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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Canadian Corrie Schedule Change for August 13

CBC SCHEDULE CHANGE: Check your local listings for Monday August 13. Coronation Street may be rescheduled to 1 p.m. due to tennis coverage in your area. It's definitely changed for Eastern Standard Time and points west but NOT for the Maritimes and eastward, at least according to the CBC website today. It appears to be just the one day.

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State of the Street - July 2012

The end of yet another month is upon us. There were breakups and make ups. New faces arrived and old faces departed (for awhile). One or two things made me smile (Yay, Lloyd's back!) but there was a lot that had me rolling my eyes and sighing with frustration this month. I'd say there was more that I could have done without rather than looked forward to but that's the way it goes some months.

Read more detail on the State of the Street.

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Spoilers for next week's Corrie, August 6 - 10

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 6 - Friday10 August, 2012

Kirsty leaves Tyrone, Tracy’s hospitalised with kidney failure, Mary and Roy go away overnight together and Karl and Sunita suffer.

The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
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Monday 30 July 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, 30 July 2012

Maybe some will think that Michelle was a little hasty in ringing the police,but what other course of action could she take? The first scene this evening showed us Ryan lying asleep on the settee. Michelle calls him a 'lazy article' as it's lunchtime and he confesses to having only been up for half an hour. Well. that's no big deal and we've all been young once, so we can let that go. As he reminds us that he's been kicked out of university, he's up to his neck in  debt and he's just started work in the cab office, sympathy begins to wane a little. At least he has a job! .And what's more his mum is going out to buy chips. Steve asks Michelle what's in the bag and she tells him it's two sausage dinners. Amusingly Steve points out that she'll be the size of a house!

And so to the deluded Sunita who's becoming increasingly unlikeable. Her patronising attitude towards Dev is outrageous telling him that, 'We have to be grown up,' and, 'I want no acrimony.' She agrees to joint custody and tells Dev, 'It will get better.'

Real sadness for Gary and Izzie and a deserved word of  praise for Anna, who Owen describes as having, 'a heart bigger than the Mersey,' as she wants to look after the pair of them for a couple of days.
Just a word about Kevin, attempting and failing to 'get down with the kids' by using the now outmoded  word 'wicked' which nevertheless seems to impress Sally when he accepts her invitation to tea.
Kylie was in good form tonight. After confessing to never having read a book in her life, within  Norris' hearing. Using the words 'tome' and 'debacle' Norris points out that there is nothing wrong with being articulate. By contrast, Ryan says he would like to get incoherent. Later, when Michelle catches him in the men's toilets in The Rovers, he tells her, It's cool, everything's cool.' It's a great story-line and it will be interesting to see where the writers take this issue. Rob came into his own, if briefly when he told Ryan to stop being a moron and to give his mother some respect.

On a much lighter note, surely the best line tonight has to be Beth's. 'I lost my virginity in Blackpool; on the ghost train.' OMG!

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Who does William Roache think he is?

The new season of "Who Do You ThinkYou Are" has been revealed and one of the  celebrities that will be featured is our very own William Roache, aka Ken Barlow. The show delves into the ancestry of well known people, often uncovering some surprises. Apparently William has some "entrepreneurial ancestors and a formidable matriarch" hanging from the branches of his family tree.

See all of the featured celebrities on the new season here. The season is rumoured to start on August 15, though we haven't heard yet when Mr. Roache's episode airs. Keep an eye on the BBC schedule and we'll try to let you know when we  hear, as well.

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Eddie Yeats - a tribute

With the recent passing of Geoffrey Hughes, who played Eddie Yeats, I've paid a homage to the character through photos. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words.  

Included in the collage with Eddie are the Ogdens, Bet, Betty, Eddie's wife Marion, Ena and Minnie.

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Corrie originals - Philip Lowrie as Dennis Tanner

First appeared: 9th December 1960

Last appeared: 30th July 2014

Philip Lowrie has played the role of rogue Dennis Tanner between 1960 and 1968 and between 2011 and 2014.

Born in Ashton-under-Lyne in Lancashire in 1936, Lowrie was trained in RADA where he trained for three years alongside Christine Hargreaves (Christine Appleby). In 1959, he made his acting debut in film Sapphire.

The following year he was cast as 18 year old bad boy Dennis Tanner in new drama serial Coronation Street and debuted in the first episode. He’d originally auditioned for the role of Ken Barlow but he was instead cast as Dennis in favour of Ken Farrington, who’d go on to play Billy Walker. The errand son of femme fatale Elsie, Dennis’ first storyline was trying to rebuild his life after spending time in Borstal. He managed to do so by entering the entertainment world by becoming an agent for various acts. Gradually, Dennis became a comedy character. During his first stint on the show, Dennis’ storylines included moving to London; having various liaisons; and having various jobs – ranging from a hairdresser to a shop assistant. By 1968, Lowrie had grown tired of the role as he felt the character wasn’t going anywhere. Dennis’ exit storyline involved him marrying Jenny Sutton and moving to Bristol. When Pat Phoenix, who played his mum Elsie, heard that Lowrie had resigned she vowed never to speak to him again and only did so when they were in character. In 1971, Lowrie told magazine TV Times that he wished producers had killed Dennis off so that it would be impossible for him to return. The last we heard about Dennis was in 1973 when Elsie was told he was jailed for conning pensioners.

Having left Dennis behind, Lowrie secured roles in various TV shows like Kate (1970-1972), War and Peace (1972-1973), The Liver Birds (1978), Victoria Wood (1989), Casualty (1989-2010) and Doctors (2005). He was also a voice-over on Channel 4's quiz show Fifteen to One, alternating with Laura Calland and Sarah Wynter. In 2011, Lowrie reprised his role as Dennis in Corrie, 43 years after his last appearance. This made him the actor who had had the longest break between appearances in any programme in the world, beating the 42 year gap that Kenneth Cope had when he reprised his role in Corrie in 2008, having made his last appearance back in 1966. When it was announced he was returning, many questioned the motives. Few characters remembered him and any links he had were severed – mum Elsie had left the street back in 1984. He was re-introduced as a homeless person, having lost his fortunes. He reunited with old flame Rita Sullivan and moved in with her. The ghost of Elsie was finally put to rest when Dennis told Rita that his mum had died in a car crash in Portugal in 2004. The motives for his return gradually became clear as a romance blossomed between him and Rita. But his jumpy behaviour caused concern for his friends and it was revealed that he had jilted a woman called Norma Fountain. Norma met up with Dennis and he apologised and over time he grew closer to Rita and in 2012 they married. Lowrie has now appeared in over 500 episodes. He admitted recently that Barbara Knox (Rita Tanner) had asked for Dennis to return as he’d had a rendezvous with Rita back in 1964 and wanted to revisit the history between them. After 18 months Dennis and Rita's marriage soured and Dennis eventually left Rita for Gloria Price before returning with his tail between his legs begging forgiveness. Rita was on the verge of taking him back when she caught him nicking from the Kabin till. Dennis later left the street. Overall, he has appeared in 672 episodes.

I have no information on Lowrie’s private life. I don’t know if anyone can enlighten me.

Have you ever seen or met Philip Lowrie? Do you have any pieces of trivia about him?

Research from Wikipedia, Corriepedia, Corrie Net and IMDB.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 30 July

Coronation Street, Monday 30th July 2012 at 7.30pm

KYLIE FINDS OUT RYAN'S NOT KEEPING HIS NOSE CLEAN. Ryan suggests to Kylie and David they meet up for a few beers later. David would prefer a night in but telling David he’s boring and old before his time, Kylie puts on her make-up and heads out to meet Ryan, leaving David gobsmacked. Kylie and Ryan proceed to get drunk in the bistro. Nick's forced to ask them to leave and they head for the Rovers. Kylie's enjoying herself but when Ryan returns from the gents clearly buzzing and offers some coke to Kylie will she oblige? Meanwhile Steve's chuffed when Michelle thanks him for being so kind to Ryan.
OWEN GIVES SOME TOUGH LOVE TO IZZY. Back home from hospital Izzy visits  Dr Carter, who assures Gary and Izzy it’ll be safe to start trying for another baby in a couple of months. But when Izzy breaks the news to Gary that she doesn’t want to try for another baby how will he react?
KARL STRUGGLES TO ADAPT TO HIS NEW LIFE. Sunita picks the kids up from Dev and assures him she wants him to have joint custody and to be a big part of their lives. Meanwhile Karl gets a text from Stella and making excuses to Sunita he heads off to the pub.
Elsewhere Sophie helps Kevin move into No.13. Kevin reveals he’s got to find a new childminder as Jack’s current one is moving away. Meanwhile Sophie's fed up of being taken for granted at the shop and tells Dev he can stick his job. Tommy, worn out form delivering pizzas in the evening on top of his day job at the garage, accidentally locks a customer’s keys in the boot of her car.

Monday 30th July 2012 at 8.30pm

RYAN’S BUSTED. Kylie's furious with Ryan for offering her drugs and storms off home. Ryan’s unfazed but hearing he tried to get Kylie to take coke David’s incensed. Barging into Michelle’s flat, David angrily explains that her son is a druggie.
Upset Michelle heads to the pub to confront Ryan. Michelle storms into the Rovers gents closely followed by Steve. As she peers over the cubicle door Michelle is horrified to find Ryan snorting coke and drags him out. In the middle of a busy pub, Michelle screams at Ryan for taking drugs. But when Ryan, high as a kite, takes no notice Michelle resorts to desperate measures to get his attention.
IT LOOKS LIKE THE END OF GARY AND IZZY. Izzy assures Gary she loves him with all her heart but she’ll understand if he meets someone else who can give him a family. Is this the end for the couple?
KARL FAILS IN HIS LAST-DITCH EFFORT TO WIN BACK STELLA. Stella explains to Karl that she’s consulted a solicitor and she wants him to sign over the pub and mortgage to her. When he tries to object, Stella furiously points out he owes her big time for all the debts he ran up. Karl leaves, a broken man, and when he returns to No.7 where Sunita's refereeing her bickering kids Karl realises he’s looking at his

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Sunday 29 July 2012

Coronation Street in the amusement arcade

Just spotted this today in an amusement arcade on the sea-front in Scarborough, Yorkshire. It's a Coronation Street 2p falls machine. It's covered in pictures from Corrie with large pictures of Mavis, Rita and Bet in Blackpool and the 'young' gang of Tyrone, Maria, Kirk and Fiz in Blackpool too.  Shame there weren't any Corrie-related prizes to be won on the machine, though.

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Corrie weekly awards: July 23 - 27

 Happy Birthday Chesney!

Sneaky Pete award: Sunita engineered it so Stella would catch her and Karl and Karl wasn't strong enough to resist temptation one last time. Busted!

Consolation Prize: Karl had nowhere to go. Chucked out of the cab and sacked, rejected by Stella. So he ends up with Sunita after all.

On the warpath award: Kirsty can't shake her jealousy and is really irrational about Fiz's friendship with Tyrone.

Deja Vu award: Jason and Maria are back together. She could do worse. She has done worse.

Permission granted award: Dev told Sunita to find someone else if she was not happy with him. Ok, then.

Not-Quite Oscar award: Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) actually wasn't cringeworthy during his meltdown and confrontation with Sunita.

Delusional award: Sunita thinks it's all happy families now she's got Karl in her bed but it's pretty clear he doesn't really want to be there.

Sore thumb award: Eva most definitely does not belong in that factory. She doesn't fit in at all.

Over protection award: Gary's only adding to Izzy's stress by hovering over her, going behind her back to Rob, and shouting the odds at work.

Fat Brenda's got competition award: Kylie on the switch at Streetcars! Brill!

Wow, Katy's hair is getting long, isn't it? So is Anna's, as well.

Lines of the week:
Eva to Stella "Remind me to be as sympathetic when you're having your next mid-life crisis." (Didn't have to wait too long!)
Stella to Karl "If I wanted your opinion, I'd dial Rent-an-Idiot"
Dev to Sunita "If I'm such a lousy partner why don't you go find somebody else" (you shouldn't have said that)
Mary "I've never been so moved by a wind section," (it doesn't bear thinking about)
Stella "Put the dog out, girls!"
Tracy "Since when did a tv lead to adultery?" Norris "It's a slippery slope!"
Sunita to Leanne "You've been bouncing between Peter and Nick for so long it's like watching a flippin tennis match"
Eileen about Ryan "He's drooled on my postit!"
Ryan "Mom please stop, my sides are splitting"
Lloyd to Karl "We hire the odd lowlife but we draw the line at scumbag"
Steve "Pink is the new black for the man of today" (Yep, red sock in the white laundry"
Steve "He just meeds a steer in the right direction. The firm hand of a firm but achingly cool hand" (who would that be, then?)

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Saturday 28 July 2012

Ex Corrie star Geoffrey Hughes passes away at 68

With great sadness, we announce the death of a true Corrie great - Geoffrey Hughes. Between 1974 and 1983 and in 1987, he played the loveable ex-con and binman Eddie Yeats. He passed away of prostate cancer. He had been living on the Isle of Wight.

Eddie is best remembered for his Scouse accent, his wonderful chuckle and for being Stan and Hilda's lodger in the early 1980s. A Rovers regular, he was responsible for installing the famous 'muriel' at the Ogdens' house and was involved in many schemes over the years - conning the residents on numerous occassions by selling dodgy carpets, watches and paintings. He was an unlikely friend and confidante to Bet Lynch and worked for a time as a labourer for Len Fairclough. Eddie left the street in 1983 with new wife Marion and their daughter Dawn was born in 1984. He did return briefly to visit Hilda in hospital in 1987 as Geoffrey Hughes wanted one last chance to act alongside Jean Alexander who was leaving the show.

As well as his role as Eddie, Geoffrey Hughes is also known for playing Onslow in  Keeping Up Appearances, Twiggy in The Royle Family and Vernon Scripps in Heartbeat.

Thank you Geoffrey for creating such a brilliant character, and rest in peace.

The BBC have a tribute to Geoffrey Hughes here.

Do you have any memories of Geoffrey? Did you ever meet him? Leave your comments and tributes below.

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Sally Webster on the Olympics!

Sharp eyed viewers of the Olympic Games opening ceremonies last night might have spotted Sally Webster's face and voice projected on screen during the segment about the teens and texting "storyline". She was waggling her finger at Rosie and saying "Cause you're going nowhere dressed like that, young lady!" as the onscreen teen girls were getting ready to go out on the lash. Seconds earlier there was also a flash of a scene between Ken and Deirdre This segment included brief scenes of well known television shows projected on a "house".

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Corrie Flashback to 1983: Fiction and Reality blurs

The Guardian online has reprinted an article from July 28, 1983. A cast member from Coronation Street had been in a spot of bother and the article talks about how many viewers often mistake the character for the actor. While you might think that, nearly 30 years on, people are more savvy than that, it does still happen.

The actor was  Peter Adamson, who played Len Fairclough on Corrie from the very beginning and he'd been cleared of an indecent assault charge this week in 1983.  The writer for the Guarding speculated that among the 16 million regular viewers, there would be some that thought the charges were actually laid against Len himself and what would Rita do?

Then, as now, the private lives of the actors seemed to be on display for all in the media. Pat Phoenix, who played the infamous Elsie Tanner, once said "We live our lives in a goldfish bowl" and they still do. As for viewers, not so very long ago, I used to answer the email sent in via the website and though there weren't many, there were some people that would send in advice or criticism for a particular character and you could tell from the tone of the email that they weren't really talking about advising the writers to change a particular storyline. I recall in particular when the character of Alma Halliwell died of cancer, that the scenes and makeup were so good that there were dozens of viewers who really thought the actor herself was ill and was dying and several thought it was in bad taste for the storyline to reflect on the actor's real life health situation.

Back in the early 1980s, the triangle on screen between Deirdre, Mike and Ken rivetted the nation and some of you may recall the publicity in the news papers and on talk shows. Apparently "Newspapers consulted psychiatrists, marriage counsellors, computers and agony aunts. Even the parson on the Today programme seemed to wonder if Ken and Deirdre were real people."

We know that Deirdre did the "right" thing at the time and stayed with Ken. These days, as we've seen recently, that isn't always the case when a dutiful wife and mother stays with her husband.Thirty years ago, Corrie was still reflecting good upstanding morals. As the end of the Guardian article says, quoting Granada themselves: "Coronation Street is the top TV show partly because it shuns sex and violence. We tread warily."

How things have changed.

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Friday 27 July 2012

Corrie originals - William Roache MBE as Ken Barlow

First appeared: 9th December 1960

William Roache has played the role of Coronation Street stalwart Ken Barlow since 1960.

Born in Ilkeston in Derbyshire in 1932, Roache was educated in Rydal School in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. He then joined the army for five years before embarking on an acting career. He made his TV debut in Behind the Mask in 1958 before performing in repertory theatre for two years. In December 1960, his life changed forever when he was cast in the role of 21 year old student Ken Barlow in new drama serial Coronation Street.

For over 50 years, Ken has been a mainstay on the cobbles. While characters come and go, Ken and his quiff have been a constant presence and he’s gone from being a rebellious student to the street’s elder statesman. He’s had four wives (Valerie Tatlock, Janet Reid, Deirdre Langton and Deirdre Rachid), four children (Lawrence, Peter, Susan and Daniel) and a colossal 22 girlfriends! Debuting in the first episode, he’s lived on the street all his life and has held numerous jobs over the years, ranging from a teacher to a newspaper editor and columnist to a supermarket trolley pusher! He’s desired to leave the street on many occasions but his entanglements with women and life in general have let him down. He’s proved much grief and tribulations over the years. He lost his mother, brother, nephew, first wife, father and second wife in the space of 16 years. Plus daughter Susan died in a car crash in 2001 aged 36. In recent years he’s managed to rebuild his relationship with son Peter. When Valerie died in 1971, Ken sent twins Peter and Susan up to Scotland where they were brought up by their maternal grandparents. Deep down, Peter has never forgiven Ken for what he did and always reminds him of what he did.

For over 20 years, he enjoyed a rivalry with Cockney tycoon Mike Baldwin. They originally clashed over principles – Barlow being a socialist while Baldwin was a capitalist. But what embittered their rivalry was Ken’s wife Deirdre. Mike had an affair with her in 1982/3 and when Ken found out they had a memorable showdown on the doorstep of No. 1. The feud escalated when Mike married Ken’s daughter Susan in 1986 but Ken rightly predicted that the marriage wouldn’t last. In 1992, Ken and Mike battled again for the affections of two ladies: Alma Sedgewick and Maggie Redman. Mike eventually married Alma while Ken’s relationship with Maggie fizzled out. After Susan’s death in 2001, Mike and Ken locked horns again for the custody of 13 year old Adam, Susan’s son with Mike which Mike won. Although their relationship thawed as they grew older, they often exchanged insults. Ironically, Mike died of a heart attack in Ken’s arms in 2006 after suffering from Alzheimer’s.

While Ken has always been dubbed boring by the press (a subject that caused Roache himself to take tabloid newspaper The Sun to court in 1990s), Ken has often shared comic scenes with Albert Tatlock, Blanche Hunt and Roy Cropper over the years.

When Jack Howarth (Albert Tatlock) died in March 1984, Roache was left as the sole original character still in Coronation Street, albeit Anne Cunningham (Linda Cheveski) made guest appearances in May and June that year. For 27 years, he was the only original member of cast still in the programme until Philip Lowrie (Dennis Tanner) returned to the show in 2011, having not appeared since 1968. Since 2014, Roache is once again the sole remaining original character. Roache has won much recognition for playing Ken for over 50 years and acknowledges that he loves playing him. He admits though that he thought of quitting in the early 1980s which sparked the Ken/Deirdre/Mike love triangle story in a bid to keep Ken in the programme. Ken had also been saved in 1964 when producer Tim Aspinall wanted to write him and wife Valerie out but both stayed put. Over the years, Roache has become an ambassador for Corrie and due to his long association with the programme is the only one that can recall every stage in the show’s development over the years. In September 2010, he became the world’s longest continuous actor in a drama serial, surpassing US soap As the World Turns veteran Don Hastings (Bob Hughes) who had been in that soap since October 1960. Roache, now 83, is showing no signs of retirement, and has clocked over 4000 episodes over 55 years.

Roache has been married twice. He married Anna Cropper in 1961 and they divorced in 1974. In 1978, he married second wife Sara Mottram and they were married until her death in 2009. He has four children: Linus (b. 1964), Vanya (b. 1967), Verity (b. 1981) and James (b. 1986). He lost daughter Edwina in 1984 from pneumonia when she was only two. Anna, Sara, Linus and James have appeared on Corrie in various roles between 1962 and 2011.  In 2001, Roache was awarded an MBE for his services to acting.

Have you ever seen or met William Roache? Have you any pieces of trivia about him?

Research from Wikipedia, Corriepedia, IMDB and Corrie Net.

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Fab Photo Friday - July 27th 2012

It's Friday again so it's time for this week's fab Coronation Street photo. Today sees the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, so here are some Street residents taking part in their own version of the Olympics, when The Rovers Return took on The Flying Horse.

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Spot the Corrie prop - July 27th 2012

Last week's massive key ring had you all stumped. It hangs by the door in Maria & Kirk's flat.

Hopefully this week's Coronation Street conundrum will prove a little easier. All you have to do is tell us where you'd find these knick-knacks.

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Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 27 July

Coronation Street, Friday 27th July 2012 at 7.30pm

CHESNEY’S 18TH PARTY ENDS IN DISASTER. When Fiz invites Tyrone to Chesney’s birthday party, Tyrone's edgy and is forced to admit that Kirsty’s got it into her head they fancy each other. As Fiz and Tyrone part company, Kirsty watches incensed. Meanwhile Anna, Gary, Katy and Owen prepare for Chesney’s 18th. Over at the factory Rob discovers Kirk’s messed up an order and tells the girls they’ll have to work late to make up for it. Gary’s furious to learn that Rob’s making Izzy work overtime. He marches into the factory and confronts Rob. Izzy tries to intervene but she suddenly doubles over in pain.
STEVE WORRIES WHEN DEV GOES AWOL. Dev wakes up to find Lloyd has spent the night on the sofa watching over him. Dev thanks him for coming to his rescue. Meanwhile Sunita, Karl and the kids have breakfast together. In an attempt at some normality Sunita suggests they go to the cinema but Aadi and Asha make it clear they’d rather see their Dad. Karl begs Lloyd for his job back at Street Cars but Lloyd refuses and tells Karl that because of him, Dev almost took his own life. Shocked Karl tells Sunita about Dev’s suicide attempt. How will Sunita react?
RYAN GETS KYLIE TO COVER FOR HIM. Ryan cons a £30 sub out of Steve to buy some drugs. He then asks Kylie if she’d like to earn a bit of money and do him a favour at the same time. Will Kylie get involved in Ryan's dodgy dealings?
Elsewhere Marcus tentatively asks Sean if he’s okay about his relationship with Aiden. Hurting, how will Sean respond? Jason invites Maria for a drink and tells her to bring Marcus along too. Steve's chuffed when Michelle agrees to meet him for a drink.

Coronation Street , Friday 27th July 2012 at 8.30pm
TEMPERS AND EMOTIONS RUN HIGH AS IZZY LOSES THE BABY. Izzy’s beside herself, worried she might have lost the baby. Gary tries to calm her down as Sean brings Chesney’s party to an abrupt halt when he calls round and breaks the news about Izzy. In the hospital Gary, Anna, Owen and Katy nervously wait for news of Izzy. She's devastated as she tells Gary she’s had a miscarriage. Trying to be strong Gary assures Izzy that as soon as she’s well enough they’ll try for another baby. But is that want Izzy wants to hear?
MICHELLE AND STEVE GET CLOSER. Lloyd's horrified to discover Ryan’s left Kylie in charge of the switch and when Ryan returns Lloyd fires him. But Steve, desperate to impress Michelle, overrules Lloyd and tells Ryan he can have one more chance. Michelle’s grateful whilst Lloyd’s speechless.
SUNITA TALKS DEV AWAY FROM THE BRINK. Sunita tells Dev to forget his suicidal thoughts and concentrate on his two children who need him. As Dev spends the evening with Asha and Aadi will he realise just how important they are to him?
Elsewhere Barely able to contain her fury, Kirsty confronts Tyrone about his secret rendezvous with Fiz. Tyrone promises it was innocent but will he be able to calm Kirsty down? Sean apologises to Marcus and tells him he’s quite within his rights to go out with whoever he likes. 

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Thursday 26 July 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday 26 July

Even the hardest of hearts would have felt sympathy for Dev tonight. As for Sunita, she seems to have taken leave of her senses - well she did that a while ago. At least Karl admits that his 'head is all over the place', whereas Sunita is coming out with all the romantic cliches in the book. 'We'll manage together.We can get through this Karl, I know we can.

In The Kabin, Leanne confronts Sunita head on. 'What a flamin' brass neck you've got! (This may have reminded viewers of one of the best lines in The Street ever - 'You've got more brass neck than a Blackpool dinner gong! Anyone remember who said that? Sorry, my memory not serving me well).Sunita does redeem herself a little with, 'You've been bouncing between Peter and Nick for so long, it's like watching a tennis match.' A good volley Sunita. Leanne, though, succeeds in smashing down a comment. 'You're so naive,' she states, but Sunita, showing the extent of her delusion says, 'We love each other,' to peals of laughter from Leanne, who points out that Sunita must be out of her 'tiny mind' . Unabashed, Sunita continues with, 'There's more to life than money.'

Ryan provided some entertainment but also showed his arrogance. As mum Michelle told him to get to his job, Ryan, who should be grateful to have a job, demonstrates how demeaning he thinks answering the phone at Streetcars is. Michelle, amused at seeing him with a hoover asks him if he knows its purpose. Ryan's comment, 'Mum, please stop, my sides are splitting,' was pretty good. But what was on Eileen's post-it, on which Ryan had deposited his drool as he slept on the desk?

Must end with Dev and applaud his terrific karate chop of the glass he was drinking from. His smashing up of his own shop was harrowing, after telling Karl that he is nothing to his children. Cliche queen Sunita points out that Dev 'needs time. that's all.' Lloyd to the rescue  - the embodiment of a decent bloke.      

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Lloyd's daughter and girlfriend have been cast for Corrie

This just in from the official Coronation Street website at

We blogged here a while back that Lloyd's secret daughter was going to turn up on Coronation Street.  And now we can reveal who will play Lloyd's daughter Jenna and his ex-girlfriend Mandy.

Lloyd's ex-squeeze Mandy will be played by Pamela Nomvete and Lloyd's daughter Jenna will be played by Krissi Bohn.

Corrie producer Phil Collinson said: "The story allows us to establish two terrific actresses alongside Craig Charles and create an instant 'new' family for Lloyd. Mandy is a warm and big-hearted character who has seen a lot of life and is always ready to dispense common-sense advice and wisdom. Jenna is a clever, educated young woman, whose life will be turned upside down as she struggles to come to accept Lloyd as her real father."

As they settle into a more permanent life in Weatherfield Mandy will find a home cooking at The Rovers Return and Jenna will be working at the local hospital. 

But another secret looks set to rock this fragile new family and change their lives forever.

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Steve McDonald gurn of the week - July 26 2012

It's Thursday and that means it's time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to our  Coronation Street blogger Tvor for capturing and sending in this week's gurn.

If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 26 July at 8.30pm

Coronation Street, Thursday 26th July 2012 at 8.30pm

DEV’S LIFE FALLS APART. Sunita insists to Karl that together they can make it work. Karl’s not convinced but with nowhere else to go he agrees to stay at Sunita's. Bumping into a hostile Leanne, Sunita defiantly tells her Karl has moved in and they’re in love. When Leanne delivers the news to Stella, Stella puts on a brave face and insists she’s fine. Dev meanwhile is drunk and depressed in the shop flat. Finding him there Lloyd insists on taking him out to the bistro for dinner. But Sunita and Karl are already eating at the bistro and when Dev spies them enjoying a cosy meal, he goes berserk and launches himself at Karl. Lloyd and Nick drag him off as Dev returns to the corner shop to drown his sorrows. Is Dev about to take drastic action?
GARY MAKES AN ENEMY OF ROB. Rob makes the factory girls stay behind to do a bit of overtime. Gary’s not happy and corners Rob in the gents, telling him not to overwork Izzy as she’s pregnant. Unaware Izzy thanks Gary for showing some restraint and not mentioning anything to Rob.
JULIE TEARS INTO MARCUS FOR LYING TO SEAN. At Maria’s suggestion, Marcus arranges a date with Aiden. They meet in the Rovers before heading into town. Witnessing their meeting Sean's clearly upset and Julie confronts Marcus.
Elsewhere When Eileen finds a hung-over Ryan asleep on the switch she’s astounded as Steve pays him for his shift and covers up for him in front of Michelle. Fiz, Katy, Gary and Izzy decide to organise a party for Chesney’s 18th birthday.

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Coronation Street extra in Olympic women's boxing team

Nicola Adams used to be an extra on Coronation Street. And now she's  hoping to get a Olympic gold medal in women's boxing for Team GB.

Nicola already has three world silver medals and the European title - and she worked on Corrie as an extra to fund her way to her Olympic dream

She said working on Corrie was her most enjoyable part-time work.

"I went for a part in 'My Parents Are Aliens'. I didn't get it, but they asked me if I was interested in being an extra and that was it, I was away."

"I sat in the Rovers Return and visited the post office, it was really exciting. The extra work I really enjoyed and seeing all the actors and stuff, I'd like to pursue that after my career."

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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Coronation Street writer profile: Martyn Hesford

A new Coronation Street writer has joined the ranks with Martyn Hesford penning his first Corrie episode which aired on Wednesday July 25th 2012 at 7.30pm.

Martyn has actually acted in Coronation Street! Back in 1979 he played a character called Harvey Stone.

After starting his career as an actor, Martyn turned to screenwriting and penned a number of highly acclaimed BBC award winning single dramas such as A SMALL MOURNING, winner of Radio Times Drama Award, starring Alison Steadman, BRAZEN HUSSIES starring Julie Walters and Robert Lindsay, and A LITTLE BIT OF LIPPY starring Kenneth Cranham.

As well as working on original pieces, Martyn has a particular specialisation in adaptations. NICHOLAS NICKLEBY starring Charles Dance, Pam Ferris and Tom Hollander, ITV 1 (Company Pictures). DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE starring John Hannah and David Warner, Sky Movies (Clerkenwell Films/Working Title/Universal Pictures). THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP starring Derek Jacobi, Toby Jones, Zoe Wannamaker, Gina McKee and Martin Freeman, ITV 1 (Carnival Pictures).

In 2007 Martyn’s drama, FANTABULOSA! starring Michael Sheen, which chronicles the life of much adored English comedian and actor, Kenneth Williams was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Single Drama.

His current projects include DANNY LA RUE, a film about the legendary female impersonator, for Leopard Films and SOMEWHERE CLOSE ALWAYS, a play for the theatre, workshopped at Hampstead Theatre and in development with Abbey Wright (assistant director to Danny Boyle at the National Theatre).

Sources: The writers company

If you can help update this Corrie writer's profile, leave a comment below or email me here.

To read about all of the Coronation Street writers, click here.

Winner announced in our Coronation Street cups and coasters competition

Congratulations go to Coronation Street Blog reader Nick Jay!

Nick has been drawn at random from all the correct entries received to win the Coronation Street cups and coasters from our recent competition which ended today.

With thanks to the lovely people at Enesco 

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Corrie originals - Ernst Walder as Ivan Cheveski

First appeared: 14th December 1960

Last appeared: 27th December 1967

Ernst Walder played the role of Linda Cheveski’s Polish husband Ivan between 1960 and 1961 and made guest appearances in 1962, 1963, 1966 and 1967.

Born in Salzburg in 1927, Walder moved to the UK in 1952, working as a domestic servant. In his spare time, he attended drama school and in 1958 he made his TV debut in The Safecracker, playing a Nazi officer. In 1960, he was cast as 24 year old Ivan Cheveski in new drama serial Coronation Street, the husband of Linda and son-in-law of the street siren Elsie Tanner and debuted in the second episode. As he wasn’t a permanent character, Ivan lacked storylines and his only plotlines were moving into No. 9 and the birth of son Paul in 1961, the first Corrie baby. Ivan wasn’t a regular character due to his job in Warrington and then the Cheveskis immigrated to Canada. Ivan and Linda made flying visits to Weatherfield during the 1960s, spending Christmas in 1962 and 1966. By 1966, the Cheveskis had a marriage crisis due to Linda’s affair with a Canadian and they did spend some time apart before toddler Paul falling into the canal and being saved by bookie Dave Smith reunited them. The Cheveskis later settled down in Birmingham where Ivan had been offered a job. They attended Elsie’s wedding to Steve Tanner in 1967 and visited over Christmas that year. Although Linda briefly returned to the street in 1968 and 1984, Ivan didn’t appear in the show again. Apparently, they had separated and were in the process of a divorce. In 50 Years of Coronation Street: The (Very) Unofficial Story by Sean Egan that was published in 2010, Walder claims that he wasn’t even asked to reprise his role of Ivan. Overall, Walder appeared in 76 episodes.

Although Walder succeeded in gaining other roles, they were only supporting ones. He had roles in Redcap (1965-1966), Crown Court (1974) and The Fourth Arm (1983). His last TV appearance was 22 years ago in Night of the Fox.

Little is known about Walder’s current whereabouts and his personal life. Do you have any information?

Have you seen or met Ernst Walder? Have you any trivia about him?

Research from Corrie Net, IMDB, Corriepedia and 50 Years of Coronation Street: The (Very) Unofficial Story by Sean Egan.

Read about all of the Coronation Street original cast.

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Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 25 July at 7.30pm

Coronation Street, Wednesday 25th July 2012 at 7.30pm

DEV TRIES TO WIN SUNITA BACK. Karl’s spent the night in his cab and Lloyd sacks him, claiming he’s no longer welcome at Street Cars. Meanwhile Dev has had a sleepless night and tells Stella he still loves Sunita and just wants her back. Sunita's more interested in talking to Karl but when he reveals he’ll do everything he can to put things right with Stella, Sunita’s disappointed. At the Rovers Karl begs Stella to take him back, admitting he's always loved her, Sunita was just a bit of fun. Will Stella give Karl one last chance and can Dev persuade Sunita to give their relationship another go?
MARCUS IS PUZZLED BY HIS FEELINGS. When Marcus suggests to Sean they meet for a coffee, Sean’s hopeful Marcus still has feelings for him. Meanwhile when Maria spends the day with Jason and Liam, Marcus feels put out and suggests to Maria he’s in the way and should move back to London. How will Maria react?
THE TENSION BETWEEN GARY AND IZZY COMES TO A HEAD. Gary fusses over Izzy and tells her she should be taking it easy. Izzy's annoyed and on Anna’s advice, Gary apologises to Izzy for making her feel smothered.
Elsewhere to David’s annoyance, Kylie invites Ryan to join them for a drink. Ryan’s drunk and Kylie thinks he’s hilarious.

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Last chance to enter to WIN! Coronation Street cups and coasters

Competition ends today - Weds 25 July at 3pm

With thanks to the lovely people at Enesco we have four Corrie mugs and one set of Corrie coasters to be won in an exclusive competition here on the Coronation Street Blog.

To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, all you have to do is answer the following three questions correctly and email your answers to me at  The winner will be drawn at random and announced here on the website.  Deadline for entries is Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 3pm and prize can be shipped to an address in the UK only.

Please note that entries from MoneySavingsExpert, Loquax and all other competition websites will not be included. 

Here are your three questions – good luck!

Q1: Where are Enesco’s
Lilliput Lane range of miniature real-life buildings made?
Q2: Where is the Enesco annual fair being held in September 2012?
Q3: Here on the Coronation Street Blog, name one of our
VIP celebrity bloggers.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, July 23 2012

Corrie weekly updates from 1995 - 17 years in 17 e-books
All the wit and warmth of Weatherfield, none of the waffle
Available from and

Greetings and welcome to the Coronation Street Weekly Update. Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates and why they've been written for th'internet since 1995 at 

And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Over at Underworld, Rob takes on Eva as a new machinist but she’s all fingers and thumbs. Fortunately for Eva, they’re not the body parts Rob’s interested in and she carries on stitching and gets on everyone’s nerves. Rob moves into sister Carla’s flat now she’s done a runner with Peter, which begs the question why Tracy can’t move into Peter’s.  We find out soon enough when Leanne makes it clear to bossy-boots Barlow that she’s in charge of the bookies while Peter’s AWOL and Beth and young Craig are moving into the flat.   Tracy slums it in a bad dressing gown and a scowl with Emily and Norris for now.

Ryan Connor returns this week, all muscle-bound and angsty. Heaven only knows what they put in the Irn Bru up in that Scotland but young Ryan-me-laddo has changed beyond all recognition.  He’s only back five minutes and he sets Steve McDonald’s house on fire with the flick of a careless match as he’s trying (and failing) to chat up Sophie Webster.  He's a bad 'un and no mistake. He disses his mother – although let’s not forget she’s not his real mother and he’s not her real son – he’s nasty to Kirk when he gets a job in packing pants and then threatens to sue Underworld after faking an accident.  When Rob suspects that Ryan’s trying to rip off Underworld he asks Eva: “How do you fancy playing Mata Hari?”. “I’ll play Kerplunk if it’ll wipe the smile off his face!” she replies.  And so Eva calls Ryan’s bluff when she gets him to take her out on a date and he confesses to her cleavage that there’s nowt wrong with him, he just needs the cash from the factory.  Michelle’s already at her wits end with Ryan and doesn’t know which way to turn. Fortunately for her, Steve’s lonely and sad and is happy to be that shoulder to cry on she’s going to need very soon.   With Fat Brenda off having her gastric band realigned, Steve offers Ryan a gig on the switch.

At Roy’s Rolls, Hayley gets a call from Aunty Maude to say Uncle Bert is ill and so off she goes on soap plot device number  11 (sub-section F(ii)) as Mary gets her talons into Roy by inviting him to accompany her to a musical event.  “I’ve never been so moved by a wind section,” she giggles like a girl later in the caff when Roy invites her in for cocoa.  I’m not liking this scary-Mary, not one little bit and wish that she’d leave Roy very well alone.

Dev plans to wed Sunita in six weeks time, he wants a rush job in case Sunita changes her mind, which is exactly what she does after she gets caught in the Rovers half-dressed with Karl . She plans it that way so that Stella, Leanne and Eva all troop back from a night on the razz to find Karl and Sunita getting ready to bonk on the banquette.  There’s an almighty row in the Street when St Ella takes out her insecurities on Sunita before throwing Karl out.  But she’s chucked him out on the cobbles twice before and she’s taken him back. She’s got no backbone, has St Ella and is such a waste of space because you just know she’ll take him back again.  If Corrie really wanted us fans to like St Ella instead of hating every moment that she’s on screen, they’d at least give us something to like.

And finally this week, there’s tantrums at tea-time over at Tyrone’s house when Kirsty loses her temper once more .  Run, Tyrone, run, and don’t look back!

And that's just about that for this week. Remember, you can sign up to get these Corrie weekly updates by email at

This week's writers were Jayne Hollinson, Julie Jones, Mark Burt, Simon Crowther and John Kerr.

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

Do you feel sorry for Dev - Yay or Nay?

Anyone feeling sorry for Devendra after last night's Coronation Street when Sunita left him?

'You haven't hurt me," Dev told Sunita. "You've angered me, disappointed me and made me look like a fool in front of my friends and neighbours.'

Well, that's as maybe. But if he'd paid Sunita a bit of attention and not been so patronising in his dealings with her, maybe he wouldn't be in this state now.

He's only got himself to blame, I reckon, so I'm not feeling sorry for him. It's a  Nay from me - what about you?

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Julie Walters: "Coronation Street will have to wait"

Coronation Street producer Phil Collins said last year that he'd love national treasure / actress Julie Walters to join Corrie. So would we, here on the Coronation Street Blog, according to our poll.

In this week's Radio Times, Julie Walters is interviewed and says this about being approached to join Corrie.

"I did once mention that I'd love a part in Corrie and they were immediately on the phone to various agents. But I think that might have to wait for later in my career now."

I think she'd be fabulous as Audrey's posh cousin.

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