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Sunday 30 November 2008

Tyrone Dobbs - from boy to man

Aah, isn't he sweet? As Tyrone and Molly's wedding day looms, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at some of Tyrone's early photos from his time on Coronation Street.

There's a picture of Molly in her wedding dress here.

Coronation Street weddings in pictures

There's a wonderful gallery of Coronation Street wedding pictures on the Sky TV website, inlcuding this wedding pic when Steve McDonald wed Vicky Arden. Have a look at the whole lot right here.

Corrie icon in Girls Aloud Christmas Special

Julie Goodyear, who played Coronation Street icon Bet Lynch, will appear in the Girls Aloud Christmas Special on ITV. Julie will star alongside Cilla Black to play the mothers of two of the band.

A source told The Sunday People: “The girls were delighted to get Cilla and Julie on board. It’s going to be extremely funny.”

See also: The Coronation Street - Cilla Black connection

Saturday 29 November 2008

Kevin Kennedy's son jailed

There's a rather sad story over at the Manchester Evening News about Kevin Kennedy's son. Kevin, you'll remember, played Curly Watts on Coronation Street and he's much missed by Corrie fans.

The MEN says that Kevin's son has been jailed for eight and a half years for holding a gun to the head of a restaurant worker. Kevin told the paper: "I didn't know anything about this. It's a shock. I haven't had anything to do with Ryan since he was 14. I tried to help wherever I possibly could but he didn't want any help. I tried but he just didn't want it. Eventually, I just had to let go of him. There was nothing more I could do. There comes a time when you just have to let go. I haven't spoken to him in years."

Next week's Corrie in 50 words or less, Dec 1-5

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 1 to Friday 5 December, 2008
(Note: no Corrie at 8.30pm on Monday 1 Dec; 1 hour of Corrie on Weds 3 Dec; no Corrie at 8.30pm on Friday 5 Dec)

Tony’s brother arrives for the wedding, Jed hassles Tony, Tony and Carla get married to the sound of bagpipes, Maria watches video of Liam kissing Carla and Steve fights with Michelle to get back with Becky.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie? Catch up here with a fun round-up

Thursday 27 November 2008

Corrie Christmas Spoilers

In preparation for a special Christmas Coronation Street Podcast for The Soap Show which will go live in a few days time, we'll been reviewing the year on Corrie and also looking ahead at the Christmas and New Year spoilers. As I have the spoiler list in front of me, and with thanks to The Sun, The Star, The Mirror and the official Corrie site, here's a list of all of the Coronation Street Christmas Spoilers I could find, in no particular order. If you can add to this list, please do!

There’ll be four fights and an attempted murder as Maria fights with Tony over Liam’s death; Rosie and Tina fight over Graeme and David; Graeme and David fight over Rosie and Tina; Joe fights with one of the Windass clan.
Gail invites the Websters to Christmas lunch and that's when the fights break out.
Roy and Hayley feed Weatherfield’s homeless.
Emily cooks a Polish Christmas dinner for Wiki, Rita and Norris.
On New Years Eve there's a fireworks display on the Street and Aunty Pam is left for dead in an explosion in Jack's loft. Darryl is also injured.
Steve and Michelle split up and Michelle leaves the Rovers. Steve then finds Becky in bed with Jason Grimshaw.
Liz and Lloyd get together and Steve finds out.
Rita gets a new fella when Eileen Grimshaw’s dad arrives on the Street.
There's a reconcilation on the cards for Dev.
Peter Barlow hits the bottle and a catastrophe befalls him.
And in 2009 - Tyrone and Molly’s wedding looms large. Tyrone's handcuffed to bar in the Flying Horse on his wedding day and Margi Clarke returns as Jackie Dobbs for the wedding. But will Scary Brian be with her?

Poundland hearts Coronation Street Blog

Poundland - where everything's a pound. It's the sort of place that does what it says on the tin. The sort of place that says what it thinks and calls a spade a spade.

So not only was I chuffed to little mint balls that a while ago they said they were a fan of this blog but this week they named this blog "their favourite Corrie blog".

You can read all about it here and find out what Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton was doing in Poundland this week too.

Cheers, Poundland.

Where have you seen Norris' girlfriend before?

Norris Cole turned up trumps when Mary Taylor invited him to attend a Cliff Richard concert this week. He was well pleased. But where have you seen the actress who plays Mary, before? The actress is Pattie Clare and eagle-eyed fans of Torchwood might have seen her before as she appeared in one episode. She appeared in Dracula as a nurse. Norris certainly knows how to pick 'em.

See also - where have you seen...David's mate, Graeme Proctor, Molly's Aunty Pam, Maria's mum and dad, Gail's dad, Scary Brian, Tina's dad, Tony Gordon's henchman, Little Simon Barlow

Where's Betty Williams?

Betty has been away from Coronation Street for so long I've started to wonder who's making the hot pots.

Actress Betty Driver isn't as young as she once was (none of us are) and I wonder if she's chosen to spend less time at work on the Street in favour of quality time at home instead. Whatever the reason, she's missed behind the bar, is Betty, and this fan hopes she'll be back soon.

See also: Guess the mystery Corrie girl

Kym Marsh denies wedding rumours

Kym Marsh, who plays Coronation Street's Michelle Connor, has denied claims that she is due to marry Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas. A statement on the official Corrie site says that:

“It is untrue. Kym has rubbished reports that she’s engaged and whilst she and Jamie are very happy together they have no plans to get married at the moment.” So there you have it.

See also: The truth behind Kym Marsh's tattoos

Queer as Folk star joins Corrie

There's going to be a new face at the factory when Luke Strong makes his appearance in 2009 as the new Underworld boss.

Luke will be played by actor Craig Kelly who starred as Vince Tyler in Queer as Folk. He's also appeared in Waking the Dead, Casualty and Clocking Off. You can read more on the character of Luke Strong at the official Coronation Street site.

Who will play Carla Connor's brother?

News that Carla Connor's brother Darren could be turning up in Weatherfield comes at a curious time. Now then, I could well be wrong here but I have a theory as to who would, and indeed could, play someone who has spent eight years in Strangeways for armed robbery.

Because at the same time as news hit that Carla's brother could arrive, David Threlfall (Frank Gallagher from Shameless) is rumoured to be joining Coronation Street too. A coincidence? I'd like to think not so I'm keeping fingers crossed, just in case.

ITV confirms Stephanie Beacham joining Corrie

ITV have today confirmed the news that Stephanie Beacham will join the cast of Coronation Street.

The official Corrie site says that Stephanie will appear on screen in January as Martha - a slightly eccentric theatre actress who lives on a canal barge and travels from theatre the theatre via the waterways. A frustrated Ken Barlow meets Martha while he's out walking Eccles by the canal. It starts as a friendship born out of similar cultural interests and Ken finds her canal boat a calm haven from the chaos of Deirdre, Blanche and Peter back at home.

Did you know that Stephanie Beacham once turned down the role of Ken Barlow's girlfriend? Oh yes. Have a look here for more.

Steve McDonald gurn and turn of the week

It's time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week, sent in by Corrie fan Martin Seekings. I love it when Corrie fans send things in to the blog so keep 'em coming, whatever they are! Martin's got a website with pictures of meet-ups of Corrie fans from over the years. Yours truly is even on some of the pics but I'm not telling you where. Why not have a look at Martin's site here.

Want to see more Stevie McGurns? Have a look here.

Also this week is the Steve McDonald turn of the week because it was such a wonderful picture from this week's Coronation Street. Thanks go to Canadian Corrie fan Diane for alerting the blog to this picture at the official Corrie site.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

See Antony Cotton in Poundland on Thurs 27 Nov

News just in from the lovely people at Poundland is that Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully on Coronation Street, will be opening Poundland's 200th store in Doncaster on Thurs 27th November.

The store is in the Frenchgate shopping centre, click here for more info. Antony will be there from 9am to 11am to meet shoppers and the first 200 customers through the door will receive a free £5 voucher. And at 11am, Antony will be presenting one lucky shopper with a voucher for £200!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 24 2008

Shake the update this week and it will rattle, it really will. It’s stocking up on tablets to ward off the chills, popping vitamins and zinc pills while all around it everyone sneezes and snuffles. It doesn’t want to catch cold but it thinks it just might. But before it does and without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Joe whisks Gail away for a dirty weekend and David’s shocked at his mum’s going away outfit. “Where are you off to? 1963?”. She’s off to the land of lurve with Tina’s dad and while the grown-ups are away, Tina, David and Graeme get up to no good. First off, Graeme nicks a car for David and Tina but the nasty Windass clan come by and steal it, which ends up being A Good Thing because Graeme wasn’t sure how he was going to get rid of it, although his eyes lit up when he thought of setting it alight. As the Windass men stalk the Street in their car, staring hard at the Platt household, dreaming up evil to do to David and Graeme, Graeme only goes and gets himself a job at the butchers, working with Ashley. Hang on a minute. Wasn’t Kirkeh working with Ashley and didn’t Ashley have to lay him off as there wasn’t the work? And where’s Boris gone? Just a thought.

With all of his comping, you’d think Norris would be pleased to get a call from the magazines saying he’d won a Cliff Richard competition. But no, he’s not happy, because he’s come second place yet again to a certain Mary Taylor who’s won the first spot. He’s even less pleased when Emily brings home Jed Stone (Sunny Jim) to live in the front parlour until he’s sorted himself out with a new place to live. Norris is upset with this new arrangement but his interest is piqued when Jed tells him about the evil Tony Gordon who’s ousted him from his house. And in a wonderful scene, Jed and Emily chat about ‘ma’, Minnie Caldwell herself, and Jed recounts one of Minnie’s favourite phrases. "I know folk think I'm simple. What I say to them is that I'd rather be simple and 'ave my pleasures than know everything.” But that’s not all she said and you can read Minnie’s quote - in full - on her profile which was written by Corrie fan Sunny Jim.

Now then, Hayley might be back on the Street but she’s having trouble settling in. She tells Roy she wants to go back to Africa and while it’s hard for him to hear, he realises he has to let her go. But then she tells him the truth, it’s not Africa her heart yearns for, it’s Olaf the team leader who she had a crush on. Well, he did have a guitar and sing Swedish folk songs, you can see how that would turn a girl’s head. Once admitted, Hayley feels ashamed and Roy forgives all. There’s big hugs all round and Hayley decides to stay. She heads to the factory where Tony Gordon wants Hayley as Supervisor but Hayley wants to do something more meaningful instead. Roy suggests she talk to Emily about volunteering with the youth centre and Tony gives Hayley’s job to Fiz, who’s over the moon.

Yes, Fiz is back on the Street, back from Africa with Chesney and Kirkeh in tow. There’s not much to say about what they did while they were out there, you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out.

Elsewhere, Amber heads off to Finland this week after it all kicks off in the flat up in the sky. First off, Dev buys the kebab shop and puts Darryl out of a job. To get her revenge, Amber tells Tara about Dev sleeping with her mum for which she gets a slap in return and a tearful Tara says ta-ra to Dev. Amber decides to take up her mum’s offer to go to live in Finland but tells Dev she’s leaving him to give him space to grow up. While she’s away, Dev tries and fails to cope with his new kebab empire and ends up taking on Darryl to work there, with an increased salary and a really silly hat.

And finally this week, Michelle’s mum and dad are over from Oireland again, so they are, for their wedding anniversary party. Michelle wants Steve on duty in the pub for party favours on Wednesday. Problem is, he’s already agreed he’ll testify in court that day for Becky. And if he doesn’t testify, Becky’ll go to jail. So what’s it to be, laughing boy?
Ooh, I think we can guess.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Blogging away merrily at

So you think you know your Corrie women...?

Here's a little Coronation Street quiz for you. Can you name all six of these Corrie women just by their ear-rings? I'll be back with the answer in a few days time. Here's a clue: They're all currently in the show. Get cracking! Want more Corrie quizzes? Have a look here.

Corrie's DVD & Duck deal

Coronation Street sponsor, Harveys The Furniture Store, have emailed to let Corrie fans know that they're doing a special DVD + Ducks deal. If you'd like to, you can buy both the Coronation Street Out of Africa DVD and a set of Hilda Ogden's flying ducks for £24.99. There's more offers and competitions over at the Harveys website, well worth a look, duck.

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Corrie's John Stape rocks Manchester stage

Graeme Hawley, who played John Stape in Coronation Street, can now be seen on stage in Manchester. Graeme is appearing at The Library in Tom Stoppard's play Rock 'n' Roll.

Rock 'n' Roll runs from Friday, February 13 to Saturday, March 14. For more information and ticket details, visit

For an interview with Graeme, have a look here.

Pictures: Molly and Carla in wedding dresses

There's winter weddings coming up in Coronation Street and pictures of the brides are already on t'internet. For pictures of Carla Connor, played by Alison King, have a look here at her purple confection on the official Corrie website.

And for pictures of Molly Compton in her wedding frock and with her horse drawn carriage, there's paparazzi pictures online at The Sun.

Ryan Thomas gets a wee fine

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. But when he does it in a bush outside of a nightclub, then a man's gotta get fined. Poor Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street. He was caught having an outdoors wee, says The Sun and fined £80 for spending a penny in a bush.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Frank Gallagher from Shameless to join Corrie?

I'm a huge fan of Channel 4's Shameless and the news that David Threlfall who plays Frank Gallagher might be joining Coronation Street has put a smile on my face.

Whether this is just a rumour or a news item remains to be seen but the full story is here in the Daily Star.

See also:
Stephanie Beacham auditions for Corrie
Andrew Sachs to join Corrie?

Vote for Corrie as Soap of the Year

There's a poll over at Digital Spy where you can vote for your favourite soap of 2008. If it's Coronation Street you'd like to vote for, then you know where to go. Right here.

Voting closes December 7.

Ricky Hatton turns down Corrie role

Boxer Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton CBE has revealed that he was offered a role in Coronation Street but turned it down because he was so busy. Ricky said he was offered a small cameo on the Street but it coincided with a Las Vegas fight and he had to decline the offer from the cobbles.

Did you know that Steven Arnold, who plays Ashley Peacock, does a spot of boxing in real life too? Read all about Steven's visit to Canada here.

Next week's Corrie in 50 words or less, Nov 24-28

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 24 to Friday 28 November, 2008
(Note: 1 hour Corrie on Wednesday 26)

Hayley admits African crush, Amber leaves, Deirdre and Carla return, Poppy works in kebab shop, Dev asks Darryl to work for him, Hayley goes for interview in youth centre, Steve lies in court for Becky then tell her he loves her and Gail’s kitchen cleaned out by Windasses.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie? Catch up here with a fun round-up.

William Roache reaches 50 years on Corrie

William Roache has signed a new two year contract to stay on Coronation Street, taking him into his 50th year on the show. Which is not bad for an actor who only signed up to play 13 weeks. Full report with video here.

So, will Ken Barlow get a new girlfriend next year, as rumours suggest?

Stephanie Beacham auditions for Corrie

International actress Stephanie Beacham has auditioned for the role of Ken Barlow's new girlfrined in Coronation Street, says Digital Spy.

An ITV spokesperson told the site: "Producers have seen Stephanie Beacham for the part, but the audition process is still ongoing. A decision on the final casting has yet to be made." Stephanie Beacham starred in Dynasty, The Colbys and Bad Girls.

What Digital Spy doesn't mention is that Stephanie Beacham once turned down the chance to appear in Coronation Street during the 1970s. You can find out more on the wonderful under the headline Ken Barlow blighted my life

Did you know that Norris Cole was a huge fan of Stephanie Beacham and once wrote a fan letter to her? Have a look at the weekly update for May 15, 2006.

Kym Marsh saves the British pub

Her Coronation Street character might be set to leave the Rovers Return but actress Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, is helping launch a new campaign to save the British pub. Kym's been signed up by the British Beer & Pub Association and the Campaign for Real Ale for the campaign.

Want to know the truth about Kym Marsh's tattoos? Click here

Katherine Kelly on playing Becky Grainger

In today's Sunday Mirror Celebs mag, Katherine Kelly, who plays Becky Grainger, says she's pleased the nation has taken Becky to their hearts. How could we not? Becky is an exceptional character played by a cracking actress.

Anyway, Katherine says in the interview that she thinks fans find Becky approachable because: "... I get little girls telling me, “You’re my idol!” I look at their mums and think, “Poor you!” Get out those hoopy ear-rings girls.

Want to see Katherine Kelly advertising cheese? Click here

Rosie Webster look-a-like

Andrew Sachs might be rumoured to be turning up soon in Coronation Street as Norris Cole's brother, but the actor's granddaughter Georgina Baillie is a good look-a-like for the goth version of Rosie Webster.

Anyone got any more good Corrie look-a-likes they want to send in to be blogged? Go on, you know you want to.

Corrie's Mavis gets University degree

Thelma Barlow, who played the wonderful Mavis Riley on Coronation Street was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters this week from the University of Teesside. Thelma was born and bred in Middlesbrough and received the award Darlington's Lord Sawyer during a ceremony at Middlesbrough Town Hall on Friday.
And you can watch Thelma receive her degree via the wonders of YouTube.

Friday 21 November 2008

Wendi Peters on Paul O'Grady Show today

Wendi Peters will be appearing on the Paul O'Grady show today talking about the new Coronation Street Out of Africa DVD. It's on Channel 4 at 5pm.

Listen to Wendi's radio interview here.

With thanks to Corrie fan Sunny Jim for alerting us to this one.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Wendi Peters on the wireless chats about Africa

Wendi Peters, who plays Cilla Battersby-Brown, is captured live online chatting about the Coronation Street Out of Africa DVD.

You can listen to Wendi's interview right here.

And then have more wireless fun listening to Bev Callard (Liz McDonald) in a radio comedy play.

John Thomson's loveable Corrie character

Ex-Cold Feet actor John Thomson describes his Coronation Street character Jesse as loveable. Ah, bless. We'll see John on our tellies on December 15th. He revealed: "I play an electrician / children's entertainer called Jesse. He's funny and loveable."

This reminds me that I saw John interviewed on the Paul O'Grady show some weeks ago. He was talking about his new Corrie part and said that storyliners had plans for his character to move in with Peter Barlow so there'd be a new lad-pad set up on the Street. Sounds good to me.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - November 21

Yes, it's that time of the week, time for another Steve McDonald gurn. My thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for sending in these wonderful gurns. Why not take a look at some previous gurns from Stevie Mc? Click here for a giggle.

Coronation Street: The Stage Play, coming soon!

John Stevenson is one of the best Coronation Street writers that the Street has ever had. And this week he was this week awarded the Royal Television Society’s North-West Judge’s Award for his career as a scriptwriter which has spanned more than 40 years. You can read the full story here but keep your eyes heading down the page towards the very end as there's news that made me gasp.

John is now working on a new project... it's a stage play based on Coronation Street characters and it's set to premiere in Canada next year. You lucky, lucky, Canadians!

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Pictures: Becky and Steve in bed together!

Yes, it's all going to happen next week when Becky and Steve hit the sack. There's more pictures on the official Coronation Street site right here.

Corrie's Out of Africa falls out of favour

There's a review by The Guardian's top telly woman Lucy Mangan of the new Coronation Street - Out of Africa DVD. It doesn't make good reading so click here only if you want to know the sordid details...

Have you seen the DVD and if so, do you agree with The Guardian's review? All comments welcome.

There's a competition here to win the DVD.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

Bollywood Beauty to be next Corrie barmaid

The next barmaid to start work at the Rovers Return in Coronation Street will be Bollywood actress Sophiya Haque. She's already started filming her scenes as Poppy.

Rovers manager Liz McDonald is going to find herself at odds with barmaid Michelle Connor when she appoints newcomer Poppy over her to be assistant manager of the pub. Sounds fun to me.

It says here that Sophiya was headhunted by the Corrie producers. To find out more about Sophiya, have a look here.

Liz McDonald's Brazilian Crunch

The Daily Mail website has some great photos of Liz McDonald doing the Brazilian Crunch. Yes, it's actress Beverley Callard warming up to film for Coronation Street.

In scenes we'll see next month, Liz starts a new workout called The Brazilian Crunch (sounds painful). The paper says Bev was joined on location by Bollywood actress Sophiya, who is set to be the next beauty of Weatherfield....

Hmm... I'm off to find out more about this!


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