Platt! Yep, Tracy uses her body when David confronts her about her part in sending Gail to jail but later she also beds Nick Tilsley, according to the Daily Star.  Since there's photographic evidence, it must be true.

Well, she has been in prison for 3 years and she's probably trying to make up for lost time and of course, cause as much trouble as possible. Digital Spy has a gallery of photos here

And that's not the only illicit kissing going on. Nick and Leanne have a smooch under the mistletoe, as well. I'm guessing Leanne pushes him away yet again (mixed signals, anyone?) and he then rebounds with Miss Barlow, not knowing about David. Gail, of course, finds out and there's a public argy-bargy in the Rovers. Oh, Christmas season isn't going to be full of glad tidings, this year!

My favourite Corrie quote

Further to this post about a new Corrie quote Tumblr (I love Tumblr. It's a micro-blogging site and it's so much fun), I got thinking about my favourite Corrie quote.

It was said by Hayley's son Christian so we're talking a few years back now. She gave him a photo album of herself as a young boy, although at the time of course Christian didn't realise she was actually his dad. Upon receiving the album Christian said,

"It's better than a Smiths twelve inch white label"

which appealed to me as a music fan, as a Smiths fan, as a Hayley fan! I used it as a screen name for a while, even.

I would absolutely love to see Christian back on screen trying to forge some kind of relationship with Hayley. It wouldn't be easy by any stretch, but I believe the Corrie writers and actors could pull it off with sensitivity and dignity.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update Dec. 16 - 20

 This past week was every bit as emotional as anniversary week was, didn't you think?

Ashley's funeral was this week though we didn't actually see it. Graeme did the eulogy, helped by Tina who took notes in the caff while Graeme told her what Ashley meant to him. Thanks to Norris, Claire found out that Nick may be to blame for the gas explosion since he didn't report a problem and she spent most of the week angry and raging at him every chance she got.

Ken and Deirdre, with Peter barely making it though, also had a word though were far less if Nick didn't feel bad enough already between the guilt about the dodgey gas and losing Leanne to Peter Barlow. In the end, though, Claire realized that she can't blame Nick or she'll be eaten by anger. She told Nick that she knows he would never have knowingly caused the accident and certainly didn't want anyone to die. She'll forgive eventually but not quite yet.

Nick was visited by investigators, which was when he found out that it's the law that you have to report any problem with gas at all. Oh dear. He's also been lurking around trying to get a bit of face time with Leanne but she's completely focussed on Peter, who, miraculously, survived the surgery and has come around. There is a complication, however. He won't be able to walk for a bit but is assured that with lots of physical therapy and patience, he'll learn to walk again. Peter isn't the most patient of patients and is already chomping to get out of hospital. Ken and Deirdre invite the new Barlow family to stay with them while Peter recovers. He and Leanne can use Blanche's downstairs room as there's no stairs.

The other big story, was, of course, the reveal over the grave that Kevin is baby Jack's father. Sally spent the week sniping at Kevin though nobody really knew why other than Rita. She even took Tyrone and the baby in when the baby was released from hospital since Tyrone couldn't face the empty house. But then, at Molly's funeral, Kevin was forced to finish Tyrone's eulogy and it angered her so much that she walked out. Tyrone watched them argue outside the church, curious.

At the graveside, Sally again couldn't stay and watch and again, she walked away. When the little box of earth came round to Kevin, you could see that he was upset and grieving (finally! I did wonder if that was going to happen). Tyrone noticed and a Christmas Miracle happened, Tyrone caught the penny that dropped, put two and two together and correctly came up with the answer.

He was incensed that Kevin was the one that betrayed him, something Kevin couldn't deny, that he laid into him and ended up thumping him so soundly that Kevin landed inside the grave on top of the coffin! Now everyone knows the truth and Sally threw Kevin out of the house.

He spent the night in his car. The next day there was a loud argy-bargy on the doorstep and he forced his way back into the house, begging to be allowed to stay. Sally called the police but in the end, she allowed him to stay, for just one night. He says he's got nowhere to go. Where does his father live? Does Bill live with Pam? I can see why he probably couldn't stay there in those circumstances.

When Gail, who was babysitting Jack, brings him back, Tyrone won't have him. Sally finally insists that Tyrone take the innocent babe, because he does love him. Ty is not having an easy time trying to accept the lad, though, nor is he having an easy time dealing with all the good-hearted neighbours that keep dropping in to help. He pushes them all away and ends up alone with a baby that isn't his.

In other news, Dev has told people that their shop was looted and cash stolen from the safe. The CCTV was destroyed so there's no way to know who did it. Becky can't seem to look anyone in the eye when the subject is raised because she gave Kylie the cash in exchange for the return of little Max and Steve figures it out. He's so angry that he walks out and suggests that the marraige may just be over.

Fiz's baby Hope has a crisis and needs a blood transfusion but the baby pulls through that. John gathers evidence from Charlotte's house and burns it but doesn't get away scot free because her parents find him at her place. He ends up going to the funeral. Fiz finds out he's going and doesn't go off on one, surprisingly, but then she doesn't know the half of it, does she? Unfortunately for John, two of his and Charlotte's former colleagues show up at the funeral (did he think nobody from the school where she worked (where he used to work as well) wouldn't show up? He manages to slither out from between the rock and the hard place with one couple calling him Colin and the other calling him John.

Michelle got back from Scotland the morning after the accident and after feeding Carla wine (Carla *did* tell her about her drink problem, but then Carla still isn't really committed to sobriety either), she found out that Carla had a thing for Peter and Leanne knows.


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