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Monday 30 November 2009

The State of the Street in November

It's that time again. End of the month means we take a look at what state the Street was in. November seemed to be all Tony all the time, didn't it? It was a good ride, though. Now Maria's gone with her tail between her legs and Carla's back with hers in shiny knee high boots. And those boots are gonna walk all over you! Gail's blinders are still firmly in place. David will waste no time saying I told you so when it blows up even if it ends with Joe's death. Audrey will tut and roll her eyes but she'll be there for Gail anyway. The Grandfather Wars are about to start, too. This could be interesting. Anyway, for a full report, you know what to do!

Joe McIntyre to get killed off in his canoe

Spoiler of the week - and it's only Monday - goes to The Sun who reveal that Gail Platt's new husband Joe will be bumped off in an insurance scam that goes horribly wrong.

Apparantly, Joe decides to fake his own death to avoid his crippling debt problems and leave wife Gail with the proceeds from his life insurance. But as Joe takes the boat to the Lake District and prepares to jump off his boat, a strong gust of wind blows its sail pole, which knocks him unconscious and into the freezing water. Ah well, I guess it was too much to expect for Gail to be happy for long.

No Bullying By Parents: Fri Nov 27, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Daran Little (7:30), and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

My sincere apologies for the tardiness of this review, but it was due to technical difficulties. I realise this is my usual excuse, but I am trying my best! Since TVOR did a great summary of this episode (thanks) I'll keep it short 'n' sweet!

Carla's back in shape in the office, but get's a little bent out of shape after attending Tony's hearing. Ryan accompanies Michelle to Tony's hearing and Michelle ends up having a breakdown thinking that Tony was smiling at her son, and spits at him through the glass. She later then accuses Carla of knowing that Tony murdered Liam, to which Carla wasn't having any of.

Pam watches Tyrone eat his fry-up in his vest in utter repulsion and is beginning to see why Molly has gone out of her relationship. She tries suggesting to Tyrone that he should take Molly out, but it's useless. Molly and Kevin have another romp in Kevin and Sally's bed, and they're almost caught out by Sophie who comes home unexpectedly. Another close call for these two. Molly admits to Kevin she wished they were caught, so they could be free. Later, Kevin asks Molly if she'll leave Tyrone for him, and together they can build a new life together. Wow. Can you believe he's going to do this? Or is this more greasy sweet talk?

Lloyd's had it with the animosity between Liz and Teresa, and asks Teresa if she can be nice to Liz for him. Teresa tells him she'll try. Well, in the Rovers, Teresa tries her best phony-nice on Liz and Liz isn't having any of it. Liz tells her to stay on her miserable self, so Teresa tells her she looks like a mutton dressed as lamb, only the lamb would have more dressings. Oh, and that her goods are past their sell-by date. Liz promptly kicks them both out and bars them. It's clear that Liz is hurt by this abuse. What did she ever do to deserve this? I love my Liz!

Audrey tries to have a word with Gail over Joe. Gail puts her foot down and tells her mother that Joe loves her and that he's not perfect, but Audrey will just have to support her. Gail reminds her that when Audrey married Alf, she said she did so for the security and to have someone worship her, reminding Audrey that there are many reasons one chooses to marry someone. Audrey agrees to support Gail, but doesn't promise she'll buy a new outfit. Later, Audrey tells Joe that if he steps one foot out of line, that she'll come on him like a ton of bricks. Oh, and she will.

Claire is having some issues with making friends and decides to join a theatre group in hopes of making more. She tells Ashley that she's not in with the "mum's club" at Bessie Street Primary. It would appear that neither is Becky. So, THIS is what these two will have in common. Later, Claire tries her best to befriend Becky in the Rovers, by suggesting that they're alike, and choking down a pint of cider. I liked Claire a lot in this episode! Me thinks she may have traded her cuppa for a glassa wine instead these days. Will Becky bite, and be friends with Claire?

Rosie Webster can't stay out of trouble for long enough. She goes into the cafe all angelic-like under the pretense that she's begun looking at further education upon John's insistence. What is she up to now?

Finally, the Windasses have kicked off the Christmas spirit by setting up their abundant Christmas decorations. It was cute to see Eddie and Anna embarrassing Gary by singing carols to him and and dancing with him in the streets. I hated it when my parents did that. Ugh.

- Janice thinking the builder was whistling at her, when he was really whistling at a pretty girl walking by.
- Tyrone looking quite the scruff in his vest while chowing down on his fry-up. How attractive!
- Teresa moving up in the world, getting her hair done by Audrey in the salon.
- The scene with Audrey, Teresa and Betty in the salon where Audrey defends Gail and Joe, but doesn't do a very good job at it.
- Gail and Audrey's conversation regarding Audrey marrying Alf, Gail marrying Joe, and being alone and in love.
- Claire and Graeme's Charlston routine in the butchers!
- Claire defending Becky against the "mum's club" at Bessie Street Primary, by telling them they should put up another sign, "no bullying by parents."
- Claire's efforts trying to befriend Becky. I really enjoyed her this episode. They could be the next Lucy and Ethel!

- Michelle and all the black she wears. Is she in constant mourning of her youth?
- How resilient Michelle is. One minute, she's having a breakdown in court spitting at glass, next she's cajoling and in the Christmas mood telling her son not to let what happened today bother him. What?
- Molly and Kev planning to come out with their relationship. Seriously?!
- Teresa stuffing Lloyd full of desserts stating she's only taking care of him. Watchout Lloyd, last man she was taking care of with food, she was poisoning.
- Theresa being an awful b*tch to Liz!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

Steve McDonald as you've never seen him before

We had a Guess the Corrie actor post a few days ago on the blog where we asked you to guess who this Coronation Street actor was. It's Steve McDonald, of course, and the artist of the picture has allowed us to use the full size image on the blog as it's so great. Check out some of our Steve McDonald gurns of the week on their blog too.

To find out more about artist Wassa B and the new Durham city art gallery Empty Shop, have a look here.

Blog Exclusive! Grace Dent's soap secrets

Last week we brought you an exclusive interview with Steven Murphy, editor of the fab Inside Soap magazine and this week we've got another soaps exclusive for you!

Soap Queen Grace Dent reveals all about her World of Lather column, who her Coronation Street favourites are and where she likes to sit on a double-decker bus.

To read all about Grace Dent's soaps secrets, illustrated wonderfully by Thea Brine, have a look here, it's great.

Sunday 29 November 2009

Line of the night goes to Sean Tully

I've been in That London all weekend so I SkyPlussed Thursday and Friday's episodes of Corrie, and so far I've only watched Thursday's. That's because I was also trying to catch up with I'm A Celebrity... See, I told you I was addicted. Anyway, with that and the rearranged scheduling this week, god knows when I'll be fully caught up. I apologise now if I'm writing things way past their broadcast. You can blame my London friends who made me watch Strictly Come Dancing and Love Actually.

Anyway anyway, line of the night on Thursday HAS to go to Sean, who, of Carla, said:
"She might be a bitch - but she's our bitch!"
Oooh, isn't that so much the truth? And isn't it lovely to see her back where she belongs, stalking through the factory as if she owned the place. Which, of course, she does.

This week's Corrie weekly awards, Nov 23 - 27

Best scene of the week: Gold Star: Betty, Teresa and Audrey in the salon. Only because Betty is just a STAR and we don't see enough of her!

Silver Star: Gail and Audrey talking about love and marraige. Nice little nod to the past there, too.

Things must be bad award: If it tempts Claire to swear, it must be the end of the world!

I don't feel sorry for you award: Liz upset over Lloyd and Teresa. You had your chance and you turned him down.

Give 'em a tube of suncream award: There's an awful lot of Weatherfielders sporting tans. Deirdre seems to have the darkest, Carla's not far behind. Janice has been sporting a tan for years.

Suckup Award: Sally of course! Could she get her nose any further up Carla's backside? She sure got her comeuppance!

Retro dance moment: Claire and Graeme doing the Charleston!
Lines of the week:
Sophie to Rosie: "I might've known you couldn't feel guilty for more than a second"

Carla: "Sally. Why are you standing there trying to look important?" (Because that's what she does!)

Rosie to Carla: "If you need me, I'm available." Carla: "'Available'. Could almost be your middle name, that!"

A Betty Two-fer: "Nobody ever got addicted to a good strong cuppa tea, do they?" (I've known one or two!)
"For a good hairdresser, ooh you make a lousy liar, Audrey Roberts" (I just love Betty so much!)
Teresa to Lloyd: "No doubt about it. You've definitely upgraded" (From Liz? erm...)

Should Mammy and Barry Connor live on the Street?

Judging by comments left on the blog over the last few weeks, it's clear there's a lot of lurve for Michelle Connor's parents from Ireland.

So, do you like them enough to want them back on the Street and this time not just for a visit, but for good?

I'd love to have them back full-time. For this Corrie fan, Mammy Connor is so bitter and brittle she's the one I love to hate while Barry Connor could have a fling with Audrey Roberts, p'raps? What do other fans think about the Irish Connors?

Fabulous Corrie girls

Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster), Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) and Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) talk to Fabulous magazine about hair, heels and heartbreak.

If that's your Coronation Street cup of tea, you'll enjoy reading the article, viewing some very glam pics and watching a short video of them all online here.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Weighing in on Friday's double episode

Just a few thoughts on Friday's double episode while we wait for Yoork's update. I didn't catch the writer credits at the start but as I watched it, I had my ideas who wrote it. I went back and looked and sure enough, Daran Little was behind the pen! A nod to history, (Gail and Audrey), gossip in the salon with wonderful stuff from Betty (Daran always writes great Betty scenes!) and bittersweet scenes with Liz and Lloyd. You really feel like they should be together.

Veteran writer Peter Whalley wrote the second episode and it was as good as the first. More Lloyd and Liz longing looks, and the unlikely spawning of a connection between Claire and Becky. They don't seem to have anything in common but maybe there's more there beneath the surface than we think. The more I think about it, the more I think maybe it could work though it would be a long and bumpy row to hoe before they become best friends. The back and forth between Teresa and Liz was wonderful stuff. I agree with Flaming Nora, Teresa is thoroughly enjoyable these days! And finally, some lovely scenes with Roy and Hayley. Roy really has been thrown by all this Tony Gordon stuff and has really been having a hard time dealing with it. Maybe now that the cell door has slammed on Tony, he can find a way to put it behind them.

There were little touches, like Janice exchanging a word with a builder, Tyrone turning into a Jack Duckworth clone at the breakfast table in his vest, Claire and Graeme doing the Charleston in the butcher shop, much to Ashley's horror, Claire wincing over the taste of cider. Even the Windass second annual Christmas light and music show extravaganza wasn't objectional, especially Eddie's line when it stopped for the second time, "Folk are gonna be that disappointed" took me off guard and I actually found myself laughing! That's a first!

The Kevin and Molly stuff was awful but only because I just don't like that storyline but even on Friday, it seemed like it was moving on a bit more. We already know it's not going to be as easy as it sounds. Kevin wants Molly to leave Tyrone but circumstances are going to prove that it's not going to happen just yet.

Teresa Morton - from tramp to triumph?

Is anyone else enjoying Teresa Morton a lot more than they used to do, these days?

She started off badly, trying to poison Sinbad from Brookside, neglecting her kids and blackmailing Lloyd into thinking little Finlay was his. But her recent comedy partnership with Lloyd has turned Teresa around and without the rest of the Morton clan to drag her down, she's comedy gold. Although I have to admit I'm a little uneasy that some of the comedy stems from the fact Teresa's an alcoholic - and that can never be good.

Is Tyrone the new Jack Duckworth?

While Molly's affair with Kev can't be condoned, you do have to wonder what Tyrone's doing to keep his wifey sweet. I mean, the lad's letting himself go. Sitting at the tea table in his vest, with stains down his front, egg and bean butty in his hand... if he's that intent on turning into Jack Duckworth, he'll need to follow the style guide to getting Jack's look just right.

Coronation Street weekend in Blackpool

The Bond Hotel in Blackpool is offering a winter warmer in January for Corrie fans. They've got a weekend of Coronation Street Specials which include four nights dinner, bed & breakfast. So if you want to meet one of your favourite stars from the Street then book early. You can view YouTubes of some of the Corrie cast on the karaoke at the hotel, below:

Gray O'Brien (Tony Gordon) singing 500 Miles
Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) singing Fly Me To The Moon

Kym Marsh's memoirs to go on sale

News in from publishers Hodder is that they've signed a memoir from Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, for publication next year.

The deal for Marsh's "candid and compelling" autobiography was struck for an undisclosed sum. The book will be published in July 2010 as a £16.99 hardback. The memoir will tell of Kym's rise to fame — from growing up on an estate in Wigan, to life as a young single mother with two children, before her big break in the band Hear'Say and her life now, playing Rovers Return barmaid Michelle Connor.

Me? I'm still waiting for Craig Charles' autbiography. I was hoping Santa would be bringing it for me this Christmas but the release date of the book seems to have been pushed back yet again.

Friday 27 November 2009

Fairy Godmother: Thu Nov 26, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by David Lane, directed by Ian Bevitt.

The factory girls are aghast to see Carla at Underworld. I suppose that answers their questions as to who will be running the place. Carla announces that she's their fairy godmother. That's not what I'd call her, but sure. Carla demeans Sally for trying to be the PA, and tells her to get back on her machine. The detective on Tony's case comes by looking for information on Jimmy Dockerson. Carla has Sally dig up old records, and shreds some paperwork pertaining to Jimmy. To cover herself of course, since she believes she's killed Jimmy.

Sally's not happy to see that Carla has re-appointed Hayley has manager-on-duty to help her run Underworld. Carla has Sally bring Hayley up to date. Sally ends up leaving Underworld in tears, all dreams of being a PA just dashed.

That's not all of Sally's troubles, as she chews Molly out over the disarray that the books are in for the garage. As Sally has to leave the house to go to Underworld on some un-urgent business, Molly and Kev decide it'd be great to knock boots in Sally's bed! Oh, I can't wait to see the back of this sordid affair. Kev and Molly are almost caught snogging by Sally who rushes in crying from being berated by Carla Gordon. Yikes!

*Groan*, Claire Peacock is back on the scene. She complains to Ashley about Amy's potty-mouth around her boys. Ashley tells Steve, who tells Becky, who tells Claire to shove off essentially. Claire and Becky get into a tiff, that almost gets into a riff if Steve didn't intervene. I can't stand Claire, but if she's going to start sparring with Becky, things could get interesting. Who'd you put money on?

Meanwhile, Becky is still suspicious of where Steve has been spending all his time, and Steve has still be avoiding having Becky find out about his golf lessons. Do you really think she'd be that upset? I don't think Becky's the type of woman to freak out over something like that. Michelle maybe, but not Becky.

Rosie is just so bored with her nothing life, that she needs to stir up some trouble. She heads into the cafe to order a skinny latte from John. Hayley tells her if she's going to start trouble she best leave. Rosie settles for a coffee, and Hayley warns John to stay away from her since she's trouble. When she's leaving, John asks if she's given any thought to her education. Rosie says that she had such a terrible experience with her last teacher, that she'll never enter a schoolroom again! Zing.

Rosie sees Carla and tries to get her job back telling Carla that she's available for work. Carla spits back at her that "available" should be her middle name. Oh, zing! I love seeing Rosie get a good insult.

Finally, Maria and the Connors are preparing to leave for Ireland. Maria leaves Kirk her home and Ozzy to take care of in her absence. They don't leave the street before seeing Carla Gordon across the street and giving her the evils though. Buh-bye Mammy Connor!

- Everyone's faces when the see Carla standing up in the rafters at Underworld. It looked as though they were witnessing a second-coming!
- Mammy Connor off my screen for at least the time being, let's hope longer.
- Ashley and Steve trying to figure out what the "d" word is. Hint: It's short for Richard. Sorry Richard.
- Becky and Claire's little "disagreement." I was wanting it to turn out into an all-out brawl!
- Carla directing her b*tchiness to where it's deserved: Rosie Webster!

- Carla being such a b*tch to Sally! What was that for? Carla's such a miserable witchy woman.
- Molly and Kev's sick little romp in Sally's bed!!! The nerve of them! Yucky.
- Becky's hair? Did she stick her finger in an electrical outlet? It looks like a rat's nest. I know she's usually a bit "out there" with her hair... but still.
- Why is John Stape even trying to be nice to Rosie? He should just treat her like a stranger - end of.
- Rosie going into the cafe to torture John. If she were really traumatised by him she'd never step foot in a place that he worked. Tsk.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

First pic of Keith Duffy back on Corrie set

We'll see Boyzone singer Keith Duffy's return to Coronation Street as Ciaran McCarthy on screen in February. But the official Corrie site has this great pic and some news online now.

Apparantly, Leanne and Peter take on Ciaran as the chef in their new bijou bistro. Ah, but will it cope with competition from Betty's hotpot?

Molly and Dev? Well, Tyrone thinks so!

Poor Tyrone is going to get a shock in the new year if this spoiler is true, and it sounds like a good possibility.

It'll be a nice Christmas but it all kicks off in the New Year when Molly leaves Tyrone and moves into the flat over the shop. Tyrone gets the wrong end of the stick and assumes that she's having an affair with Dev and attacks him. Kevin is the one that breaks up the fight!

Of course with Sally's upcoming health crisis, Kevin isn't about to leave her and if this other rumour is true, I'm guessing that's just about the time Molly discovers she's pregnant.

Corrie's fab photo Friday, November 27 2009

This week the Coronation Street fab photo isn't a blast from the past, it's a vision of Christmas to come. You can probably guess who's behind the beard but if you're still not sure, have a look at this video on the official Corrie site which reveals all.

Have a look at more fab Corrie photos from the archive here.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Grandad George in Corrie accident on set

Anthony Valentine, who plays Simon Barlow's other grandad, was left badly shaken after he slipped and hit his head as he walked off the set.

The Mirror reports that Corrie production crew ran to help him but fortunately he wasn't seriously hurt. A Street source told the paper: "A nurse was there quickly but, thankfully, Anthony didn't need to go to hospital. He looked pretty badly shaken by it all but he was eventually ok to carry on working."

Coronation Street to get a new Producer

It's been announced on the ITV official Corrie site that Kim Crowther is to step down as Corrie producer during 2010. Kim will be replaced by ex-Doctor Who Producer Phil Collinson.

Kim Crowther has made the decision to step down from the role after two and half years. She said: “Coronation Street is very special to me. It’s been a huge privilege to work with such a wonderful cast, production and writing team. But after a couple of great years, I’m looking forward to reintroducing myself to my children. I’m delighted to be passing the baton to Phil, and wish him all the best for what should be a spectacular fiftieth year for the show.”

Speaking of his new role, Phil Collinson said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be joining Corrie, the nation’s favourite street and a show I’ve been a huge fan of all my life. It goes without saying that it’s a tremendous honour to be entrusted with building on Coronation Street’s success and creating the must-see storylines for 2010 and beyond. Kim will be a tough act to follow but I will be working with one of the best teams in the business and I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

I like what Kim Crowther's done with Corrie in the time she's been in charge - do you?

Sneak preview of next week's Corrie, November 30 - December 4

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday November 30 to Friday December 4

Note - Corrie is on every night next week, as follows:
Only one episode on Monday 30th November, at 7.30pm.
Extra episode on Tuesday 1 December at 8pm.
Extra episode on Wednesday 2 December at 8pm.
Episode on Thursday 3 December is at 8pm, not 8.30pm.
Only one episode on Friday 4 December, at 7.30pm.

Graeme dresses up as Liz, Ken dresses up as Santa, Rosie accuses John of assault, Lloyd proposes to Teresa, Eddie starts a scam, George offers to bankroll Peter’s new bar and Becky and Claire buddy up.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, Nov 26 09

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin for sending in these fab Stevie McGurns.

If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Does anyone else miss Tony?

I don't know if anyone else misses Tony, or it's just me. But, for any of us that do, I put together this silly little video reflecting on Tony's ultimate downfall!

He was a murderer, but he was OUR murderer. Someone get this man a get-out-of-jail-free card! What? This isn't Monopoly? Oh.


ps. The song is T.O.N.Y. by Solange Knowles.

Guess the Corrie actor

Here's a little Coronation Street quiz I've just found on flickr. You'll have to visit the flickr site where there's a Guess The Celebrity thing going on, with a couple of Corrie characters. But can you guess who's who? It's quite fun and worth a little look here.

Julie Goodyear quits Calendar Girls

Julie Goodyear has had to pull out of the stage play Calendar Girls after contracting a virus. Julie, who played Coronation Street's Bet Lynch, has been ordered by doctors to stay at home and have complete rest.

And despite the play's publicity pictures having Rob-James Collier in them, he's also not in the play.

Meet Corrie faves in Poundland on Saturday November 28th

Poundland has another, yes another, two more stores opening this weekend and they've roped in some Coronation Street favourites to do the opening honours on Saturday 28th November.

Andy Whyment (Kirk Sutherland) will be opening the new store in Connswater, Northern Ireland and Kate Anthony (Aunty Pam) will be in the new store in Caerphilly, South Wales.

The fun starts in each new Poundland store at 10am on Saturday, November 28th. So if you are around this weekend, do come along and join in the fun!

For more information visit, the Poundland blog and Twitter

Is Dev Alahan a snake or just a silly man?

Did you realize that this month is the 10th anniversary for the character of Dev Alahan? Strewth! Dev has indeed been with us that long. Some love him, some hate him, some find him attractive and some find him too much of an oily-smooth operator. He's settled into the Street and has become a fixture in the corner shop even though he owns a handful of them. They seem to run themselves these days but nevertheless, Dev fancies himself a businessman, a man about town and a ladies' man. He's not been very lucky in love, however and has certainly had his ups and downs. Do you consider him a silly character or a snake? Read both sides of the coin over here.

Regardless of whether he's your favourite or not, I can't really picture Coronation Street without him!

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, November 23 2009

This week the update’s been making a list and checking it twice. And as all of its friends are both naughty and nice, Christmas shopping next weekend will be spent mainly in Selfridges lingerie department. I’m giving posh pants to them all. Anyway, without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Cast your mind back to last week with Roy in the canal, floundering with only his shopping bag to keep him afloat, as evil Tony Gordon runs away. But hang on, what’s this, evil Tony Gordon stops his running, turns and runs back? Not only does he run back but he rescues Roy, saves his life and gives him the kiss of life. Roy recovers, as we all knew he would (and should) and Tony turns himself in at the cop shop. Tony’s gone from catalogue man to cold-blooded killer, as all good soap dudes do.

Meanwhile, Maria’s beside herself with grief when she finds out the truth about Tony killing Liam. Mammy and Barry Connor fly in from Ireland - Barry flew on RyanAir, Mammy came by broomstick. Maria dumps baby Liam on them, saying she can’t cope and the Connors offer to take her and the wee one to Ireland, and Maria agrees. Kirk pledges his support for Maria when he finds out she’s leaving for Ireland. “I’m never far away,” he tells her, which is a lie as he’s always on another planet. Just as Maria’s pulling herself together there’s a knock on the door. Maria opens it to find the face of Carla Connor, staring in at her. She’s clearly been Tangoed, has Carla. Carla lies to Maria, the cops and Leanne and says she didn’t know that Tony killed Liam but admitted that she once guessed he wasn’t that fond of bats.

Over at the Barlows’, there’s another tea party but alas, a distressing lack of cheese straws. Was I the only Corrie fan to bake some cheese straws after Deirdre’s disastrous attempt the other week? Oh, it was just me then. Be-ro do a foolproof recipe and Deirdre should take note. But anyway, this tea party’s for George and Eve to get to know the Barlows and Blanche decides that as there’s a new fella in the house, she’s going to do a bit of flirting. She plasters her face with make-up and then gets plastered on white wine, airing the Barlow dirty laundry: “Did you know Deidre’s an ex-con, Peter’s an ex-alcholic and Leanne’s an ex-prossie?” It’s just as well she kept quiet about Ken being an old f*rt although I suspect they’ll soon find that one out.

Gail puts her house up for sale when Joe tells her his debts have spiralled out of control. And the first person to look around the property is Joe’s loan shark, who’s got to be one of Corrie’s most evil fellas that it’s had in a long time. And what does Gail to do an evil fella with a sick, twisted mind? She invites him into her home with a smile on her face. The plan is to sell the house, pay off Joe’s debts, move into a small flat and live happily ever after. As this is Gail Platt, that plan ain’t ever gonna work.

Tedious storyline of the week involved Dev and Steve on a golf course where Dev bats his eyelashes at a lady golf coach called Bernie. It’s dull but I just hope it’s leading somewhere. However, the temptation to write a joke about Bernie playing around with Dev’s balls was too hard to overcome and so I just did.

And finally this week, Sally wants to know if Molly’s been fiddling with Kev. It’s the garage accounts that Sally worries about, as Molly and Kevin snuggle up in yet another nasty hotel room for yet another night of vomit-inducing passion in their seedy affair. As the couple go sub-duvet, both their phones ring and it’s Sally on the phone to them both, wanting to balance income and output. Kevin and Molly were hoping to do the same.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were Mark Wadlow, Lucy Gannon, Stephen Russell, Jonathan Harvey and Jayne Hollinson. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team.

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at

Picture: Graeme Proctor dragged up as Liz McDonald

It's been a long time since I laughed out loud at a Corrie promo photo. I've been trying to keep my stomach from heaving with all the recent Molly-Kev-Bed pictures and so this one comes as welcome light relief. It's Graeme Proctor dragged up as Liz McDonald in a 'Vicars and Liz' party that Teresa throws in the Rovers and we'll see it on screen next week. Fabulous.

Jimmi Harkishin in Dev's new shoes

Crikey, someone's getting organised for Corrie's 50th anniversary celebrations next year. It says here that Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Dev, has already bought his party shoes to celebrate Corrie's golden anniversary in 2010.

Jimmi picked up these brogues at NPS Shoes in Wollaston after a tour of the factory while collecting his specially-designed footwear which he'll wear for Corrie's 50th next year.

While Jimmi was on the factory tour, he promised to send signed photographs to anyone who asked for an autograph. And the next time fans will get to see the shoes – a black and white pair of brogues and a brown and cream pair – will be when Dev next wears a suit on the show.

Talking about shoes - which Corrie goddess wobbles on the cobbles wearing these?

Where have you seen Bernie before?

If you think Dev's new squeeze, Bernie the golf-pro looked familiar on Coronation Street last night, that's because she's been in Corrie before.

Bernie's played by actress Jennifer Hennessey who's played Policewoman DC Kay on the cobbles before. As DC Kay she investigated Natalie Horrocks' allegation that Sally Webster had deliberately left taps running in Natalie's bathroom, damaging the hall and stairs. And in 1999 she helped investigate Greg Kelly's attack on Sally Webster and Nick Tilsley.

This time around as Bernie the golf woman, it looks like she's going to get some of that good ol' fashioned Dev-lurve.

Sundry Expenses: Mon Nov 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

Sally is distracted from her hated towards Stape momentarily and has focused her attentions on Tony being a murderer and the books at the garage. Kevin has figured out a way to hide his and Molly's motel expenses as "sundry expenses." Kevin wants to sort the books before Sally gets her hands on them, but he's too late. Sally's seen the mess of the books and calls Kevin when he and Molly are at the motel and tells him to get home because he's got some explaining to do. Kevin figures he knows about Molly and decides to go home and face the music. Only, Kevin is slightly (only slightly) relieved that it's regarding the books and not his affair that Sally is upset over. Sally demands to know what "sundry" expenses are. Oh, Sally, you really don't want to know. Does Sally smell a rat?

Maria still refuses to be a mother to Liam, saying that she's unfit after letting a murderer into her home. The Connors think she needs support and offers to have her move in with them at their home in Ireland. Maria needs to think about it. After a heart to heart with Audrey, Maria realises she's been punishing herself for everything that's happened and is doing so by leaving the one thing she loves most in the world - baby Liam. Maria decides to take the Connors up on their offer to which they are delighted.

Just as things start to look up, Maria gets an unexpected visit from Carla. Carla doesn't know what's happened with Tony (besides what we know she knows), and is shocked when Maria fills her in and tells her that Tony's confessed to Liam's murder and is currently in jail. Carla herself has been summoned to the police station for question in regards, and seems nervous, but answers all the questions, sticking to her story. The detective seems slightly suspicious of Carla, but lets her go. Carla leaves the police station in tears.

Roy has become a complete shut-in after his traumatic brush with death. He says he'll get out and go back to life, but on his own time. Just let the man be, it's only been a couple days. Next call he gets from the Bat Conservation Society, he'll be back up on his feet. Becky is over at the Croppers again for support, but she also looks quite thoughtful or worried about something. Could there really be trouble in paradise?

Audrey finds out about Gail's engagement and her putting her house up for sale. Needless to say, Audrey's not happy about it one bit and boils it all down to Joe being a leech. Well, that really is the case, but Gail is a grown woman and can make her own decisions.

Audrey has more important things to worry about than Gail, since she's received a courtesy invite to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party. It's only the event of the season. She's also asked Norris to accompany her, to which I find rather confusing. Since when are she and he friends?

Dev has started golf lessons and it would appear that his golf instructor is a woman, not an old chap as I'm sure he'd imagined. In typical Dev fashion, he hits on her by asking her for drinks. Bernie, her name is, says she prefers a pint so Dev of course knows the perfect place. When at the Rovers, it's obvious Steve recognizes Bernie, whom Dev claims is his solicitor. When Dev is in the loo, Steve sidles over to Bernie and asks how long Dev's been taking lessons. Bernie tells him it's been not as long as he has. Haha.

- Helen's acid tongue in action towards Carla. Normally I can't stand her acidity, but tonight I enjoyed it for some reason!
- Audrey's heart-to-heart talk with Maria. Audrey's so well versed on life and love. Too bad Gail can't take advantage.
- Maria moving to Ireland! She really should, it'd be nice since her parents haven't offered to help at all. Too concerned with the donkeys I guess. Maria needs a fresh start away from the street. It occurred to me that a lot of characters do. (Ahem, Gail)
- Becky trying to cheer Roy up with her "Darling Buds of May" anecdote about how they'd always say "perfick" instead of "perfect." Kind of cute, although Becky did seem off in thoughts.
- Gail accusing Audrey of being "pursed lips and grimace" as she assumed she'd be when hearing of Gail's news. Haha.
- Gail and her immaturity. Normally, I'd frown upon this, but it was so ridiculous I had to laugh.
- Dev, once again, making a fool of himself to a woman. Bernie, the golf pro.

- Rosie thinking that the worst part about the Tony-Murder-Scandal is how close she came to death in that hotel room with him. Well, that's always a risk you take when you try to seduce strange old men in hotel rooms, after all. Rosie then wondering if her showing Tony the videotape of Liam and Carla is what drove Tony to kill Liam. Actually, it's EXACTLY what caused it. Rosie is such a problem!
- Kev's close-call with Sally!!! I love how he just decided he'll "have to face the music", almost like he wanted to.
- Poor Sally trying to fix the books and do right with Kevin playing around on her!
- Carla's dramatic return. I don't care about her involvement in the Tony-Murder-Scandal at this point. I only like her as the iron butterfly factory boss!
- Carla's face when she saw baby Liam. Like her heart was broken. Oh, drama queen!
- Carla and Maria embracing in the most insincere forced looking hug EVER.
- Ben making a comment about Michelle to Ryan on how "strong and noble" she is, whilst looking at her backside. Only to foreshadow nasty things to come. Barf.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

Monday 23 November 2009

A few thoughts on Friday 20th November's episodes

A few thoughts before we start on this week's Corrie - I am always late. I'll be late to my own funeral, me. I have some scrawled notes so in no particular order:

- I liked Michelle crying saying that she'd have to look after the family, because it's true. I really felt for her. She's lost both brothers as well as a husband, and no one seems to care about the poor woman.
- Sean does not look good in orange. It shows up his tan too much.
- I am sick to death of Samia Smith's baby bump issues so I'm really glad she's just told Ma and Pa Connor that she'll go to Ireland with them.
- I felt really sorry for Ryan Connor. He's a good actor, that kid.
- I loveloveloved Becky's peace sign earrings. So her.
- I am sick to death of the loan shark issues and am wondering what the point of Joe is. I'll be glad when that nasty little Neelan fecks off, too. I think he looks like Tony Kebbell who was in Control, though, and I can't quite decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
- I wish Gail wouldn't do that quietspeak thing she does in an 'intimate' setting. That's been bugging me for literally years and I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean.
- The line of the night has to go to David, who, speaking about Joe, said "and for you he's the scrapings of a pretty ropey barrel". Tell it like it is, David!

ITV wins the battle for Newton & Ridley

News in today is that ITV has successfully prevented the registration of the Coronation Street fictional brewers, Newton & Ridley, as a trademark by another company.

In April 2007, Newton & Ridley Beer Company Ltd of Sunderland applied for registration of Newton & Ridley as their trademark but ITV opposed this, saying that consumers would assume the beer producer has been licensed by Coronation Street. In May the Newton & Ridley Beer Company Ltd was ordered to change its name following a successful application under the Companies Act 2006 by ITV Productions Ltd. So now you know.

Blog Exclusive! Inside Soap reveals all

I've been blogging about Coronation Street since 2007 and in all that time, Inside Soap magazine has proved to be the best soaps mag you can buy. It's got interviews, spoilers, pictures, the works. And now, we've been lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Mr Inside Soap himself - the editor, Steven Murphy!

Q: How long have you been editor at Inside Soap and when did the magazine begin? 
I've been editor here for over nine years now. Blimey, that's a long time! But I did my first work on the mag as a freelance writer back in 1996. The magazine began in 1992 as a monthly, then it went fortnightly in 1996. I took it weekly in 2003, which was a really scary time!, and luckily it paid off. I think that's it now. I don't see a daily Inside Soap any time soon!

Q: How, why and when did your interest in soaps begin? 
Well, my mum is a soap viewer. My brother is actually named after a Crossroads character she liked, and no, he's not called Benny! So the shows were always on in the house. Also, I was brought up in South West Scotland where it rains a lot. An awful lot. So as a kid, I was sat in watching a lot of telly! I began working in magazines after I left Uni, and always did entertainment stuff, but slowly soap became my specialist area.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job as Inside Soap editor? 
All of it! It's great to work in a subject area you love. I love the process of making a magazine, coming up with the ideas and working with my great team. Plus the fact at the end of every week you get a present, a brand-new issue of Inside Soap. And, of course, I get to know the soap plots before other people!

Q: Why do you think soaps have such an international, lasting appeal? 
I think it's human nature to want to look into other people's lives. Let's face it, anyone who says they're not nosey and don't like a gossip is basically a liar! I think we enjoy the fact we can associate with a lot of the characters' dilemmas, and see a bit of ourselves or people we know in the characters. Plus, soaps are something that you can talk to anyone (well, almost anyone) about. It's something we all have in common. We all want to know when Tony will get his comeuppance or want to talk about what a bitch Rosie is. And I also think, especially with UK soaps, it's because they are really, really good drama. Some people look down on them, but they are probably the kind of people who look down on anything that's popular.

Q: Who are your top three favourite soap characters of all time either in the UK or abroad? 
Oh. That's a hard question. JR Ewing, I'm a big Dallas fan and I think Larry Hagman's portrayal of him is a work of sheer genius. Sharon Watts. I love a tragic heroine, and Sharon the the ultimate of those. I wish she'd come back to Walford. And then Steve McDonald. I think he's one of the most realistic portrayals of modern man ever. Steve is just so real. He's basically a bit rubbish at everything and a huge coward, like most men.

Q: Thinking of Corrie in particular now, what do you think is its enduring appeal? 
I think the richness of the characters, and the fantastic dialogue. It can be just as entertaining when the plot is about an argument over who owns a bit of cheese as it can be when there's a serial killer stalking the cobbles and that's because we love and believe in the characters so much, and because the writing is so good. I also think it's to do with its history. It has such a solid foundation with families like the Barlows, the McDonalds and the Websters that no matter how many changes the show goes through and it has gone through a lot over the years, it always seems familiar. Whereas other soaps have been through so many set-ups and cast changes that sometimes the viewer feels like it's a completely different show.

Q: What's been your favourite Corrie storylines over the years? 
Oh, so many. I love anything with the Barlows. Most recently I really loved the Ken and Martha storyline. I thought it was beautifully written and wonderfully played. Going back, Richard Hillman was obviously unmissable and I loved Kevin's affair with Natalie because it was the first time he or Sally had cheated I just thought it had a real impact, the catfight between the two women was brilliant.

Q: Who are your all-time favourite male and female Corrie characters and why? 
Male, as I said, I love Steve McDonald. I also am really fond of Roy. Female, there's so many, but my all-time favourite is Deirdre. I just adore her.

Q: In your job you get to meet and interview many soap actors, but which ones from Corrie have you never met that you'd really like to? Anne Kirkbride I've never met. When I do my life would be complete! I'd really love to have a chat with Barbara Knox (Rita) and Eileen Derbyshire (Emily) as they never do any interviews, and they must have so many stories from over the years.

Q: Are there any snippets you'd like to share about the ones you've met? 
Well, one well-known actress did once do the splits in my hotel room! But I promised I'd never tell. And I did once beat Andy Whyment (Kirk) and Sam Aston (Chesney) at tennis when they were filming the South Africa DVD, although they then beat me for about the next five games!

Q: Are there any of the classic Corrie actors from the 1960s onwards who are no longer with us that you would have loved to have met? 
Well, I think everone would love to meet the women behind Ena Sharples and Annie Walker, as those characters were such legends.

Q: Can you tease readers with any plans that Inside Soap might have to celebrate Corrie's 50th next year? 
Well, we're just starting to think about it now, but there will be some very special treats for Corrie fans, I promise.

Q: And finally, do you know any Corrie spoilers you can tease us with, or is it more than your job's worth?! ;-) 
It is more than my job's worth, there are some very scary people in the Corrie press office who will come and knock me round the head if I say too much! But I have just read the storylines for January, and there's a couple of shock love splits on the cards. But other than that, my lips are sealed!

With thanks to Steven Murphy and all the lovely people at Inside Soap Magazine. Visit their website here.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Corrie's Romanian Holiday DVD - a fan's review

As a Corrie fan, it's awful to sit down to watch another ITV spin-off DVD, knowing in your heart that it's probably best not to get your hopes up. After watching the disappointing Out of Africa DVD earlier this year, I figured it'd be best just to take what comes on this Romanian Holiday and accept that, like past spin-off DVDs, it probably won't be so great. I'm therefore happy to report that this one's not half bad.

Written by Simon Crowther and Chris Fewtrell, directed by Ian Bevitt, the Romanian Holiday DVD is pretty darn good. I won't spoil the plot for those who haven't seen it, but there's some great laugh-out-loud moments, the dialogue is good and the plot is tight. It's a good Corrie caper, a Romanian romp with our favourite transsexual in Transylvania.

Of course it's the characters who make it so good. How could anything with Roy and Hayley in it not be great? And anything which makes mention of both Bob Stokoe, the FA Cup-winning Sunderland football manager and Sunderland football club is ok in my book. Guest actors John Henshaw and Siobhan Finneran are a great addition to the cast and either of those two would be right at home on the Street itself.

So, in short: Is it worth watching? Yes. Is it worth buying? Yes. Marks out of 10? I'd give it 8.

Corrie fan Martin S has posted some screen shots from the DVD online here.

Corrie weekly awards: week of November 16

Best Brother in the World award: Gold, Silver and Bronze stars: Kirkeh. Unquestioning loyalty to Maria.

Prison stripes are the new black award: Did you notice that Maria, Michelle and Audrey were all wearing black and white/gray stripes of varying widths on Friday? Even the baby had gray and white stripes on at one point.

If it's good enough for one former teacher, it's good enough for another award: Stape is now a fixture behind the counter at Roy's Rolls. The apron suits him better than it did Ken!

Don't just stand there screaming award: Hayley Cropper in full hysteria (and rightly so, but why waste time, get ye to the canal, woman!)

Newly minted members of the Canal Club: Roy and Tony (joining the Platt family and Richard Hillman!)

Is There a Doctor in the House? award: Do doctors still even make house calls? And why? Roy only lives 10 feet from the medical centre!

Fashion Don't award: Gold Star: Dev and Steve. Why is it that people playing golf always wear the ugliest clothes?
Silver Star: Gail's work gear.

Best Lines of the week:
Julie to Eileen: "Grow up! You're too old to be this paranoid!"
Hayley to Roy: "Don't fall in!" (oops!)
Tony: "I always knew this would all come out. These things always do."
Kirk to Maria: "We'll sort it like we used to. I'll hold the bag and you chuck stuff in."
Simon to Blanche: "Granny Blanche? Why've you got a funny face on?" (makeup!)
Julie about Eileen: "There she is. Bitch Chief Sitting Bull"

Poor Girl: Fri Nov 20, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Lucy Gannon (7:30) and Stephen Russell (8:30), directed by David Kester.

Maria is sick with guilt and grief over the whole Tony-killed-Liam revelation. Mammy and Barry Connor are back on the cobbles and Helen can't help herself. She rips into Maria about letting Tony into her bed and her life. Maria later disappears and the Connors and Kirk find her at Liam's grave with baby Liam. Maria has a breakdown and tells Helen that she needs to take care of baby Liam, because she's no longer fit as a mother, then runs off into the night.

She's not the only one upset over the revelation. Ryan Connor ('member him?) is so upset that he wants to leave Weatherfield altogether saying that all they've had is trouble since they've arrived. Oh, please do, and take your mother with you. Only, he nor Michelle is going anywhere, of course.

It seems as though Becky's turning into a premature golf widow, as it's all Steve seems to be interested in these days. He and Dev schedule a golf game at the club and argue the entire time. First over who's driving, then over who's buying dinner for the winner, then who will win, then who is more of a "guest" member (neither of them), then who will be the member since there is a spot left. They never actually play any golf! I wonder if this was just a fun foray or if it's leading somewhere. Other than Dev tripping over his clubs, it didn't get many laughs from me.

Becky is lonely so she goes over and talks to Gail about her impending wedding. Becky tells Gail that she could choose from either of her wedding dresses and they could be bridal twins! That was funny at the beginning of this double-episode, but seemingly more realistic come the end since Gail might not have the dosh for a new dress. Joe admits to Gail about his insurmountable debt and Gail devises a solution: sell her house, pay his debts and have enough left over for a flat - a flat for TWO. She and Joe let David know that they don't care what he thinks, or seemingly, where he lives after the house is sold. All together now: Go GAIL!!! Although, I wonder what Audrey's going to think of all this. Well, I don't wonder, I know.

It's finally Jesse's birthday, and he lets Eileen know that he has a birthday tradition: having tea with his family. He didn't tell Eileen because he thought she wouldn't be interested in attending. Well, he's right, but Eileen concedes and goes with him anyway. Well, her night was spoiled by her distaste for his family, and his by her anger. In the end, he doesn't care that she's upset, and I can't for the life of me wonder why these two are still together.

Blanche is in her finest, and on her finest with an unsightly amount of rouge on her cheek this episode! She upstages a dinner party, as usual. If it weren't enough that she was three sheets to the wind, she also decided to hang out the Barlow's dirty laundry on the line as well. George wasn't too happy to learn that Peter is an ex-alcoholic and Leanne an ex-prossie! He later apologised in what is becoming his signature recovery: with expensive gifts and forced sincerity. I just don't trust that man.

- Barry Connor for putting his foot down on Helen's acid tongue.
- Kirk being like Lassie and knowing where to lead Helen and Barry to find Maria.
- Hayley telling the factory girls to "shut up, shut up, shut up" when they kept barraging her with questions pertaining to Tony's whereabouts. Go Hayley!
- Hayley telling the factory girls that Tony killed Liam Connor, then Janice asking, "The Baby?" and Hayley correcting her, then asking her how stupid could she be? Hilarious.
- Steve pointing out the irony that he owns a cab firm, but can't get a cab when looking to book one for he and Dev to go to their golf game in.
- Gail's face when Becky suggested they be bridal twins! Haha.
- Joe telling Gail about his debts. It's good he actually told her, instead of getting into more trouble. It'll still most likely end in tears, but what the heck?
- Eileen realising her place on the pecking order in Jesse's life is below every one of his family members and somewhere short of a parrot! Why is she with him then? I'd be happy to see the back of his character to be honest. Does nothing for me.
- Simon asking granny Blanche why she has her "funny face on" when Blanche arrives for dinner glazed in far too much rouge. That kid's got some great one-liners.

- Ryan, upon hearing about the truth behind his uncle's murder, shudders an unconvincing "noooo" from the living room. Then, Maria worrying about Ryan. Who cares?
- Mammy Connor and her acid tongue! That woman needs to control herself.
- The golf club manager telling Dev and Steve that a member had recently deceased leaving one place open. Erm, should that person be the next in line on the 5-year wait list?
- Blanche outing the Barlow's dirty laundry, again. I mean, it's what she does, but how did she think this would make her more attractive to George?

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Wedding dresses for Gail?

A little light hearted fun with Photoshop today, inspired by David's comment about the possibility of Gail wearing either of Becky's wedding dresses.

David, I apologise for this but my evil twin was unstoppable today. It's not all that good because I couldn't find equal sized photos to match the face with the dress but you get the idea, anyway.

Should Eileen dump Jesse?

Now then, I reckon I've given Jesse long enough to settle into life on the cobbles but I'm still not keen on him, no. Despite being a children's entertainer, he's one of the dullest men in soap. The funniest things about him are his parrott and his mum. In fact, his mum could go down in history as one of the best Coronation Street characters that we've never seen.

But anyway, I digress. What I really want to say about Jesse more than anything else is that he's not good enough for Eileen. Let Julie have Jesse - and please, please, let's have a storyline for Eileen that puts a smile on her face.

Corrie girls turn into rock chicks

Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre), Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster) and Shobna Gulati (Sunita Alahan) turn into rock chicks at Celebrity Rockaoke to raise cash for seriously injured British soldiers.

The Corrie girls will perform a gig at Manchester's Moho Live on December 8. They are raising cash for the British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association and Macmillan Cancer Support.

The night will also include a DJ set from Graeme Hawley (John Stape). I wonder if he'll be there as John's alter-ego, the 1980s throwback, DJ Laserbeam?

Find out more and buy your tickets here.


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