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Monday 22 May 2017

Celebrating 20 Years of Corrie's Knicker Factory, Underworld

Tonight in Coronation Street, Aidan Connor throws a party to celebrate Underworld's anniversary.

After some helpful research on and Corriepedia, I've found out that there isn't just one reason to celebrate Underworld's anniversary, but two!

Underworld in 1997
First off, it's the 20th anniversary of the opening of Underworld.

In 1997 Mike Baldwin opened the Street's knicker factory in the building that had once been used as Steve McDonald's printworks, Dun 2 A T.  Mike started making sportswear in his new factory after he secured a contract from Stephen Reid, Gail's brother and representative of the Canadian company Kbec.  Don Brennan had a grudge against Mike and set fire to the factory - and up in went in smoke.

When it was rebuilt, Mike took out a contract with Angie Freeman to manufacture lingerie. In 2004 Janice Battersby dropped a cigarette onto a pile of clothes in the stockroom - and up it went in smoke.

In 2006 Mike Baldwin died on the steps of his factory, in Ken Barlow's arms.

Danny Baldwin stepped in to run the place until it was sold to Paul and Liam Connor.

And this is where the second anniversary comes in for the knicker factory.

It was 10 years ago that Paul and Liam Connor took over Underworld, the first of the Connors to run the place. Carla, as we know, ended up taking Paul's half of the factory after he was killed in a car crash. She wasted no time in making herself at home in Underworld. Carla and her brothers covered up the death of a Polish worker at the factory.

And if you'd like to read all about Carla's time at Underworld, from the very first moment she arrived waving champagne bottles around, through to being held hostage by Tony Gordon and escaping the inferno, it's all in The Little Book of Carla Connor.

In 2010, Tony Gordon ended up running Underworld - and up it went in smoke.

More drama ensued when John Stape buried a body there.

Frank Foster, Luke Strong, Rob Donovan, Rosie Webster and Peter Barlow have all held shares in Underworld through the years.   Rosie lost her investment when Luke Strong did a runner with her cash.

And then in 2015 a new knicker king in the shape of Aidan Connor arrived.

Aidan invested his dad Johnny's money in the place and bought it from Carla when she left for Devon. Underworld has since seen some blossoming romances:

So here's to the future of our favourite knicker factory! May it always give us pleasure, drama, and... hang on a minute. It hasn't gone up in smoke for a while, has it? Oh no...!!

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Sophie Bird said...

What about Baldwin's Casuals? Was that on the same site?

Chris h said...

That was where gails and sallys houses are now

Chris h said...

Classic monent in underworld was when don brennan hit mike baldwin with a chair leg

David said...

A few corrections, if I may - Baldwin's Sportswear was in a different location, over in Sharp Lane Industrial Estate, and the Connors took over Underworld in 2006 not 2007.

Flo said...

Uh, it wasn't Carla and her brothers. It was Carla, her husband and HIS brother.

Glenda Young said...

Thanks David and Flo!

Zagg said...

Ahhhh....that picture of Tony Gordon is awesome!I have to say, the current owners of Underworld are the least effective. Actually, it's just Aidan. I think it would have been much better to have Johnny as the single owner and leave Aidan and Kate out of it.Kate's character...yeesh, she's been such a dud. And Aidan has been painted into a corner doing the dirty on Eva and carrying on with the kiss of death herself Maria.
Bring back Carla and let her clean the place out of the wasters.


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