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Monday, 26 July 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 26 July

Monday 26th July 2021 

MICHAEL AND JAMES ARE TARGETED AGAIN  Michael and James test drive a sports car after James is offered 30k for his interview. A police car pulls them over and when James questions the officer as to why he pulled them over, the officer arrests James for obstruction and handcuffs him.  James trips and injures his leg. Craig rounds the corner to see James in agony and Michael’s convinced they’re victims of an unprovoked racist attack. In the hospital James is convinced his career is over.
HOPE PLAYS MEDIATOR Alina asserts that his jealousy over Fiz is humiliating. Hope overhears Fiz and Tyrone rowing in the furniture shop. She demands that she needs both their help with her school project.
LAURA’S PLAN IS EXPOSED Laura meets up with Chris in the bistro and tells her she wants £30k for Kelly’s story. Chris warns Daniel that Laura is trying to sell her daughter’s story. Daniel warns Imran and Toyah that Laura is trying to flog Kelly’s story.
THERE’S A SURPRISE IN STORE FOR SUMMER Aadi finds Summer in the cafe and casually tries to flirt with her. 

Monday 26th July 2021 

JAMES FEARS HIS CAREER IS OVER James returns home on crutches. Michael tries again to persuade James to make a complaint, but he refuses. Michael and James are shocked to discover that someone filmed their arrest and posted the video online. James accepts they should make a formal complaint to the police.
IMRAN TRIES TO STOP THE PRESS Toyah and Imran make it clear to Laura that if she sells Kelly’s story to the papers, they’ll report her to Social Services. A police officer arrives at the factory and arrests Laura on suspicion of child cruelty, Laura blames Toyah and Imran but who really was it? 
EVERYTHING FALLS BACK INTO PLACE FOR TODD Billy and Todd reveal that Nina is going to design her a bespoke groomsmaid dress. 
ELSEWHERE Hope works on her school project, but when she includes Phill in her picture, Tyrone becomes jealous and Fiz is amused.

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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Conversation Street Podcast Episode #480

Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 19th and the 23rd July (Episodes #10380 - 10385).

It's the week of the charity calendar shoot, and as the men of the street bear their bodies for the camera, Curtis bears his soul to his new love Emma, revealing his secret heart condition that could see him drop dead at any minute. In fact, there are romances blossoming all over the Street this week, with Grace finding herself attracted to Michael again, Fiz and Phill's obvious chemistry driving Tyrone into a jealous rage, and Leanne and Nick having some sweet scenes together after she realises that life with Sam's actually not so bad.

Though the lack of big news stories saw us give The Kabin a miss this week, we make up for it with a bit of a bumper feedback section, with one email in particular giving us plenty to muse over about the current state of Corrie, and what we might do to shake things up if we were in charge.

Street Talk - 00:17:45
Feedback - 02:04:01

For this week's bonus podcast, we're taking an in-depth look at the character of Maureen Holdsworth. From the hilarious waterbed incident with Reg to the poignant scenes at the Normandy graves with cantankerous mother Maud, Maureen had plenty of memorable moments during her time on the cobbles, and in this episode, we chat over some of our favourites - and ponder whether a return to the Street for Maureen could ever become a reality.. 

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, stream all our old episodes on our own site here, or click the play buttons above to give it a listen from the comfort of this very blog!

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Peter Ash interview - Can Paul stop Billy marrying Todd?

How is Paul feeling as Billy and Todd plan their wedding, does he still think he can get his man?

Obviously he’s not happy about it, he feels like he’s lost Billy but then Will comes on the scene and starts jogging his suspicions again about Todd. He knows there’s something going on between Will and Todd but he can’t quite put his finger on it. I think Paul definitely does want Billy back but a lot of the trust has gone, Billy was very quick to listen to Todd despite him being the one dishing out the warnings about Todd when he first came back. 

As time goes on is Paul realising just how much he’s been played by Todd?

Bit by bit he’s starting to get more suspicious, especially with Will coming back on the scene, he knows there’s something behind all this now he just needs to put the pieces together.

So how do the pieces fall into place for Paul?

Paul gets a call from Will where he says he’s going to tell him everything but then Todd gets to him first and Will shuts down again. It really frustrates Paul but out of that Will does mention how angrily Paul has been reacting to people and points out that’s not helping him. It makes him realise he needs to calm down and focus more on Summer because he really cares for her.

Will then sends Paul a video that could expose Todd, how does Paul feel?

It’s a set up of a conversation between Will and Todd where Todd’s basically bang to rights and he admits how he’s been playing them all from the beginning. So Paul then decides he’ll sabotage the screening they’re doing in the garden for the calendar launch and play the video out for everyone to see. Paul’s just waiting to see how it's all going to unravel when the bomb drops.

What do you think he’s hoping to achieve through exposing Todd?

I think Paul just wants to be justified now in his belief that it was Todd who orchestrated his downfall. It’s a bit of an I told you so moment for Paul but I wouldn’t say it’s joyous for him, it’s bittersweet because he told Billy it was Todd all this time and he didn’t believe him and now look where they’ve ended up. 

Do you think Paul still wants Billy back after all this?

I think he does because he still loves him but after the reveal there’s a moment where Paul does think hang on I’m glad the truth is out but you never believed me, the trust has been damaged, it’s a case of too little too late.

Throughout all this Paul has remained close to Summer, how important is she to him?

When Billy first said he couldn’t see Summer that really upset him but Paul reacted in the moment, was hot headed and got angry and in a way proved Billy’s point. He was gutted because he really does love Summer but I'm sure that’s something that will continue regardless of what happens between Billy and Paul. At the end of the day despite the bad things that have gone on between Billy, Paul and Todd they are all looking out for Summer and trying their best to protect her. But the love triangle has just made things a bit sticky.

Would you like to see Billy and Paul back together or do you enjoy playing the love triangle with Todd?

I do really enjoy playing all the drama of the love triangle. I love working with Dan but I think Paul needs to find someone new now. It’s a bit too little too late from Billy and I think the damage has been done in their relationship with such a huge breach of trust. But who knows in soap, I’m just looking forward to seeing what’s next for Paul.

Do you enjoy playing Paul versus Todd, do you think Todd possibly underestimated Paul?

Definitely, at first Paul was very suspicious of Todd but he was very manipulative, he got Paul on side and I love the dynamic between them. Gareth who plays Todd is great, I’ve really enjoyed playing the scenes between them, we have a lot of fun. 

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Friday, 23 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 23 July

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.
Fiz’s date with Peter Hook lookalike Phil has gone well and she’s pleased when he texts to ask her on a second date that night. Less pleased is Evelyn who finds out she’ll have to babysit Hope the devil child again when Tyrone refuses, claiming he and Alina have plans of their own. Taking the chance to cause trouble, the small evil one tells Tyrone that Phil and Fiz are probably going to get married and she’ll enjoy having two daddies. Clearly the kid has upped her game. We all knew where we were when she was just setting light to things and pushing her cousins down the stairs. No one is prepared for this psychological torture. Anyway, it has the desired effect, as Tyrone immediately changes his and Alina’s plan to go into town to a rather less swanky trip to the Bistro where he can spy on his ex. 

Over at the corner shop Dev and Steve discuss the upcoming calendar when some pillock from the Royal Luscombe golf club comes in and makes snide remarks about nude calendars being very 90’s and not the sort of things their members (pun intended) go in for. Terrified of being excluded from this bunch of snobs, Dev demands to see a proof of his picture to make sure it’s tasteful. As he and Aadi look over the image they get a shock when it seems a particularly hairy kiwi fruit has been placed in a rather unfortunate position. I’ve gotta say I haven’t properly laughed at Corrie for a while but this was gold. The Alahan boys are a brilliant comedy duo! 

Dev desperately tries to get Emma and Curtis to put a stop to the print run but it’s too late. The stress of it makes Curtis have a bit of a funny turn. This causes concern for lovely Emma, but Curtis tells her that he decided long ago to live life to the fullest and doesn’t want her to always be worrying over him. I predict that Emma might end up getting some advice from our Reet. She’s had a  similar experience with Ted, and after the Sharon debacle Reet needs a new mentee. 

Meanwhile over at the factory, Laura seems to be trying for a joint accolade of worst mother and worst cleaner. While pretending to do overtime she invites Chris, (the only journalist in Weatherfield), over and hints that she will sell Kelly’s story for the right price. I can’t help thinking she’s setting her sights a bit low with The Wethie Gazette. Surely this is more The Scum territory?

In other news, Michael discovers that Grace is in love with him. But to be honest I find the Bailey’s so dull that I can’t really tell you anything more about this storyline or I fear narcolepsy might set in. Also, Nick books a room for him and Leanne at the drab hotel that Debbie owns. Leanne seems impressed but then she was raised by Les and Janice so probably anywhere that puts food on plates seems quite posh to her. 

Back in the Bistro, Tyrone fails to hide his jealousy as Fiz and Phil clearly enjoy their date. Knocking back the drinks, he cringes at Fiz’s laughter and the couple’s obvious ease with each other. When Alina leaves him to pay the bill, he’s embarrassed when his card is declined. Where has all his money gone? Has Alina been maxing out the credit card buying loads of crap promoted by insta influencers? In a bid to make peace, Phill pays Tyrone’s bill but Ty takes it badly and takes a drunken swing at him. Their argument spills out onto the street where it’s witnessed by Alina. When he returns to the flat, she tells him he needs to either forget about Fiz or forget about her…oh and he’s sleeping on the couch. Yup, you deserved that mate.

And that’s it for this week. Catch up with me in the comments section or on twitter @mskelstar where I’m off to try and get the hashtag #particularlyhairykiwi trending.

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Spot the Corrie prop - July 23rd 2021

This week congratulations go to Kath who was the first person to spot that last week's crazy crystals can be found in the Rovers back room.  Well done!

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this dynamic draining rack.

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