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Saturday 31 December 2022

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - New Year's Eve 2022

Saturday 31st December 2022

STEPHEN’S FINALLY IN THE CLEAR Stephen’s relieved to see £10k in his account. When Jenny then reveals that she’s had a call from the hospital informing her that Teddy’s taken a turn for the worse, Stephen’s quietly thrilled. Stephen tells Jenny that just before Teddy’s accident, he confided in him that he saw Leo in Canada and he made it very clear that he never wanted to see either of them again. As the New Year celebrations begin Tim, Sally, Elaine and Stephen watch the fireworks. Stephen tells Elaine that he’s got a feeling 2023 is going to be a good year. 
WILL SUMMER AND AARON REUNITE? Billy encourages Summer to attend Amy’s party, pointing out that she can’t avoid Aaron forever. Billy confides in Paul that he hopes Aaron will be able to make her see sense over her surrogacy plans. 
NEW YEAR SAME ROY Roy joins Evelyn and Brian and reveals that for the last two years he’s been secretly studying for his VBRV, Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor qualification.
ELSEWHERE Peter takes Carla to Speed Daal for dinner. Carla’s underwhelmed. Glenda encourages Todd and Sean to bury the hatchet. Jenny ushers the revellers outside to watch the fireworks.

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Friday 30 December 2022

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 December 2022...and swansong

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review. 

Out on the Street, Jenny, Nick and Stephen all rush over to Teddy, who is unconscious but still breathing. For reasons no one understands, Stephen accompanies him to the hospital looking more like a pantomime villain every second. I’m surprised he didn’t enter the ambulance from stage left in a cloud of green smoke.

The minute he’s left alone with Teddy he of course tries to bump him off <boo, hiss, he’s behind you etc.> But, as with all villains, he feels compelled to first reveal his entire twisted plan to the audience, and so whispers his confession into Teddy’s ear before delivering the coup de gr√Ęce. This hesitation means he’s disturbed by Jenny and Teddy gets to fight another day.  

In other (potential) killer news, Todd has discovered that Laurence’s deceased wife was from a wealthy family and met an untimely end by taking a tumble on the alps. Sean rejects his suspicions, telling his he’s got a long history of wrecking other people’s relationships and then Laurence warns him to keep out of his way. Please not another killer. At this rate, you’d be safer in south central LA than you would in Weatherfield.

Meanwhile, round at the creepy Christian house, Billy lies to Summer that he supports her decision about the surrogacy while watched over by Mike and Esther, who keep injecting with cult-ish statements like ‘she knows her own mind’. I’d say Summer had been brainwashed, but I’m starting to doubt that she has one.

Elsewhere, Nina is mocking Roy over his refusal to get a smartphone and Carla is disappointed when Peter suggests just a quiet night in for New Year’s Eve.

Finally, Stephen gets a call from Six Fella’s about the moped accident and manages to blag £10k compensation out of them. He tells them that once he has the money he plans to leave to country. You should have said that was the plan mate, we’d all have had a whip round.

 And that’s not quite it for 2022, but it is, alas, it for me as this will be my last Friday night blog. But why Kelly, I hear you cry? Well, I’ve had a lot of fun picking over the good and bad of Corrie plots over the last few years, but I’ve increasingly started to feel that I’m no longer the target audience for the show. 

You see, what I really love is a kitchen sink drama, two middle-aged women gossiping in the pub, the ups and downs of a long marriage, caustic-tongued barmaids. This is the Corrie I started watching whilst sitting on my parent’s rug in the 1980’s. Back then, unless I’m totally misremembering, you had the BIG DRAMA of Deirdre’s affair with Mike, but after that you didn’t really get any BIG DRAMA until Brian got stabbed three years later. Now it feels like there’s a murder every two months.

I realise of course that soaps must chase the ratings and stay relevant, but I feel like there’s an almost constant drive to cover the latest talking point, before moving on as quickly as possible to the next one. Grooming – tick. Coercive control – tick. White supremacy – tick. And this means you get lots of BIG DRAMA but at the expense of limited character development or characters doing things that make absolutely no sense. By contrast, when Corrie does domestic drama with Sally and Tim, it’s an absolute joy to watch. 

So for the while I shall be leaving the wonderful Glenda’s band of Merrie Bloggers, but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist dipping back in with the occasional blog post. Hope you’ve enjoyed my blogs. Let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar.

Ta-ra lady (and gents). Have a great 2023 chuck. 

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Spot the Corrie prop - December 30th 2022

Congratulations to me this week as nobody spotted that last week's precocious pachyderm can be found in Billy the Vicar's flat. Better luck this week! 

For this week's prop puzzle all you have to do is tell us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this beautiful bowl. A Happy New Year to all prop spotters out there.

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Mollie Gallagher interview: Nina in danger when Roy's bat hunt turns deadly

How would you describe Roy and Nina’s relationship?

They are very close and they both are constantly looking out for each other and just want the best for each other. They are very similar in many ways, they are quite quirky and they find it hard to show their feelings and tend to hide things from each other, often to try and protect the other person. That then comes across as a lack of understanding and can cause problems as we see this week with the mobile phone. 

They are all going to a bat hunt so how does Roy end up in the woods on his own?

Roy is taking Evelyn to a friend's house and meeting Nina, Asha and Brian there but they get a message that it has been cancelled and of course because Roy has given away his mobile phone that he got from Nina for christmas they don’t have any way of contacting him. They head to the woods to try and find him but he is nowhere to be found and then Nina sees his thermos flask in the river.

So what are Nina’s first thoughts when she sees Roy’s thermos flask in the water.

Nina is such an anxious person since the attack on Seb and she is terrified of something happening to people she loves. That fear is always there. It's not completely gone. She's just a lot more easily triggered by things. I think her brain immediately jumps to the conclusion that something bad has happened. I don't think that's gone away. Whereas I think in the past she would have stopped to look at the situation more calmly and rationally and realised that he has probably just dropped it, she freaks out completely and goes down the slippy bank of the river believing something terrible has happened to Roy.

How much danger is Nina in because we see that she she knocks her head and she knocks herself unconscious? 

Everyone is really worried about her as she has already had a brain injury and she is knocked out cold and has to be dragged out of the river. No one knows how serious it is, she has knocked herself out but also she has been in freezing cold water. Brian and Asha are doing as much as they can but it is terrifying for them.

You filmed the scenes on location. So what was that like to film? 

It was really good to be on location. I love being on location and I love night shoots as well. I'm a night owl so that doesn't bother me but I don't think I had realised how cold the water would be. I knew it was cold water but it was a lot colder. First I thought, Oh my God, I've only got my feet at this moment and I’m already freezing cold. I had so many hot showers when I got home after lying in that muddy cold river.

Did you have like a stunt coordinator?

We had a Nina stunt double and she did the fall into the river. When I was in the water, it was just to knock my head and be dragged out. So it wasn't as obviously intense as what she did. It was actually fun watching that. But the worst part about being in the water was the fish! I was actually freaking out at the fish swimming around me. The crew were laughing saying you are lying in muddy cold water and it's the fish that are bothering you! They were cute but just not something I expected!

Do you prefer these action packed scenes or do you prefer when Nina has a bit more happiness?

I do love the drama and the action scenes but I am lucky that I also get the light hearted fun stuff with Nina. I like it when Nina's happy because she has a lot more interaction with people and I think that that is my favourite side of Nina, sarcastic Nina and witty Nina. So it's kind of both in different ways. I like the action packed stuff because it was fun and it's a bit different. But my favourite side of Nina will always be sarcastic fiery fun Nina really.

It’s a really bad start to the year for Nina but you've got loads to look forward to in 2023 and obviously Dancing On Ice. So how is that going at the moment?

Great. I absolutely love it so much. That doesn't mean I'm great but I'm quite proud of how I'm doing at the minute. You know, I’m not as bad as I thought I would be. So, it just goes to show when you throw yourself into something you can actually achieve whatever you want out of it really. I can’t wait for it to start now.

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Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 30th December 2022

Friday 30th December 2022

IS STEPHEN IN THE CLEAR As Teddy lies unconscious in the road, Jenny hurries over. Have all Stephen’s problems been solved?
TODD HAS HIS OWN THEORY ABOUT LAURENCE Todd does some research into the death of Laurence’s wife, Lindsey, coming up with his own conclusion.
WILL SUMMER & BILLY REUNITE Summer is forced to talk to Billy, will he support her decision?
ELSEWHERE Nina tells Roy how much easier life would be if he’d embrace technology and use his new smartphone.

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