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Wednesday 30 November 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 30 November


STEPHEN AND ELAINE CIRCLE EACH OTHER A desperate Stephen calls Six Fellas, the fast food company, and begs them to give him his job back. Making out to Gail that the call is about a business meeting, he hurries off, unaware he’s dropped his phone. In Bolton the boss begrudgingly gives Stephen his job back but he’s accosted by teenagers who steal his delivery box, work phone and demand money. As Stephen spots Elaine approaching he attempts to race away on his moped but in his haste loses control and goes sprawling across the road. 

SEAN FEARS HE’S LOST LAURENCE Todd tries again to explain how he was simply making sure that Laurence got home safely, but Sean’s disbelieving. Laurence approaches Sean in the hope they can talk things through but when Sean accuses him of copping off with Todd, Laurence is stunned. When Sean then finds out from Daisy that Todd is telling the truth, Sean’s gutted to think he’s blown it with Laurence. 

GRIFF PROTESTS THE REFUGEE SUPPORT CENTRE Maria meets with Munir and Daryan to discuss the refugee centre but they’re horrified when Griff and his entourage approach. As Griff confronts Maria, they show her the online petition that Max has set up. Maria’s shocked to see so many signatures. 

ELSEWHERE Summer and Aaron exchange guilty looks as Mike and Esther tell Summer they’ve redecorated the spare room for her. As Esther places her hand on Summer’s tummy, it’s too much and she rushes out. Will Summer come clean about her pregnancy? Steve finds a scratchcard in Tim’s old jacket and discovers he’s won £250. Tim’s livid, pointing out that both the jacket and scratchcard are his. 

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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 28th November

The football is on but I'm here to review last night's Corrie (yesterday I was out watching another Manc legend, Bez, talk about his - well, let's just say colourful - life). 

 Summer and Aaron - Coronation Street - ITV

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the A story in this ep is, yawn, Summer. Aaron must wish he hadn't bribed Kev with cups of tea to let him take the afternoon off as he's immediately embroiled in two stories: Summer's pregnancy and his dad's relapse. Firstly though: creepy Christians Mike and Esther invite Ms Spellman to live with them, to which Summer agrees. Don't do it, Summer! They'll have you in a wicker man by Xmas! Also - nice way to leave Amy and Jay-kub in the lurch. 

Anyway, Summer starts having pains, is bleeding and is eventually told by the hospital that she's had a miscarriage. I apologise to anyone for whom this storyline is triggering, but to be honest it's probably the best way for the story to end - it's frankly ridiculous that Summer could have just held her coat over her belly for the next seven months and then illegally hand over her baby to the Christians. So now instead of pretending she's not pregnant, she wants to pretend that she is pregnant to rinse Mike and Esther of more money to put Madchester reject, Eric, back into rebab. Summer, hun, people have to want to get better. You can't just make someone go to rehab, no, no, no. There's always an AA meeting on when Peter needs one, perhaps he could take Eric along to one of those instead?

Nick and Leanne - Coronation Street - ITV

Meanwhile in business news, Ed breaks the news that it will cost £20K to fix the wet rot in the Bistro, so Nick claims that "Melissa" (Natasha's sister) has authorised the use of Sam's money as a loan to the Tilsley-Battersbys. I suppose Nick does have form for stealing from his relatives (Leanne on the other hand has form for burning businesses down), but it turns out that he's taken Harvey's money. "No strings attached," Nick says to Jambo. Famous last words, Nicholas, famous last words!


Martha has helped Mary's performance, but she is finding Ken's rewrites difficult to pronounce, leading to Ken and Martha looking at the script again, and then Martha's script, making Ken late for meeting Wendy in the Bistro. Rather than this OAP love triangle, I want to know when we're going to see a Brian/Mary love match? He has been quite protective of her in the last few episodes and I think they'd make a charming middle aged couple (especially now that Mary has her sophis new 'do). I'd also like to know where Roxanna is going to be staged - the community centre can seat about 6 people. Perhaps a promenade performance, starting in Audrey's, moving onto Roy's, and culminating in the Rovers?

In other business news, Stephen has an interview with Drake (not that one), a creative imagineer, but he (Stephen) doesn't get the job as he doesn't have any social media accounts. Not even LinkedIn??? And in other other business news, Sarah and Michael discuss their business venture of their quite frankly awful dads 'n' lads athleisurewear.

And finally, Dylan confesses that he's fed up of hanging out with Sean. Pretty much like everyone else on the street.

Rachel Stevenson - yep, still on twitter

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Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, December 5 - 9, 2022

Here are the major storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 5 December to Friday  9 December 2022

Note, episodes next week are subject to change because of football

Gail puts Stephen on the spot, Maria proposes a change to the Christmas markets, Eileen's had enough of Steve's bickering with Tim, Griff threatens Alya when she gets him fired and Stephen is a big phoney.

See the full week's preview with pictures at 

Note: If you still see last week's previews when you click through to, please refresh your browser.

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Alan Halsall interview: Tyrone proposes to Fiz

What makes Tyrone decide to propose to Fiz?

It’s been a long time coming, if I am honest! Tyrone has proposed to Fiz before but I certainly think that everything they have been through over the last couple of years has just cemented what Tyrone wants in his life; he wants Fiz as his wife and he wants that family life. Tyrone thought he could find happiness somewhere else and he couldn’t because that happiness lies with Fiz and now he doesn’t want to hang around, he’s like, “Let’s get a ring on it and let’s go!”

Fiz and Tyrone have been on and off for decades. Are you surprised that they have never been married before?

Well they have been on and off but Fiz and Tyrone had their first kiss 21 years ago which is mind-blowing when you think about it. It has been a long time in the making, they’ve been engaged before but things have gone wrong or money has been an issue or they’ve constantly found problems in their relationship and the timing was never right. It certainly feels like the timing is right this time.

Did you always think Fiz and Tyrone were going to get married one day?

I was hopeful that they would because it’s nice that throughout all of the years, even though Fiz and Tyrone have been apart and they have been with other people, there has always been something between Tyrone and Fiz. It has gone on all these years which is not something you often see on television. I think it’s nice that finally it looks like they are set to get married and I don’t think that Tyrone can wait!

Could the engagement be a fresh start for Fiz and Tyrone?

Yes, I certainly think as a couple they are going to have a lot of chats about what a fresh start means to them because they are parents to two kids and they have a house together so it is a fresh start but with a lot of familiarity too. Tyrone knows that this is what he wants now and hopefully Fiz knows this is what she wants after the whole Phill situation. So that is the fresh start, they just ‘know’ now after all the troubles that they have had throughout the years, that their happiness lies with each other.

What does Hope and Ruby think about the engagement?

The kids are a funny one because they just see Tyrone and Fiz as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ anyway, regardless. Hope obviously has her own issues going on so I think they are probably not that bothered but I think they see the funny side, Hope says, “Nobody else has been a flower girl for two different weddings for their mum in six months!” It doesn’t come as any surprise to the kids.

What sort of wedding do you think Tyrone would like to have with Fiz?

I think Tyrone would like to do it completely off the cuff, he just wants to get married. He wants it to be special for Fiz, of course, but the special bit for him is that they are getting married to each other and therefore he wants to do it as soon as possible. It’s not that he wants to rush it, he just wants to be married to Fiz after all these years. Tyrone’s taste in dresses and venues might not be up to Fiz’s!

Tyrone has walked Molly and Kirsty down the aisle. Will it be third time lucky for Tyrone or does trouble come in threes?

I hope it’s third time lucky for him! But regardless, the fact that they are a couple now, I hope that they can stay at least ‘a couple’ for quite some time. I would still like to tell those domestic stories but together with Fiz as a family unit.

Are you looking forward to having another Coronation Street wedding yourself?

Yes, absolutely. Tyrone has been married to Molly, Tyrone walked down the aisle with Kirsty but didn’t get married but this one feels right for Tyrone. Fiz and Tyrone were two kids who had tough upbringings and had tough family lives but they had found themselves together, craving and wanting this happy family life and I think it’s right that they finally get together and create this happy family life themselves.

If Tyrone could have anyone at his wedding, who would it be and why?

It’s an easy one for Tyrone really! It would be the people who were essentially his parents - Jack and Vera. They are two people who turned Tyrone’s life around and Fiz was a part of that as well so they are the two people that he would crave at his wedding.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Tuesday 29 November


STEPHEN’S NEW JOB IS A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW Stephen makes his first fast food delivery to Drake at the trendy ad agency. Drake finds it highly amusing that he’s been forced to take such a lowly job. Stephen calls the fast food delivery company and tells them to shove their job. Stephen tells Nick that sending Sam on a cruise with Audrey might not be such a good idea as he reckons she’s drinking again. Nick insists the holiday must go ahead leaving Stephen thwarted. Stephen calls in the salon and steals Audrey’s antidepressants from her bag. Stephen invites Nick to join he and Audrey in the Rovers to talk about the cruise. Taking out the antidepressants, he crushes them into a powder. While Audrey heads to the loo, Stephen pulls out the crushed tablets, intent on spiking her drink. What will happen to Audrey? Meanwhile, Stephen takes a call from Gabrielle revealing that she’s cancelled his car contract. Sarah asks Stephen for a lift to her meeting. As the walls are closing in on Stephen, will it force him to put Audrey in danger? 

TODD TRIES TO HELP OUT SEAN Todd urges Sean not to give up on Laurence. Sean leaves a stinking message on Laurence’s phone. A drunk Laurence calls at the Rovers and tells Todd about Sean’s voice message. Laurence admits to Todd that he really likes Sean. As Todd helps Laurence into a cab, Eileen passes, what does she see? 

SARAH IS WORRIED ABOUT SUMMER In the factory, Summer doubles over in pain. A concerned Carla and Sarah send her home. Billy calls at the flat to check on Summer. Later, Aaron tells Summer that his Dad has agreed to return to rehab.

ELSEWHERE Max catches Maria ripping down Griff’s flyers and warns her that Griff won’t be very happy to hear she’s restricting his right to free speech. In his flat, Griff instructs Max to set up an online petition to put a stop to the refugee centre. Steve returns from Spain in a wheelchair. Steve confesses to Tim that he might have been a bit economical with the truth regarding how he broke his ankle, but Tracy must never find out. Meanwhile Tim is furious that Sally has given away his favourite jacket to the clothes swap. When Tim spots Steve wearing his favourite jacket, he reveals to Tracy that Steve broke his foot at a foam party surrounded by gorgeous girls
Glenda Young
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