Sunday, 21 May 2017

5 Things We Learned in Corrie This Week

It's been another cracking week in Coronation Street. The action's hotting up, things are moving fast. So before we begin another week, let's take a quick look back at 5 things we learned from Corrie this week.

Jenny Bradley will make a Fab-U-Lous bride. 
This is one Coronation Street wedding that must go ahead. I don't care if she makes Johnny happy or not. I don't care if he even turns up. But we must, absolutely must, see Jenny Bradley in full flow on her Big Fat Corrie wedding day.

Roy colour codes his staff rota.
Just when you think you can't love him any more than you already do.

Clitheroe Drive is the perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet and smoke a fag in your car, if you're Peter Barlow.  Nick revealed all to David after getting drunk.  I wonder if we'll see Clitheroe Drive when the Corrie set expands for the 6th episode later this year?

Tracy Barlow's Moroccan kidney has not been forgotten.

You do not mess with the Battersby girls.  The Battersby clan joined Corrie as a right nasty bunch and this week Toyah and Leanne proved that they haven't fallen far from the tree.  Mess with these two at your peril.

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Tilly Flop said...

I love these 5 things we learned blogs. Really good. Keep em coming

Maricha said...

Loved this post, FN.
Yes, we need to finally have wedding end in vows. When was the last one that did? Beth and Kirk, I think.

Tilly Flop said...

Eileen and Pat we the last too get married, I think?

Newfy Pearl said...

The Morracon kidney! lmao That scene with Mary and Tracy showed just how these two have clicked. Tracy does not talk about her kidney....remember the two hand episode with Deirdre. She did speak of it to Rob Donovan I recall because of the scar. But how did Mary know? A little gossip from Rita? A nosey notice of Tracy taking her pills? Whichever way she knew about it I enjoyed this scene immensely. :-)

Maricha said...

Thanks, I completely forgot those two. Willful ignorance :-)

Canuktuk said...

The Moroccan kidney line is the kind of humour that can only be delivered by Mary. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea but I thoroughly enjoy those kinds of moments from her.

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