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Wednesday 30 August 2023

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 30 August 2023

Wednesday 30 August 2023

LOU IGNITES CARLA’S SUSPICIONS In the factory, Sarah overhears Stephen on the phone talking to Jenny about the Rovers deal.  Wrongly assuming he’s talking to Angelique about the Nippersnapper deal she follows him. Sarah finds him at the hotel and threatens to call the police believing he is about to pull a fast one on the deal. When Carla meets up with Lou she is shocked to hear about Rufus dabbling with LSD - when she describes his symptoms it resonates with Carla. She tells Roy her symptoms were identical and she suspects someone might have drugged her with LSD. Not convinced and believing she is suffering from paranoia again Roy tells Peter about his concerns. How will Peter react? 

SHELLY REVEALS HER CUNNING SCAM Paul and Bernie call at Shelly’s flat to find her surrounded by boxes and parcels, each of them containing a laptop. Shelly confesses that she’s been buying laptops on her old company credit card and selling them on in order to pay for her carers. Paul presents Summer with one of Shelly’s stolen laptops for her birthday and makes out it was going cheap. 

RONNIE TRIES TO STALL ED In the caf√©, Debbie assures Ronnie that he only needs to stall Ed for a few more days. When Ed reveals that he’s hired his own surveyor to speed things up and reckons they should phone the estate agents and put an offer in on the land, Ronnie masks his panic. Ed’s disappointed to find out from the estate agent that there’s been a lot of interest in the plot of land and they’re taking sealed bids.  Ronnie’s relieved by the setback.

STEPHEN CHARMS JENNY Jenny returns to the Rovers with Stephen in tow and tells Daisy that she signed on the dotted line and no longer owns the Rovers. Stephen finds Jenny in the Rovers back room and, telling her it’s time she started to put herself first, takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. Jenny takes Stephen by the hand and leads him upstairs.

ELSEWHERE Dom assures Stu that he only wants what’s best for Eliza and a chance to get to know his little girl and be a better Dad.  Stu’s torn. In the Rovers Cassie talks Dev and Kirk into a game of gin rummy and orders Dev to get the drinks in.  Tyrone returns to the pub to find Cassie three sheets to the wind.  He drags her home. At No.9, Tyrone hands Cassie a pint of water and tells her he’s proud of how well she’s doing with her recovery, but she mustn’t blow it.

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Tuesday 29 August 2023

Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street - September 4 to 7, 2023

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 4 September to Thursday 7 September 2023

Abi caches Cassie red-handed, Gemma realises she's been played, Ronnie and Ed's fortune changes, Tyrone's faith is misplaced, Lauren gets between Max and Sabrina, Cassie opens up about her past and Stu steps up to the plate.

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Coronation Street Bank Holiday Monday 28th August


There are no signs of a bank holiday on the street as everyone seems to be working. To be honest, I'd be happy never to hear the word "Nippersnapper" again, and it seems Stephen feels the same as he starts negotiations with Owen and Angelique to buy the brand off of Underworld, which should lead to £70K each for him, Carla, Michael and Sarah. It should be enough to pay back Audrey for releasing the equity on Grasmere Drive. Sarah's found out about this after Audrey got a letter from equity release company but agrees not to dob Stevie-boy into his mum and Gail. I suppose Sarah has good reason to be loyal to him given that he gave her a job which led her to leave the street and go to Waterloo Road in the first place but I can't help but feel that everyone's working in silos re: Stephen. There are many people who are suspicious of him - Tim, Lou, Carla, Owen, Sarah, Glenda, even David doesn't like him; they need to come together to bring him down. 

Coronation Street's Stu Carpenter struggles over Yasmeen and Roy friendship

Over at number 6, Boring Stu is still getting all het up over Eliza and Poundshop John Simm, Dom. Would it really be a terrible thing if Eliza were to go and live with her pops? I can't say I'd miss her particularly. I'd miss Jake more and we haven't seen him since 2021.

Meanwhile Yasmeen is invited over to Pakistan by Zeedan. Run, Yas, run! Get away from Boring Stu!


Paul meets up with Shelley who tells him to get over himself and wishes that she had a loving and supportive family. I've read in the spoilers that Shelley's going to have her own storyline soon, rather than just being tough love support for Paul, which'll be good as I very much hate the trope of disabled people turning up to give wisdom to the main character and then disappearing. Billy and Paul make up and go on a day trip to a big lake somewhere and Jonathan Harvey writes a lovely romantic scene in which Bully talks about his mum - loud blouses and flirting with then next door neighbour (I hope she turns up for the wedding) - and they then recreate the skinny dipping scene from Room With A View. I hope this was filmed in that hot week in June rather than the rainy bit in July.


Ed has found a plot of land for sale which already ha planning permission to build 6 houses. He wants to put in a bid but of course Edron Incorporated can't do that because Ronnie has spent the cash from their previous development on the Newton and Ridley shares. We never did find out what Ronnie's business was apart from sitting around in Chariot Square supping free drinks.

Oh, and Daisy gives Ryan a ring-light (not a euphemism) for his vids. 

Rachel Stevenson - on twitter

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Cait Fitton interview: Laruen is a ticking time bomb

Can you describe Lauren in three words?

Brave, feisty and self-destructive. 

Do you think you'd be friends with Lauren in real life? 

With Lauren in the present, I would be friends with her, but Lauren in the past, no, definitely not! I think there's elements of Lauren now that I can really relate to, which is why I probably would be friends with her. She's just really vulnerable and I think when you are vulnerable like that, and on a really self-destructive path, you have friends that you bond with and then push them away - I can really relate to Lauren with that. Having friends that are quite similar to you is mainly how you click with someone and you help pick them up when they are feeling down. 

What advice would you like to give your character? 

Oh, a lot! I would tell Lauren that pain doesn't last forever and no matter what you're going through, it's not going to last forever. I would also tell her that if you want things to change, then you have to change, and if you want to do better, you have to be better - I definitely think that's like a motto that I stand by in life but I definitely think that it’s one that Lauren could probably take under her wing.
Also, family that isn't blood, doesn't stop them from being your real family - it's who's there with you when you're feeling down and who's there to pick you up when you need to get back up. 
When I think of Lauren, I think of this specific quote “she was either widely naive or dangerously intelligent” because although she may come across as naive, she has this intelligence that not a lot of people have seen but hopefully will be shown in the future on the street. 

In this week’s episodes, Lauren’s jealousy and anger towards Max and Sabrina, which could ultimately lead to an arrest, is shown. Do you think this could be a wake up call for Lauren? 

Oh yes, definitely. I think it's given her a taste of what her dad's going through, it's made her realise that the life she is currently living is a life that she doesn’t want for herself and is really disappointed by her behaviour.

Lauren is a ticking time bomb, she will build things up because she hasn't got anyone to release to. Coming back and realising that Max was with Sabrina was a kick in the stomach for Lauren. Max was really all she had as she obviously doesn’t have her dad around, doesn’t have a mum, hasn’t got any friends so she hasn't got anyone she can release her anxiety or worries on. She builds everything up and then explodes and it's only a matter of time before she does that. 

Lauren has been trying to come in between Max and Sabrina’s relationship. With them being official now, do you think Lauren will move on? 
Lauren is not a malicious person, but the way she handles things sometimes does come across like that, but it's just her being so overwhelmed and so vulnerable. There is a big shift between Lauren, Sabrina and Max as Lauren realises that she does have to take a step back now because it’s not only Sabrina and Max that are hurting, but she is also hurting her own feelings.

Do you think Lauren, Sabrina and Max could ever move forward as friends? 
Yes I'd like to think so. Lauren's moving next door to Sabrina, which is obviously going to cause a bit of drama, but I would really like them all to come together. Lauren might not agree with Sabrina, and Sabrina might not like Lauren because of what's happened, but we all make mistakes. I think because Sabrina and Lauren are roughly the same age, as time goes on, hopefully Sabrina will see how vulnerable Lauren is and why she has been manipulated to believe these things in the past and get that bond there. 
Also, Luana, Paddy and I get on really well and I would like that to translate on screen. 

What can the audience expect from Lauren in the coming weeks? 
Lauren's got quite a few things coming up, but the main thing is that she moves into her own flat, which is exciting as she's getting more of a solidified structure of a life back together. She actually makes an unlikely friendship with Ryan and he ends up moving into her flat. Lauren and Ryan are very similar in some ways. Ryan's been through an awful time with the acid attack and he really struggles with people actually seeing him as Ryan rather than what he's been through and Lauren doesn't really have anybody either, so they've both lost people because of what they’ve been through. With moving in together, it's going to be more of a brother and sister relationship but obviously it's not going to be plain sailing, there will be quite a few bumps in the road, but you know, it wouldn’t be Coronation Street without that! 

How does Lauren feel about Ryan doing O-Vidz if they are living together? 
Lauren is very naive. I don't think she knows exactly what O-Vidz is but she is very intrigued to know what exactly he does and how much money he makes from it. 
Ryan started O-Vidz to build up his confidence and that’s exactly what Lauren wants for him; she wants him to get better, feel better about himself, be happy and just get back on track with his life. 
Even though Lauren is really supportive of Ryan, I also think she's very desperate, because she doesn't want to be on her own and she doesn't want to end up homeless again. Part of the reason Ryan moves in is because Lauren is a young girl and can’t afford the rent all to herself. As it’s not happening in front of her, not affecting her and helping pay half her rent, she’s very supportive. 

What do you love about Coronation Street? 
I've obviously grown up watching the show, so it's been part of my life since as long as I can remember. Even though Weatherfield's not an actual place, I feel like the characters are so genuine, real and natural, which is why so many people relate to them. Coronation Street is like a massive family and I really think that translates on screen, which is why people relate to it and love it so much. 

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