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Sunday 31 October 2010

Corrie fans give David Platt benefit of the doubt

In the latest poll here on the Coronation Street blog, we asked Corrie fans if they thought David Platt was telling the truth about blacking out before running down Graeme Proctor.

198 votes were cast with more than half of fans giving David the benefit of the doubt. The votes were cast as follows to the question: Is David telling the truth?

Yes, he's innocent, 52%
Possibly, give him a chance, 28%
No way, he's evil, 19%

Bill Tarmey to sing on Coronation Street

There's a lovely little snippet in today's Mirror that says Bill Tarmey finally gets to sing properly on Coronation Street.

In Jack Duckworth's final scenes on Corrie before he dies, Bill will sing a moving rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings.  A source on the show said: "Every time Bill was asked to sing in the Street it had to be off-key. It's the ultimate irony that fans will hear his voice as it really is in Bill's final scene on November 8. As he lays dying in the chair where Vera passed away, Jack will be visited by his dear departed for a last dance. The song Wind Beneath My Wings will play and it will be Bill singing."

I'm filling up already.

Beverley Callard gets married again

Beverley Callard got married yesterday to husband number four, Jon MacEwan.  The wedding took place at Hazlewood Castle near Leeds.

Beverley, who plays Coronation Street's Liz McDonald, had 20 bridesmaids at the wedding including Corrie co-stars Kym Marsh, Katherine Kelly and ex-Corrie actress Denise Welsh. The Daily Mirror reports that all the bridesmaids were dressed in black and the Daily Mail has some snaps of the guests arriving. The wedding's been sold to a gossip magazine so there's few pictures online. Couldn't resist posting this one of the paparazzi trying to take pics!

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1972

Day 12 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

1972 saw the arrival of a new producer, Eric Prytherch, and he decided that the current cast was getting a bit long in the tooth and needed some younger characters. To this end he brought in Diana Davies to play Norma Ford and Anne Kirkbride as dolly-bird Deirdre Hunt. Diana was a northern actress who had been seen regularly in Family at War and so was a well known face to TV viewers. As soon as the series finished, Prytherch snapped her up. Eighteen-year-old Anne, like many Street actors, had trained at Oldham Repertory Theatre though she had been spotted in TV play Another Sunday and Sweet FA, written for Granada by Jack Rosenthal. She was originally given just one episode but was such a hit that her part was built up over the next year with the plan to be a love interest for Ray Langton.

Barbara Mullaney (now Knox) had appeared in an episode in 1964 but 1972 saw her return, retaining the same first name she’d had in her first appearance. Following the marriage of Elsie Tanner to Alan Howard, it was felt that Rita Littelewood could step into the role of sexy redhead which was now vacant (back in the 70s it was impossible for a married woman to be sexy apparently). The original description of Rita reads: ‘In mid-thirties, Very attractive in a blowsy way. A sentimental good-time lady. Irresponsible, with muddled values but in a good way.’
On April 3rd, Miss Emily Nugent, spinster of this parish married, Mr Ernest Bishop. Ernest caused some worries amongst the bridal party by nearly being late for the wedding. Wracked with last minute nerves he had to be driven round and round Mawdsley Street Chapel several times before steeling himself for the ceremony. The wedding went without any other hitches and after honeymooning in Edale, the Bishops took up residence in No. 3.

Also in 1972: Elsie Tanner gets a pink bathroom suite (about which Hilda Ogden said: ‘Only a Jezebel would have a pink bath. That’s not a flipping bath, it’s phonographic’); Alec Gilroy makes his first appearance; Stan Ogden is accused of being a peeping Tom; Billy Walker is offered the tenancy of the Rovers but turns it down.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, October 25 - 29

There's life in the old dog yet award: Cheeky star: Jack the Lad.

Heart was in the right place award: Gold Star: Well, at least Eddie was trying even if he didn't bother to read the card with the flowers before giving them to Anna. "Rest in Peace" indeed.

Heart was in the wrong place award: Gold Star: Ashley's heart attack turned into heartburn but he pretended otherwise so he wouldn't have to move to France. Right motivation, wrong method.

Have you lost your tiny mind award: Gold star: Kylie plans to move to Cyprus with her kid for a man who doesn't even speak English and then offered to sell Max to Becky and Steve for 20 grand. Greedy cow.
Silver star: Why would Norris even consider a weekend away with Mary after the last time? 

I'm a good boy, I am award: Whining star: Chris threatened Lloyd for telling Maria he's a violent man. Irony, much?

Mystery of the week: Who's sending the flowers to the factory? Guesses on a postcard. John's certainly freaking out - but we know why.

Fashion accessory of the week: Becky's ear-rings.

Lines of the week:

Audrey: "It's bitter out there" Gail: "Not much better in here. Mind the eggshells"
Graeme: "It was watching Carry On Nurse on a Sunday afternoon that I realised I'd become a man" and "Some things are worth pulling stitches for"
Jack: "Never got RTerry christened. Look how he turned out? If he tried it now, he'd get third degree burns" (And has anyone actually told Terry about Jack? and I hope Jack has an iron clad will made up.)
Graeme: "All marriages have bad patches." Ashley: "Well this one's had enough patches to make a quilt"
Claire: "I see you found your way home" Ashley: "I just followed the trail of storm clouds"
Becky to Kylie: "If I'd known you were coming I'd have baked a cake. Or changed the locks."

Naomi Radcliffe in Moving On on BBC1

Naomi Radcliffe, who played the excellent Alison Wakefield in Corrie, will be appearing in Moving On on BBC1 this week. The new series is on all week, and includes actors such as John Simm and Jenny Agutter. It's a daytime series but sounds great - think I'll be recording it! I loved the character Alison and thought Naomi was a wonderful actress - so glad she's back on the TV!

How many affairs has Kevin had, exactly?!

Michelle Keegan on All Star Family Fortunes

Michelle Keegan, who plays Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre, will be on ITV's All Star Family Fortunes tonight, Saturday 30th October at 6.15pm.

Michelle's family go up against ITV chef Gino D'Acampo's family.

Win Carla Connor's skirt

Carla Connor's skirt, as worn on Coronation Street, is up for sale on eBay.

There's also a top worn by Fiz Brown (Jenni McAlpine) on Corrie.

Albert Tatlock day

Last night on Coronation Street, when Mary opened the Tatlock Towers country house hotel brochure, you just know it's a tie-in to the upcoming spin-off DVD, A Knight's Tale. 

Anyway, thinking about Tatlock Towers got me all nostalgic for that grumpy old bloke Uncle Albert Tatlock.  Get your fill of him on ebay where this wonderful press photo is up for sale.

There's also a lovely glass.  And an homage to Uncle Albert from The Skids on youtube.

Sean Bean wants Corrie to sign him up

Sean Bean once expressed his desire to have a small role on Corrie and he's come out again with a plea for Corrie to get him signed up.

In the Express today, the actor says: “Yes, I would really like to appear in Coronation Street, it’s my favourite soap. Maybe not for a long run but I would still love to be in it. But they haven’t contacted me or my agent about it, so it’s over to them.” 

I reckon he'd be a great addition. He's dishy eye-candy for the ladies, a cracking actor for the thesps and a bloke's bloke for the blokes, so something for everyone to enjoy, methinks.  How about as a new fella for Eileen?

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1971

Day 11 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

1971 promised a fresh start for Ken Barlow and family as he accepted a job as a teacher in Jamaica. Valerie was concerned about leaving Uncle Albert behind but the thought of a better lifestyle away from Weatherfield for her and the twins won her over to the idea. They sold their car, bid farewell to the family and left the twins with Uncle Albert so they could enjoy their last night on the Street partying with their neighbours in the Rovers. Ken waited in the pub while Valerie got ready at home. She tried to mend the plug on her hairdryer with a vegetable peeler but this didn’t work and she ended up jamming the plug into an already overloaded socket. She let out a single gasp as the electricity shot through her and as she fell, she knocked an electric fire into a packing case. The credits rolled as flames licked around a teddy bear.

The fire at the Barlow’s gave the writers the chance to demolish the maisonettes which had never really fitted into the show. They were demolished after serious structural faults were brought to light by the fire and were replaced by a community centre and a mail order warehouse. These locations gave the writers much more scope for storylines and the introduction of new characters. The community centre soon became a hub for local activity with night classes, flower shows and amateur dramatics and new employees at the warehouse included Ivy Tilsley and Mavis Riley.

Also in 1971: Barlow twins move to Scotland; Annie Walker serves watered down gin; Irma Barlow (nee Ogden) leaves; Jerry Booth returns; Ernest Bishop proposes to Emily Nugent; Stan Ogden forms SODU (Stan Ogden District Union).

Friday 29 October 2010

Video: Jack Duckworth's final scenes

The official ITV Coronation Street website has a moving video trailer of Jack Duckworth's final scenes on the Street. 

It's short, but it's good. He tells Molly he knows that Kevin's the father of baby Jack!  Watch it here.

In pictures: Crushed Corner Shop

The Sun has pictures today of The Corner Shop on Coronation Street, crushed by the tram. Have a  look here.

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1970

Day 10 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

Christmas 1970 saw the conclusion of a story that had started some 2 years earlier. When Steve Tanner had been found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs in September 1968 there had been no evidence to condemn anybody of foul play. In November Joe Donnelli, a friend of Steve Tanner’s from the American base at Burtonwood turned up on Coronation Street and lodged with Minnie Caldwell. A dangerous and violent man who enjoyed going to war, he locked Irma Barlow in the flat above the shop and confessed to how he had murdered Steve over a gambling debt. Threatening her with a pair of scissors he told her he would not let her share her secret with anyone.
For over two weeks he kept her in a constant state of fear as his prisoner in the shop. Knowing something was amiss, some of the residents lured them both to the Rovers, having called the Military Police. Joe escaped and went to no. 5 where he held a terrified Minnie at gunpoint. Unaware of the gun, Stan Ogden crashed into the house to deal with the ‘damn Yank’ who had threatened his daughter, Irma. Joe let Minnie go but held turned his gun on Stan. As the end credits rolled on Christmas Eve, a single shot rang out and viewers had to wait until after the festivities to find out that Joe had shot himself and for once in his life, Stan was the hero.
In June 1970, the 1000th episode was transmitted. John Braine, author of Room at the Top wrote in a TV Times supplement: ‘The most important character in the Street is the Street itself. No matter who comes and goes, the Street remains.’ Words that still hold true as we head towards the 50th anniversary.

By 1970, the programme had been broadcast in ten other countries including Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Holland, Greece and Sierra Leone, where it was voted the most watched television series, although there were only 3000 TV sets in the country.

Also in 1970: David Barlow & son Darren die in Australia; Elsie Tanner and Alan Howard marry; Dave Smith arrives; Bet starts work at the Rovers; Stan Ogden sells some of Ena Sharples’ songs to club singer Mickey Malone; Handel Gartside romances Minnie Caldwell.

Spot the Corrie Prop - October 29th, 2010

Had you all guessing last week but someone spotted that the postcards are in Roy's Rolls. They're just under the noticeboard on the screen behind the door.

For this week's prop puzzle, where on Coronation Street would you find this funky furniture?

Lost in Translation: Thu Oct 28, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by John Kerr, directed by Durno Johnston

It’s a quiet morning at the McDonald’s since Becky has been wringing her hands in the back room since early hours.  Poor little Max was having a nightmare.  Gee, I wonder Oct-28-2010-Steve-Becky-smoking why?  Becky doesn’t like how Kylie has been treating her son, understandably.  Steve says he’s got a football hiding somewhere (under his shirt) and he’ll find it and they can take the kids to the park together and have a kick about.  At the park, Steve and Becky play footy while Max and Amy look on in some kind of role-reversal.  I wonder if Amy’s got sandwiches and water bottles in her sack for break time?  Becky and Steve think it’s nice to go to the park and get some fresh air, while the both puff on their fags.  Steve reminds Becky that the social worker is going to come back, she can’t avoid it but Becky says she knows and doesn’t want to talk about it.  Amy tells her parents that Max can burp the alphabet.  How charming. 

Oct-28-2010-Kylie-Dmitri Back at the Rovers, a good looking gent comes into the Rovers and Michelle is all over him asking him what he wants to drink.  When the man doesn’t answer her, Kylie follows in saying he can’t speak any English since he’s Cyprian.  Kylie has met him on holiday and it seems he runs a bar in Ayia Napa.  Well, then what’s he doing here if he has a bar over there?  Kylie teaches Dmitri how to say “Hello” to Michelle.  Only, he asks her “how do you do IT” as opposed to “how do you do.”  Michelle shouldn’t be completely shocked.  Becky and Steve arrive back with Max and Becky seems shocked to see Kylie back early.  Kylie gives Max a present and tells Becky that they need to talk and Becky agrees.  With Max and Amy upstairs, Kylie tells Becky she’s really missed Max but Becky doesn’t believe her and tells her about the social worker’s visit.  In a heated conversation, Dmitri tries to input himself and is quickly outputted.  Becky does her signature “pour the beer over the head” to Kylie after Kylie brushes off the social worker’s visit.  Needless to say, Dmitri was SHOCKED! 

In the back, Becky confronts Kylie about robbing the cafe and trying to cop off with her husband.  She tries to reason everything but Becky’s not believing it this time.  Becky Oct-28-2010-Kylie-Beer-Headwants to know why she’s back early and she says she’s come to say goodbye since she’s leaving.  A sigh of relief hushes through the street.  Becky tells Kylie she can’t just leave since social services won’t let her, but Kylie says they'll have to find her first and she’s leaving for Cyprus now.  Kylie figures that Ayia Napa is great for kids, since Max can play on the beach.  She is such an unfit mother.  Becky is in tears as Kylie takes Max away from her.  Why doesn’t she call the police on Kylie?  Steve tells Becky to let them go, but Becky can do no such thing.  She runs after Kylie and hugs her and begs her not to leave.  Becky tells Kylie that she loves Max so much that it hurts.  She begs Kylie to leave Max with her in complete desperation but Kylie is stunned and tells Max to get in the cab and Becky that Oct-28-2010-Claire-Ashley-kiss she’s sorry.  Kylie and Max leave in the cab with Becky crying on the cobbles with only Steve left to console her.

Ashley arrives home after his drunken stupor the night before and Claire says she feels sorry for Graeme and Tina for having to take him in.  Claire tells Ashley that she and the boys are going to her mum’s to talk about the move to France.  Ashley thought that his feelings meant something to her, clearly he was mistaken.  Joshua doesn’t like it when mummy and daddy fight.  Oh, you poor dear, mummyOct-28-2010-Ashley-Chest-Pains cares about your feelings just as much as she does your old man’s.  Later, Claire goes to see Ashley at work.  Ashley is missing Graeme and Claire tells him she hasn’t go to her mum’s.  She was thinking about what he said this morning and they’ll talk over some beef later on.  At home later, Claire prepares a nice French meal for Ashley.  She proposes that they go on holiday to France, but Ashley drops his fork at the mention of the “F-word.”  Claire tells him she still wants to go to France and he was hoping she’d changed her mind.  Ashley goes off on one, then starts to clutch his chest in pain.  He’s still in pain minutes later and Claire goes to get help.  She finds Eddie Windass and tells him and his cab to sit put.  Ashley returns Oct-28-2010-David-cooped home from the hospital and tells Claire that he’s got angina and medication for it.  Claire is in sobs and says they can’t move to another country when he’s unfit.  Ashley has a guilty looking smile on his face later.  What measures has he gone to now? 

Over at Tina and Graeme’s, Tina thinks she quite likes looking after Graeme and maybe she should be a nurse.  Graeme thinks that maybe she should get a nurses outfit.  What you mean, scrubs?  Ha-ha.  Tina reminds Graeme to just take it easy.  That shouldn’t be much of a problem.  At least it wouldn’t be for me.  Later in the Rovers, Audrey buys Tina a drink and insists that David is hurting too.  As though Tina really cares.  Honest, I think David is innocent this time and Tina is bitter.  But, how can she not hate David after all that’s transpired since she met him? 

David is getting used to being cooped up at Audrey’s house.  He’s afraid to leave the home for fear he might have a seizure again and black out while a bunch of dog-walkers are staring at him.  David wants to see Graeme but Audrey warns him against doing so and reminds him to follow the solicitor’s advice. 


- Steve and Becky playing footy in the park like a couple of kids while Max and Amy stand by watching their hi-jinks. Oct-28-2010-Michelle-Slap

- At the park, Becky: “It’s nice this, getting out and getting some fresh air.”  Steve: “Yes, we should do this more often.”  *Both proceed to lift a cigarette to their mouths.” 

- Eddie, donating money: “I’d rather my money go to a good cause, rather than to one-legged transsexual orang-utans.”  Michelle:  “Oh, we’re collecting for them next week.” 

- Claire and Ashley kissing in the butcher’s shop.  It was cute.

- Did anyone notice Eddie Windass blatantly staring and overhearing the conversation between Kylie and Becky in the pub?  Ha-ha.  What a bizarre man.  

- Jack Duckworth slapping Michelle’s behind and her thinking it was poor Dmitri as she had her back turned.  Ha-ha, this was epic. 


- I KNEW Steve snored in his sleep!

- Does anyone else find it strange how identical Claire and Ashley’s boys are?  Especially when they’re not even biological – actors OR characters.  it must be the haircuts. 

- Claire plays the ice-queen wife routine quite well.  Good riddance!

- Looks like Tina’s back on the fake-n-bake tan after she’s not a shut-in anymore.  Ech. 

- Tina figures she should have been a nurse.  She’d be the last sour face I’d like to see at my hospital bed! 

- Is anyone else tired of Michelle’s plus one’s (fake boobs) in their face?  I know I am.  But Jack Duckworth sure isn’t. 

- Kylie bringing her new bf back from Greece.  What is with people bringing holiday loves back from Greece?  (Kirk and Julie)  Or planning to go with their loves to Greece.  (Audrey and Lewis).  Is Greece SO romantic, or what? 

Thursday 28 October 2010

When Rosie Webster gets old, will she look like Nigella Lawson?

When Rosie "gotta love her and I do" Webster gets old(er), is it at all conceivable that she might look a tad like TV cook Nigella Lawson?
I'm only wondering as they seem to have a couple of things in common.
Think on Rosie - and put a cardi on for heaven's sake, you''ll catch your death like that.

Watch Video: Coronation Street The Album

In celebration of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary, cast members past and present have come together to record the album Coronation Street: Rogues, Angels, Heroes & Fools. It's out later this month and exclusive to Tesco. Find out more at
The song list is as follows:
1) Opening Episode (Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, Young Ken Barlow, Annie Walker)
2) He's My Man - (Bet Lynch & Elsie Tanner)
3) Woman Stanley Woman (Hilda & Stan Ogden)
4) Cunning Clever Crafty  (Jack & Vera Duckworth)
5) I Know How It Feels (Elsie Tanner)
6) Eh Chuck (Original cast)
7) If It's Too Late (Becky McDonald)
8) Norman Bates with a Briefcase (Richard Hillman/Gail Platt)
9) Sweet Butterfly (Sean Tully)
10) Curly's Song - Your Star Shines So Bright (Curly Watts)
Pre-order now at

Anticipating Charlotte

I, for one, am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and the return of Charlotte "Busy on Sunday" Hoyle. Yes, she is apparently being killed off and that's a crying shame, but before that, we get more twists and turns and we get to see John squirm and lie even more. The late Colin Fishwick's mother has been mentioned and will turn up asking hard questions. Charlotte's mother is in the mix too. I wonder if she's as dippy as her daughter?

Charlotte is very likely the one that left the flowers at the factory. I should imagine her tenuous hold on reality is slipping rapidly due to the guilt. Collaborating with John's Big Secret isn't such a rush now, is it? She'll be back next week to deny she sent the flowers but I don't trust that. She's apparently going to pretend to have a stalker to get back in with John so it makes sense that she'd deny, deny, deny doesn't it? Looks like she hasn't given up on using what she knows to worm her way into John's bed and John is as lily-livered as they come so what are the chances he'll cheat on Fiz to keep Charlotte quiet in the long run? If she's being killed off, will he kill her on purpose or by accident? Will Charlotte stage her own death and make it look like John did it? That seems more likely if Stape is going to be a long time character as it seems currently. If he kills her on purpose, there is a shelf life to his character because it's against the Soap Laws for a murderer to get away with it.

And there's still the body under the factory floor to contend with. Even though it was not John's fault, that body can't remain there forever. Maybe damage from the tram crash will crack the factory floor and it will be discovered during repairs? this is all speculation but the truth has to come out sometime. All of John's lies and schemes have to blow up spectacularly and maybe that's going to happen on the night of the crash. Some people have suggested that John ends up being a hero for helping to rescue people trapped or injured in the aftermath and I can see that happening but he could also use the mayhem to disguise another dead body.

What we've seen so far is high farce and highly enjoyable, for me. It reminds me of a scene in the movie Sliding Doors where the best friend of the man who's got two women on the go is nearly in tears of joy after his mate explains the latest ludicrous twist in his life. Joy, because his life is highly improved by his friend causing him such amusement. He tells him "I must say, being friends with you certainly makes the wait for the next episode of "Seinfeld" much easier to bear." Seinfeld isn't coming back, but Charlotte is and John will soon be hoist with his own petard before long. I look forward to it!

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1969

Day 9 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

In 1969, Coronation Street transmitted its first episode in colour. To mark the event a special episode was scripted by H. V. Kershaw which took the cast on an outing to the Lake District to show off its incredible beauty in full colour for those people fortunate enough to have a colour TV.

Things didn’t go to plan however as nobody had ordered any colour film for the cameras and so colour filming didn’t take place until the following episode which covered the aftermath of the trip which had ended up with the coach crashing. As a result, instead of the first colour shots being of Elsie Tanner walking in the glorious Lake District landscape, it was of a bloodied Hilda Ogden wandering round hospital corridors searching for Stan. To make things worse, some of the shots from the location shoot were to be used in the following episode which resulted in a mishmash of scenes cutting from colour to black and white and back again.

This year saw the first appearance of Manchester’s oldest barmaid, Betty Williams nee Turpin. Betty and her policeman husband first came to Coronation Street to help out her sister Maggie Clegg in the corner shop but she so took over the place and tried to organise Maggie’s personal life that Maggie sold Jack Walker the idea of her working in the Rovers when Annie went away on holiday. On her return Annie tried to get rid of her as she feared Jack would find Betty attractive. Although it feels like she’s been there ever since, Betty has been sacked, reinstated, stormed out in a huff and been begged to return more times than it would be seemly to remember.

Whilst she is usually a warm and comforting mother figure, she started out as rather loud, brash and vicious-tongued gossip. She still doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can be very disapproving of younger generations, handing out withering put downs with a pursing of her lips and adjustment of her ample, matronly bosom. But at heart she is a kindly soul who is happy to share the wisdom of her years with younger women facing a crisis.

She was widowed in 1974, when Cyril had a heart attack and she had a breakdown. She was so ill that the funeral was arranged without her and it was only at the last minute that Maggie decided she was well enough to attend. She always maintained that Cyril would be the only man in her life but she found love again in 1995 and married Billy Williams. Her secret to a happy marriage is to always fill the kettle before you go to bed in case the water isn’t on in the morning.

Also in 1969: Alan Howard arrives; Albert gets engaged to Alice Pickens (played by Doris Hare); Minnie Caldwell runs away because of gambling debt; Annie wins perfect landlady competition by installing a phone and serving hot pot; Gordon Clegg jilts Lucille Hewitt and goes to London; Emily Nugent meets Ernest Bishop.

Sneak Preview of next week's Corrie, November 1 - 5

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Monday 1 to Friday 5 November

Kevin finds out he’s the dad, John’s paranoid over mystery stalker, Sophie’s 16th party gets out of hand, Ciaran and Michelle leave the Rovers and Becky and Steve pay £20k for Max.
The full weekly preview, with loads of pictures, is right here on

Missed last week's Corrie?
Catch up with the Coronation Street weekly updates.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week, October 28 2010

It's Thursday and that means only one thing... time for the Steve McDonald gurn of the week. Thanks go to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for this week's fab Stevie McGurn. If you've captured a good Corrie Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Coronation Street Blog readers name new Corrie rug

Remember this great competition? There was a new rug to be named and Coronation Street Blog readers rose to the challenge for Plantation Rugs.

The rug's now been named as The Duckworths and I understand that there were two winners, who have both won a rug each, as they both called it the same name.

As soon as we hear who the winners are and have pictures of them with their prize rugs along with any more information, we'll bring it to you.  Or, perhaps you were one of the lucky winners? If you are, let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

Kym Marsh is pregnant

Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor) is expecting a baby, it has been confirmed today.

ITV said: "Kym Marsh and [fiancé] Jamie Lomas are delighted to announce they are expecting a baby together".

This begs the question of how Michelle will be written out of Coronation Street while Kym takes maternity leave. An extended visit to Glasgow, perhaps? Off on tour again? Whisked away by Ciaran for a few months?

Let us know your ideas to explain Michelle's absence in the comments!

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1968

Day 8 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

There had been many changes to Salford since the area had been scoured by Tony Warren and set designer Denis Parkin looking for streets on which to base the Coronation Street set. Many of the old back to back terraces had been demolished and the local council had plans to demolish them all by 1971. In 1968 Richard Everitt accepted the job of producer with the proviso that he could change the physical environment as he felt that the indoor set was ridiculous and it was time to bring the whole thing up to date.

His plan was to demolish the half of the Street that made up the raincoat factory and the mission hall and replace them with flats. This would bring the area more up to date and also allow the producers to bring in more characters. ‘Dramatically, it is a device to bring the old into conflict with the new, to change the street, but at the same time to retain some of its time-worn flavour’ is what he wrote to the Granada executives. The plans were agreed and an old railway yard near the studios was acquired.

Denis Parkin was asked back to oversee the construction. At first the sets were simply transferred from the studio, with a brick frontage added and a half roof built on. It was 18 months before more money was found so that the backs of the houses could be built. Seven maisonettes were built to complete the set but in spite of the original intentions, only three were occupied and only one of those by a new character.

In 1968, the corner shop changed hands again. A local couple, Les and Maggie Clegg bought it and moved in with their 17-year-old son Gordon. Up to that point there’d not really been any youngsters in the cast to appeal girls and young women. While filming at Granada, 23-year-old Bill Kenwright was invited to lunch with the producer and offered the role without even an audition. Having a desire to play Shakespeare and not wanting to be typecast at so young an age he initially turned the part down. Not long afterwards his mother asked him if he had any jobs coming up and he told her about the offer. She nearly dropped the washing up. She dragged him to the telephone and rang his aunties, uncles and grandma and said: ‘Just tell him. Tell him what it would mean to us to have my son in Coronation Street.’ The next morning he went back to Granada and said yes.

Also in 1968: Steve Tanner is murdered; Dennis Tanner marries Jenny Sutton; Dickie Flemming marries Audrey Bright; No. 11 becomes a hippy commune; Emily falls for Miklos Zadie; David and Irma Barlow move to Australia; the handpumps are removed from the Rovers; Annie is kidnapped by students for rag week and has to pay the ransom herself; Stan buys a window round.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

ITV to screen Jack Duckworth tribute

Farewell Jack, a tribute to Jack Duckworth, will be screened on ITV1 on Wednesday, 10 November at 7.30pm.

In this half-hour documentary friends and Coronation Street colleagues pay tribute to the work of Bill Tarmey and the actor shares his memories from playing one of TV’s national treasures.

One Foot in the Grave actress joins Coronation Street

Doreen Mantle, who played Jean Warboys in One Foot in the Grave, is joining Corrie to play Colin Fishwick's mum.

The official ITV Corrie site says that Doreen has begun filming and will be on-screen in the next few weeks.   Charlotte's mum will also appear, played by Last of the Summer Wine actress Jean Fergusson.

Twitter to win A Knight's Tale DVD

To celebrate the release of A Knight's Tale, the Coronation Street spin-off  DVD on Monday 1st November, ITV are running a competition on Twitter. If you would like to enter, all you have to do is tweet the name of your favourite Coronation Street Character along with the message below and you will be in with a chance to win a copy of this special DVD.

So, what you have to do is get yourself on twitter and tweet this (copy and paste it, it's easier and don't forget to put your favourite character name in):

My favourite #CoronationStreet character is... and I am so excited for A Knight's Tale DVD release on Monday

Suranne Jones' Corrie connections

JW Lees Brewery in Manchester have brewed up a very special Coronation Street ale for the soap's 50th anniversary. We're big fans of the beer here on the blog, indeed, there's a bottle or two in our kitchen! Anyway, JW Lees have started an advertising billboard campaign using an image of Suranne Jones as Corrie's Karen McDonald.  JW Lees especially wanted to use an image of Karen as there’s a link to the brewery. Suranne Jones, who played Karen for four years in the show, has a long family history with JW Lees Brewery. Her dad Chris has worked as an engineer at the Brewery for over 25 years.

Suranne’s granddad also used to work at the Brewery for over 50 years as the bottling manager then in later years as the caretaker. Bobby Knox used to live in a house within the brewery site, but since he passed away in 1992, it was then that JW Lees decided to turn the building into an on-site bar to allow visitors to sample the range of beers the Brewery produces. This facility was refurbished in June 2008, and re-named as Knox’s Cottage in honour of Bobby. The guest of honour who officially opened Knox’s Cottage was none other than Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones, so it all fits in well.

JW Lees have been brewing Coronation Street premium ale since April 2009, and it’s now available in draught and in 500ml bottles. For more info, visit

Old Killer Corrie trailer

I just came across this old nugget on Youtube, from the Hillman era and just had to post it.

Who's gonna miss one little old lady?

Play dominoes online with Uncle Albert Tatlock

Over at the Coronation Street fun pages, you can dominoes online with Albert Tatlock.

While you're there, investigate the rest of Canadian fan Christine Warren's Coronation Street fun pages, they're fab.

50 Years Of Corrie In 50 Days – 1967

Day 7 of our 50 day countdown of Coronation Street - written by blogger Sunny Jim.

Tragedy hit the Street in 1967 when a goods train plunged off the viaduct. At this time, the programme was still filming exterior scenes in the studio so it was quite some feat to set this up. A huge mass of bricks with iron girders sticking out was constructed and five goods wagons wrecked on top of the pile. Underneath was placed a squashed Mini from which PC Conway was dragged out alive. Nearby a corridor of timber and bricks was constructed in which Violet Carson, as Ena, had to lie completely still.

Ena, Jack, Elsie and Lucille were all missing, though only Ena had been caught up in the crash and as the programme went on each of the missing residents turned up. During the second episode of the disaster, David Barlow crawled out of the rubble to report that he had found Ena alive. The only death was of Sonia Peters, the girlfriend of PC Conway who had been in the crushed Mini. The disaster scenes were directed by Michael Apted who went on to be a renowned film director.
There were happier scenes when Elsie Tanner married her wartime sweetheart Steve Tanner. As soon as the wedding date was announced on screen, action off screen began to hot up. Viewers wrote in asking for the date to be changed as they would be away on holiday, the TV Times produced a 32 page souvenir that sold over 1 million copies and over 500 wedding presents were received by people unable to distinguish drama from reality.

The viewers weren’t the only ones to be confused. Pat Phoenix insisted on choosing her own wedding dress, she arranged for jewellers H. Samuel to visit producer Jack Rosenthal with a selection of rings and when it came for her to appear on set, she refused to leave her dressing room. She only came out when Jack Rosenthal had visited her and reassured her as he might have done with a daughter with pre-wedding nerves.

Also in 1967:  Ken Barlow goes to prison; Harry Hewitt dies; Irma Barlow miscarries; Emily Nugent joins a marriage bureau; Hilda Ogden has a breakdown; Jack Walker leaves Annie and Annie Walker is arrested for throwing a football rattle through a shop window.

Inconclusive: Mon Oct 25, 2010 Corrie Episode Review



Written by Chris Fewtrell, directed by Durno Johnston

Well, our blogger seapenguin has gotten her wish: Eddie’s back!  The slimy cad that he is, he sees that someone has left flowers on the stoop of Underworld, and of course heOct-25-2010-Underworld-Flowers steals them.  Eddie gives a beaming and surprised Anna the bouquet of flowers.  Of course, a delighted Anna fries up some sausages for a well-deserved Eddie.  When Anna opens up the flowers she finds an envelope containing a card.  As she blushes, Eddie reels.  Anna opens the envelope to find a card that says “rest in peace.”  CLEARLY not the sentiment she was hoping for.  Anna figures he’s driven past a cemetery and swiped them, accuses him of being a grave robber and beats him with the bouquet. 

David is sulking this morning, since he believes he’s a condemned man.  Gail was going to do him a fry-up.  Yeah, that’ll settle his stomach.  Audrey arrives and Gail warns her about David’s mood.  Which, you’d think would be understandable?  Does anyone have to Oct-25-2010-Bitter-David remind Gail of the kind of gobbly-gook she resembled when she was on trial!?  Audrey figures that the medical evidence will “explain everything.”  Does anything that people claims “explains everything” ever explain everything?  David is upset about being epileptic and tries to make jokes about the possibility of him drowning in the bath.  Um, perhaps he should take showers from now on. 

At the hospital, it’s time for Graeme go to home.  Tina wants him to hurry up so that they don’t miss David’s trial.  But, Graeme seems hesitant about going.  Gee, I wonder why?  Graeme and Tina return to the street where they bump into Gail.  She tells them that David is hurt, ill and scared.  Tina believes the ill part, but that’s about it.  Gail tells Graeme that David is very sorry about what happened to Graeme and he didn’t mean it.  Audrey returns and tells Gail that they’ve sent David’s case to trial.  Until they’ve got a firm diagnosis they reckon it’s inconclusive.  In the meantime, they’ve bailed David to Audrey’s house as a condition.  He needs to keep away from Tina and Graeme which means he has to stay away from Coronation Street. Oct-25-2010-Becky-Steve

Becky plays mum to Max when Kylie’s playing away in Cyprus.  She doesn’t seem too bothered by it if you ask me, but Steve does.  You know, if anyone still cares what he thinks or how he feels.  Amy drew a picture of a crocodile in anticipation of their trip to the zoo and Becky asks if it’s Nana Deirdre.  Ha-ha.  Becky notices that the drawing is on the back of a piece of paper and races inside in a hurry confusing Steve.  It seems that the paper was a notice for social services next visit.  Which, is today.  GREAT.  Becky lies to social services saying that Kylie had just popped out but will be back for when they get here.  She panicked and didn’t know what else to say.  Steve wonders what she’s going to do, have Scottie beam Kylie up in the smoking shelter?!  Apparently, Kylie has pushed back this meeting with social services four times, so she can’t even reschedule.  Becky asks Claire for some advice on what to do, and Claire Oct-25-2010-Cheryl-Chris figures she could lie about Kylie being taken ill. Why don’t the just tell the truth and see what they can do about fostering Max instead?  Since Kylie’s so unfit and all.  Surely, family gets priority.  But, no, instead Becky decides to pretend she’s Kylie. 

Chris has the nerve to complain to Cheryl about how Maria turned him down since “someone” told her about his wife-beating ways.  How DARE that “someone” try to warn an innocent woman away from a batterer?  Lloyd threatens Cheryl (again) that if Lloyd warns women away from him again, he’ll have to look out for himself.  This man is all kinds of wrong.  This Cheryl actually tells Lloyd to “quit provoking” Chris.  He was only warning his FRIEND Maria of this psycho.  That’s hardly with the number one intent of provoking Chris.  I can’t reallyOct-25-2010-Molly-Tyrone stand Cheryl or any of her lot to be honest. 

Molly and Tyrone are happy that Jack has more time to spend with Baby Jack.  Tyrone sadly says he wishes things were different.  Molly says that they should probably bring the christening forward, since…well.  Tyrone says that he wants Jack there so he’ll give the vicar a ring.  It’s all set – they can move the christening forward.  Jack insists that he wants to pay for a top spread out at the Rovers.  Tyrone and Molly insist they can’t take his money.  I agree with Jack – what’s he going to do with it?  Does anyone wonder if his SON Terry knows about how sick he is?  Well, I suppose he’d only come back to try and take his father’s money in that case.  Nevermind I mentioned anything! 


Written by Damon Rochefort, directed by Durno Johnston

Becky is in the middle of her scam, pretending to be Kylie, for the social worker.  The situation just gets worse when Steve tries to crack some jokes.  Oh, boy.  How will this one end?  The social worker asks how things are going with Max and then notes the lovely smell coming from the kitchen and that she’s not had lunch yet.  Well, this one knows how to oil it!  Well, after the social worker has her hot pot, Oct-25-2010-Steve-Becky-scaredOwen barges in saying that Michelle let him through.  Becky and Steve are stunned into silence.  Is Owen going to blow their cover like he blew John’s the other week?!  Steve manages to get rid of Owen quickly.  The social workers asks if Becky is around, but they say she’s out shopping.  The social worker says she could hang on a bit longer for Becky to come back and requests biscuits now.  Becky has woken Max up and brought him down to see the social worker.  Great, cause kids are terrible liars.  They try to get Max out of the room before he can really say anything.  Max says that he’s hungry so Steve figures they really better get the tea on.  They try to hush the social worker out and they manage to do just that.  Before she leaves she says that she still will need to see Becky and that she’ll be in touch about rescheduling.  Well, there’s another hurdle ahead I suppose.  Steve gets angry at Becky for neglecting Amy and all. 

In the mystery of the stolen flowers, Anna tries to get to the bottom of it.  Eddie claims they were left on the steps of Underworld and so Anna goes over and asks Julie if she’d seen them there.  Julie is confused as to why some “rest in peace” flowers would be left there.  Julie brings the flowers in and the factory girls wonder who would leaveOct-25-2010-John-scared these flowers thinking they were left for Tony, of course.  Sally thinks that Tony was such a control freak she wouldn’t be shocked if he ordered those flowers to be sent before his blaze-of-glory as a sick joke.  She could write thrillers with those hypotheses.  They all are glad that Carla’s not there, since it’s the last thing she’d need. 

The factory girls take the flowers to the Rovers later and discuss more about what they could be all about.  They tell Michelle all about the flowers and how it might be a sick prank because of Tony.  Michelle asks the factory girls not to say anything to Carla about the flowers, perchance it might upset her.  They agree, then John arrives and asks what she’s on about.  John tries to keep calm as he realizes who the flowers might be for and that they’re not for Tony OR his accomplice.  Fiz tells him it’s weird, isn’t it?  John figures it’s a wrong delivery.  Hardly! 

Graeme convinces Tina to let him go down to the pub to have a drink.  They meet Ashley there who is still in cahoots with Claire over moving to France.  Ashley gets very dramatic about it all saying that his kids will forget English and all and he won’t be able to speak to them.  Graeme tells him that all marriages go through bad patches (what would he know?).  Ashley says that his and Claire’s marriage has so many bad patches it could make an ugly quilt!  Graeme and Tina end up having to carry a wasted Graeme home from the Rovers.  Really, great that Graeme’s injured and all.  They bring Ashley back to their flat to sober him up as Tina calls Claire to tell her what’s gone on.  Graeme and Tina watch True Blood with Ashley passed out between them on the sofa. 

Audrey takes a chance to moan about her life saying that at 70 she thought she’d be sunning it up, not playing “The Shawshank Redemption” with her grandson.  Oh please, she had her chance to sun it up.  David – once again – claims none of this is his fault.  After his tea at his Gran’s David goes up to his room to seek solace in video games.  What is a boy to do? 

Sally is in her kitchen cooking up tea and figures she can surely smell paint or glue or something.  She asks Sophie if she can’t smell it either but Sophie says it’s just garlic.  Oct-25-2010-Scary-Mary Molly pops by with Baby Jack and Sally is very happy to see him.  Molly tells her that the christening is definitely next Thursday.  Molly asks Sally how Madrid was and she says that it was lovely and they were well fed.  Sally asks Molly if she can’t smell paint and Molly says she can.  Uh-oh.  Kevin comes home to find Sophie cuddling baby Jack and she offers to have Kevin hold him.  Kevin gets a chance later to hold his son and says that he’s perfect.  Later, Kevin gets mad at Molly for “ambushing him” but Molly tells him to deal with it. Sophie tries to cover for Rosie but opening a bottle of nailpolish and hiding it on the window sill to guise as the paint scents. 

In lesser news, Mary is very upset about all of the competition prizes that she and Norris have been losing lately.  What on earth would she do with a grille and rotisserie?  Mary dreams about a lost holiday where she would have been sipping on a dubonnet and recharging her batteries.  What exactly does she do that expends said batteries?  Norris suggests she needs a break, but she thinks that he’s wearing himself down to a stump in there and perhaps he needs a break.  No, he was always that stumpy.  Mary insists they go away for a weekend, but Norris insists that won’t be a good idea – considering last time!  With the looming threat of Mary working for him, Norris pumps out his best apology to Tina in hopes of getting her back to work in the Kabin.  Tina sees the tight spot he’s in and takes her chance to demand a raise and a flexible schedule and she gets it. 


- Audrey: “Good morning, dear.  It’s bitter out there.”  Gail: “Not much different in here [with David].  Mind the egg-shells.”  OUCH! Oct-25-2010-Nana-Deirdre

- Anna is very nice to show Gail some compassion with what she’s going through with David.  Especially after all of the tension that David has caused her family. 

- Amy: “Look at my drawing Becky.”  Becky: “Oh, is that Nana Deirdre?” Amy: “No, its a crocodile like at the zoo.”  (It was clearly a crocodile) Ha-ha.  

- Anna opening the card that her “flowers from Eddie” came with, anticipating a love note and finding “rest in peace.”  Ha-Ha. 

- The looks on Steve’s face were PRICELESS as Becky pretended to be Kylie in front of the social worker.  It was worth watching these scenes just for those gurns! 

- Mary to Norris:  “You need a break, and a younger pair of hands to support you behind…the counter.” 

- Sophie: “Mum, that’s an old wives tale.”  Sally: “Yeah, well I’m an old wife.” 


- Who steals flowers?!

- David is afraid that having epilepsy will mean that his life is over.  Um, no actually, prison for attempted murder means your life is over. 

- Graeme’s barely out of hospital, and Tina’s hurrying him up to get to David’s trial so she can exact her vengeance.  If anyone’s more bitter than David, it’s her.

- Cheryl telling Lloyd to stop “provoking” Chris when he tried to warn Maria of him.  She clearly only cares about her own well-being.  


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