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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, July 6 -10

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 6 to Friday 10 July

Sally provokes Geoff who loses control, Roy becomes a third wheel and touches a nerve with Evelyn, Leanne finds hope while Nick feels it can't get it right, Abi tries to ignore her past and can Michael win Grace back?

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Next week: Coronation Street, Stories that Gripped the Nation

Coronation Street: Stories That Gripped The Nation is being shown on ITV on Monday 6th July.

This 8 x 30 minute new clip-based series narrated by Jason Manford, looks back over 60 years of Coronation Street with each episode carefully curated from the archives to bring alive a theme via specially selected highlights.

Episode 1 is Coronation Street: Stories That Gripped The Nation and here are just some of the major stories from the show that will be covered. Coronation Street has always connected with its audience, made headlines and broken new ground in television drama. The show will look back at pivotal storylines that captured the public’s imagination. 

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The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 20th December 1995

Curly and Raquel returned from their video spin-off honeymoon and broke the news to a surprised Street.  Vera was upset at not getting an invite and contemplated sacking Raquel because she didn't want a married barmaid.  Meanwhile Bet sent a congratulations card, and asked Raquel to give her clothes to charity.  Curly announced his marriage at the shop, disappointing Anne Malone (you want to watch her Norman) and getting himself an invite to the Firman's for dinner.  Raquel was anxious, and managed to drop her drink over Mrs Firman.  Also returning were Rita and Mavis, with Derek sharing his theory that Reet was behind his missing gnome; she was naturally dismissive.  Des fired Liz from the bookies, with Sean's support, claiming that they were overstaffed.  Jim, being the calm rational soul he is, immediately tried to clock everyone in sight.  He didn't realise that Liz had conspired with Des to leave so she wouldn't be tempted to accidentally sleep with him.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 25th December 1995

Merry Christmas!  Although nothing was very jolly for the McDonald family.  For starters, Steve was at the police station.  He'd got his hands on some crates of whisky and was passing them off to the neighbourhood.  Unfortunately they were all nicked.  Vicky tried to conceal it from his family, but then the coppers turned up in the middle of Christmas dinner wanting to search the flat.  Also, Steve's car got broken into and his stereo got robbed, which is ironic considering he spent Christmas a few years ago flogging dodgy stereos to the neighbours.  The very worst news for him though was that awful beard: his original Satanic goatee had spread all over his face, like a patchy Quatermass Experiment.  Meanwhile Andy decided he didn't want to live with Des any more, but Liz told him he couldn't move in with her as Jim would want to know why he'd left.  Vera realised that running the pub at Christmas meant there wasn't much time for her personal life, especially as Jack was ill, and ended up collapsing in front of the telly.  The Wattses and the Wolstenhulmes arrived at number 7 for their lunch.  They assumed Raquel was pregnant and were relieved to find they'd simply rushed into marriage.  She made up again with her dad, who'd chucked her out years ago when he found she'd done a nude modelling job.  On top of that, Curly was made manager of Firman's now Reg was gone.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 29th December 1995

These two episodes of Coronation Street were, and I don't say this lightly, two of the worst episodes I have seen in a very long time.  They weren't funny, they weren't dramatic, they weren't even interesting.  The only plus side was we finally got an end to one of the worst plotlines to ever stink up the screen: Derek's damn gnome.  He went on Norris's stag do and the drunken groom confessed he'd been the one behind the whole farrago.  As revenge, Derek made him late for his wedding, infuriating Angela.  A pretty weak form of vengeance, if I'm honest, but if it means the end of it all that's fine with me.  (And if you think it's been long and drawn out on ITV3, remember that back in 1995 this plotline went on for seven months).  Curly, meanwhile, was attending the Weatherfield Quadrangle of the Square Dealers, the show's version of the Masons, where he went through a daft initiation ceremony presided over by Fred Elliott.  Des told Raquel she should never have married Curly, and she told him to get stuffed, because he was a better man than Des.  Maybe you should've tried to buy her affections with a Chieftain tank, Des.  And Steve was officially charged with handling stolen goods, so Vicky had a lot of hysterics, and it was all really boring.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd January 1996

The central heating at number 9 packed up, so Gary took it upon himself to try and fix it.  Percy generously brought them an electric fire to keep them warm but they soon regretted it when it gave Gary an electric shock.  It seemed the house's electrics were dodgy, which was no surprise because it turned out Jack "fiddled with the fusebox and set the Rovers on fire" Duckworth had done the wiring himself.  Audrey was outraged to learn there was a video of Alf's investiture at the palace, co-starring Betty.  She demanded that he destroy it.  Denise went out with her dull-as-ditchwater sister, even though she was persisting with her tedious affair with the awful Brian; I don't believe any of this story to be honest, and it's quite clearly been concocted to facilitate Denise Black leaving the show in a few weeks.  Elsewhere, Don saw his barrister about claiming his house, Jim and Bill did some work at Crimea Street and discovered a cast-iron fireplace, and Curly suggested to Anne that she go for assistant manager.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 8th January 1995

Don clattered round the Street, drunk, shouting the odds at Gail and Martin.  He'd got it into his head that she was going to tell the barristers about his dirty phone calls to Denise, even though she'd done no such thing.  You know how to avoid people saying you're a perv, Don?  Don't be a perv.  It was Daniel's birthday, and Godmother Rita nipped round with a present (where has she been in modern-day Corrie, by the way?  Maybe Daniel wouldn't be forced to unburden himself to prostitutes if she'd lent an ear).  Awful Brian returned to number 1 and tried to persuade Denise to have a bit with him, but she said she'd rather be with Ken.  He threatened to tell Alison unless Denise continued with their affair.  What a charmer.  As a diversionary tactic, Denise proposed marriage to Ken.  Judy took time out from reading Select magazine (front cover star: Menswear) to demand that the Duckworths pay for the rewiring at number 9.  They refused, so Gary tried a more underhand technique, getting Jack round to watch the sports channel then getting him plastered.  Vera twigged what was happening though and barred the Malletts from the Rovers.  And Steve admitted to Vicky he'd known all along the whisky was stolen.  She was understandably less than amused. 

This is the first time the author has seen most of these episodes because in 1995/96 he was a poor student who didn't have a telly.  Please reassure him via Twitter @merseytart that they get better.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekdays from 14:50 and is also on the ITV Hub.

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Ben Price interview: Nick feels pushed out of Leanne's life

In the weeks since Oliver became ill how has Nick been feeling, does he feel a little pushed out by how close Steve and Leanne have become?

Yes I think he does, he also recognises that for Leanne and Steve it is their child, Oliver is not Nick’s child. I think he is upset as he stepped in when Steve couldn’t. He became that father figure but really when it comes down to these vital decisions in hospital he legally isn’t part of it and he's on the periphery, he is not going to be able to make those decisions. As it has gone on he thought he could handle it but actually it is getting harder for him. The fact is that suddenly now Steve is stepping up to the plate, Nick thinks ‘why is it always me that does all the leg work and then Steve or Peter swoop in when they feel like it’. It is an exceptional circumstance and of course Steve has stepped in but he is not there for the day to day stuff.

Nick tends to be very pragmatic and business like in the way he deals with things. Is he struggling with how to comfort Leanne?

For all of those reasons he is not really feeling part of it. He likes to have active decision making, where Nick gets comfort is making a decision and pushing through with it but he can't. He is in limbo trying to support her. He doesn’t feel like he is quite equipped to do that , what can he say, what can he do. He is feeling it isn't fitting into the normal mode, he feels out of control, he doesn’t deal with that very well at all

When he lashes out at Peter on Leanne’s behalf over Simon is that a way of him being able to channel his emotions?

He is still angry at Peter, he feels like the men in her life have never stepped up and have not been very good, and he wants to vent himself. He is using Peter to vent, it isn't about Peter it is about Nick’s frustrations. Peter and Steve have their own issues but they are trying, I think Nick is just angry, he can’t take it out on Leanne or the doctors so he takes it out on them, it is a default for Nick.

Is Nick finding it difficult to cope with Leanne’s, perhaps misguided, optimism. Is Nick more able to take a step back and see the bigger picture? 

I also think that it is in some way to do with the fact that it isn't his child, it is perhaps easier for him to step back, he is close but if it was his child would he be more like Leanne? He and Tracy are more on the outside looking in. They love Oliver but they are more able to look at the bigger picture. It is a very double edged sword in that he is able to step back but he wants to support Leanne and he doesn’t want her thinking he doesn’t care. He has to tread the line very carefully.

Is he worried Leanne is getting her hopes up every time Oliver does something ‘normal’? For example on the trip to the petting zoo?

It is that thing of her piecing things together which actually don’t equal a recovery, a smile, a noise etc it is a piece of good news but it doesn’t mean a recovery, that is not what the doctors are saying. The doctors are preparing them for the worst but hoping for the best and he is trying to manage his and Leanne’s feelings and not let her fall but his place is just to support her. He feels he's not massively equipped to deal with the breakdown when the worst happens, is he emotionally prepared for that and will he be up to it?

How did you feel when you were told you would be involved in such a sad storyline?

It is a great story and as an actor you want to play those strong stories. I have children myself so it isn't easy but it is important to tell it. All of the big stories are hard to tell, you have to be prepared to tell them and understand that people have gone through them for real and that is what makes them such an important story to tell. Also it is the job of an actor to highlight the elements where the character is struggling and highlight what those struggles are, the emotional heartache, all these questions that come with any illness, especially children. It is being talked about and people can open a dialogue about something that isn’t easy to talk about. It is a hard thing to discuss but if you have a gateway with a soap opera storyline it gets the conversation started, it gives a point of reference. It does transcend entertainment.

As it is such an emotional storyline how has the new way of filming impacted on that, for example you said yourself there was a scene where you felt Nick would want to hug Leanne but you couldn’t.

For this story we can make it work. Some people from the outside looking in have asked whether it will be as good, it isn’t about being better or worse, it is about it being different. You have to make different choices, they are as good, you have to look for them a bit harder. The choice with those scenes, we tell the story that he is struggling and she is struggling so he goes over to comfort her or is he struggling so much that he can’t even do that.

What is it like filming the scenes without having the twins who play Oliver on set?

It doesn't really impact on the scenes because the deep conversations that you would have you wound;t have in front of the child necessarily anyway. So it is not restrictive you just have to look a bit harder.

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Monday 29 June 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 29th June

Hello and welcome to the second part of Friday's episode. If you missed that, or want a reminder, may I recommend my blogeague Ms Kelstar's recap?

We're straight back in with the Oliver (a.k.a the let's give Jane Danson a meaty story to chew on because she emotes so beautifully) storyline. Leanne and Steve are given the news that Oliver definitely has Mitochondrial disease and it is life-limiting. So I guess this can't be forgotten like Johnny's MS and Nick's brain damage. Leanne demands a second opinion and storms off in trad. Leanne style. She tells the specialist that Oliver is getting better and he was alert and active at the petting zoo, before storming off once more. Oh Leanne, hun, denial isn't a river in Egypt. She shouts at Steve, Toyah, Nick and Simon, before Nick tells her they all want the same thing and they need to stick together.

The news affects the rest of tonight's storylines: Despite Toyah's horrible blouse, the social worker tells the Battersby-Habeebs that they are excellent candidates for fostering and it will go to panel in July. Craig offers to move out so that the mystery third room in the flat can belong to the foster child. It may seem a bit out of the blue, this, but Imran did tell off Toyah back when she got arrested as part of Weatherfield's Extinction Rebellion group, saying that it would "ruin all their plans". Anyway, after hearing the news from the hospital, Toyah realises that they'll have to put the fostering on hold.

In the "comedy" storyline, Alina Pop! helps Emma get her hand out of the vase. Oh just get together, ladies, have the first lesbian wedding and tell Seb to stick his man bun. Alina comforts Emma about the Oliver news and then tells Seb she can't go for a drink with him. Yay!

In non-Oliver news, Fiz realises the she and Ty are the new Jack and Vera as he sits on the sofa in his vest and she nags him about tidying up. Don't complain, Fiz, the Duckworths were in the soap for thirty years and remain much-loved to this day. Anyway, the upshot is that Alan Halsall does his Jack impression, which is lovely.

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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