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Thursday 30 April 2009

Corrie actors get a grilling

It was a case of soap kitchen rather than Hells Kitchen at Restaurant Bar and Grill in Manchester on Sunday 26th April when two celebrity teams competed in a cook off in aid of the city's New Children's Hospital Appeal. Coronation Street's knicker stitcher Tupele Dorgu (Kelly Crabtree) captained a Coronation Street team which included Samia Smith (Maria), Michael Le Vell (Kevin), Brooke Vincent (Sophie) and Craig Gazey (Graeme). Maurice Watkins, Chairman of The New Children's Hospital Appeal said: "Celebrity Grilling was a superb event which would not have been possible without the generosity of Restaurant Bar and Grill, their suppliers, and those who joined us for dinner. Our grateful thanks must also be given to the celebrities who kindly gave up their time to help make this a night to remember. The amount raised will make a difference to the children and their families who will use the new hospital." Great stuff.

Meet Corrie's new newspaper reporter

Actor David McClelland returns to Coronation Street as a newspaper reporter soon for a couple of episodes in what is set to be a very funny Corrie summer story. And if you think David looks familiar, then you're right, he's been on Corrie before, most recently as the surveyor employed by Charlie Stubbs. We'll see David on screen in early June.

Find out more about David McClelland.

See Corrie's Tom Kerrigan on stage in London

The Connor cousin, Tom Kerrigan, leaves Coronation Street soon.

And for actor Philip McGinley it's straight from the Street to the stage. Philip will be starring in a play called More Light which runs at the Arcola Theatre in London from May 12th. It's a tale of life, death, sex, art and cannibalism. Much like Corrie, then. Find out more here.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Get your Corrie umbrella-ella-ella

Thanks to Canadian Coronation Street fan Deborah for emailing in about this smashing Coronation Street umbrella for sale. Sadly for us Brits, it's only for sale in Canada at the British Isles Shoppe in Ajax, Ontario but they have an online shop here.

Corrie fans in Canada are a great bunch and they have regular meet-ups too (known as pings, from a mis-spelling online of the word pint as in "any Corrie fans fancy meeting up for a ping?!") Photos from the most recent Corrie Ping held in Toronto can be seen online here

Coronation Street next week - May 4 - 8, 2009

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May

Ken tries to leave Deirdre and writes her a letter, Blanche is disgusted when she finds out about Ken and Martha and storms out to live with Peter, Eddie Windass robs Roy’s Rolls, Graeme starts gardening and Kev’s garage changes names to Dobbs and Webster.

The full weekly preview, with pictures, is right here on

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Steve McDonald gurn of the week - April 29 09

With thanks to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for sending in these wonderful gurns of Coronation Street's Steve McDonald. If you've captured a good Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Carla Connor returns to Corrie in July

News just in from the cobbles to the blog is that Alison King, who plays Carla Connor, is going to return from maternity leave earlier than expected. She'll start filming in July and we'll see her on screen in the autumn. But will Carla's return be enough to save Maria from Tony's evil clutches? We'll have to wait and see.

See also: Is Carla Connor the new Elsie Tanner?

Vote for soap's greatest gossip

It's another week in the fab Inside Soap magazine poll to build the UK's best soap. This week they're asking fans to vote for the greatest gossip, ever.

From Coronation Street there's Vera Duckworth, Hilda Ogden, Blanche Hunt and my personal favourite gossip, Norris Cole. Ooh, he can be such a bitch. Vote online here, but only if you'd like to, of course.

Ex-Corrie actress turns Burlesque

Jayne Bickerton, who played the wonderful - and much missed - Yana Lumb on Coronation Street, is also a talented artist. And Jayne's latest set of burlesque themed art goes on show at an exhibition which opens on May 15th at The Gallery @ Broadstone Mill, Broadstone Road, Reddish in Stockport.

Fans of Jayne can find out more about her burlesque art when she appears on the Paul O'Grady Show on Monday 11th May at 5pm on Channel 4.

She also recently appeared in a BBC comedy called Mark's Brilliant Blog and you can watch the episodes online here.

Meet Jennie McAlpine this Saturday

Yet ANOTHER Poundland store is opening. As the nation slides into recession, this is one success story that just keeps on going.

Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown in Coronation Street, will be opening the new Poundland store in Kings Heath in Birmingham on Saturday, 2 May. There's a family fun day in store that begins at 10am. So if you'd like to meet Jennie, get yourself to Kings Heath on Saturday and remember to take your pound to spend on something nice.

Click here to see pictures of other Coronation Street cast members doing their bit to open recent Poundland stores.

Watch Corrie in America for 50c a pop

News that Coronation Street is now available on demand to watch in the USA comes to the blog via our friends at America's only national British Newspaper, The Union Jack.

So, if you're in the USA, all you have to do is visit, select Video On Demand and search for Coronation Street. Episodes are streamed in high quality – no downloading necessary. It’s as simple as that! Episodes now available from 2008 on the site at just 50c per episode. Coming soon - Episodes from 2009. And best of all - it's legal and approved by ITV.

Monday 27 April 2009

Coronation Street Weekly Update, April 27 2009

Greetings and a cuddly sort of hello with a lovely warm welcome to another weekly wotsit of wonder from Weatherfield. So if you’re comfortable and ready, let’s crack on with this week’s Coronation Street update.

Find out more about the Coronation Street Weekly Updates

Remember that song, D.I.V.O.R.C.E.? Well, Steve and Becky have to spell things out so as not to let little Amy know that her M.U.M. is a M.U.R.D.E.R.E.R. “Sssh…” Steve tells Becky as he covers Amy’s ears to hide her from the truth. “Amy can S.P.E.E.L. you know,” which is clearly more than Steve can do but was very funny all the same. Anyway, Becky blurts out the truth to Amy and tells her that Tracy is banged up in prison and when Steve finds out he’s not best pleased. He throws Becky out of the pub and she seeks solace with Roy in the caff but even he gives her short shrift. But it doesn’t take long for Steve to forgive and forget and Becky’s back in his good books and his bed.

Talking about being in bed, in the creepiest ultrasound scan in the history of soaps, Tony accompanies Maria to th’ospital where she’s told she’s having a lickle baby boy. Tony sits by Maria’s side as she’s given the news and the murderer of Maria’s dead husband places his hand on the unborn. Run, Maria, run. Well, waddle carefully - but fast!

Talking about Tony Gordon, has he met his match in Mr Luke Strong? The clue’s in the name after all. Corrie don’t call a character Mr Strong for no reason. Just as the Windasses are a bunch of big loses, Mr Strong will save the day, just you mark my words. He sacks Tony from Underworld but has to take him back on when Tony threatens to move his catalogue business away. Tony’s also threatening Tom to stay away from Maria as he wants her and LadRags all to himself. Tom’s not got long left on the Street as he’s leaving soon. That lad always looks as if he’s got a looped soundtrack going round in his brain that’s constantly playing the most depressing of the Smiths and Morrissey songs, ever. Heaven knows, he’s miserable now.

Talking about miserable, “What does misanthropic mean?” asks Chesney of Fiz as he’s doing his book learning from the comfort of the sofa in front of GMTV. Fiz doesn’t know so books an appointment to see John in prison but she isn’t allowed in as she forgets her photo ID. She strops back home via a shop to buy Chesney a dictionary and then returns to see John with a copy of Private Eye, NewsWeek and Schoolgirls That Old Men Love.

Talking about Schoolgirls That Old Men Love, the horrible truth about pervert Colin being Julie Carp’s dad emerged this week. Well, the truth didn’t so much emerge as vomit itself all over the Rovers. In one of Coronation Street’s most dramatic scenes in a long while, Paula Carp turns up at Colin’s 70th birthday party, drunk. Colin’s celebrating his birthday and gets down on one knee to propose to Rita who accepts while Norris sulks. Word had reached Paula’s shell-like that her Julie and Jason had enjoyed a one night fling so she storms into the Rovers to tell Julie that she can’t continue seeing Jason. “But why?” Julie demands to know of her mother who lets rips and tells all and sundry that she was only 15 when she gave birth to Julie having been made pregnant by Colin who was more than double her age. Colin hangs his head in shame, Rita’s wedding plans fly out of the window, Eileen gasps, Julie cries, Betty and Emily choke on their sweet sherry and Jason gets that puzzled look on his face. The best line of the week goes to the ITV continuity woman after the episode ended. “Do you think Jason got all of that, then?” she asked.

Talking about being confused, over in the cab office, the big debate of the day is being slugged out between those two bastions of knowledge, Steve and Lloyd as they ruminate on the merits of Joan Collins vs Lulu.

Talking about Lulu, Mary gets into a boom-bang-a-bang-bang over her tumty: “Well, we call it a tumty but it’s really a pouffe,” she admits to Norris. It’s where she keeps all her travel mags, apparently, and she chats to Norris as she polishes their motorhome, ready for their big trip around the world. Norris isn’t sure about this, you can tell. It’s all gone too fast for his liking and he’s not sure he wants to go further with any woman than Rosamund Streeet, except for Rita, a woman with whom he’s long desired to go all the way.

Talking about going out, Tyrone’s not too happy with Jack splashes on the All Spice to go on a date with Connie Rathbone. Molly’s all for this new woman in Jack’s life but Tyrone thinks Jack’s being disloyal to Vera. Meanwhile, Vera beams out from her photoframe on the sideboard. Dead she may be, but she’s still keeping her beady eye on Jack.

And that’s just about that for this week.

Coronation Street writers this week were the powerhouse that is Carmel Morgan, Jonathan Harvey and Lucy Gannon.

Blogging away merrily at

Pictures of Corrie cast at the BAFTAs

Katherine Kelly and Antony Cotton were at the BAFTAs last night - Sunday April 26th, 2009 - to represent Coronation Street. Sadly, our favourite soap didn't win the Philips Audience Award but never mind, there's always next year.

Have you voted for Corrie in the British Soap Awards yet?

Win a chance to meet Norris Cole's brother

Andrew Sachs is turning up soon on Coronation Street as Norris Cole's brother, Ramsay Clegg. Fans of Andrew Sachs might be pleased to hear that there's a competition on the UKTV website to win a chance to meet the cast members of Fawlty Towers. But if you want to win, you'll have to be quick, the deadline for entries is this week. Runner-up prizes included signed photos of the Fawlty Towers cast and a Fawlty Towers Series 1 & 2 DVD for the next ten runners-up.

With thanks to UKTV for letting the blog know about this one.

See also: Pictures of Andrew Sachs as Corrie's Ramsay Clegg

Where have you seen Jack Duckworth's girlfriend before?

Rita May is the actress who plays Connie Rathbone, Jack Duckworth's new girlfriend. She's been on Coronation Street in four previous roles and is perhaps most recently known for her wonderful performance as Ken's mum, Jean, in Early Doors (a gem of a programme). Her TV acting history is extensive and includes Holby City, The Bill, Heartbeat and Drop Dead Gorgeous. She's also a writer and penned two TV plays in the 1980s.

See also: Where have you seen before...?
Uncle Umed, Julie Carp's mum, Luke Strong, Sophie Webster's boyfriend, Eileen Grimshaw's dad, Norris' girlfriend, Graeme Proctor, Molly's Aunty Pam, Maria's mum and dad, Gail's dad, Scary Brian, Tina's dad, Tony Gordon's henchman, Little Simon Barlow

Ben Thompson on bands and Batman

Ben Thompson, who plays Coronation Street's Ryan Connor, plays in a band called Rusholme Ruffians when he's not working on the cobbles. He says the band play songs that "are a bit post punk, a bit Joy Division, but then also a bit Oasis and very Smithsy as well." You can listen to them online here.

And Ben also reveals that he'd love to play Batman.

Back on the cobbles, Ben's character Ryan Connor and girlfriend Sian are plodding on nicely but it says here that the presence of another girl will soon muddy the waters of young love.

See also: Ryan Connor look-a-like

Sunday 26 April 2009

Katherine Kelly vamps it up

Katherine Kelly, who plays barmcake Becky Granger in Coronation Street, gets a makeover with all the trimmings in the News of the World's Fabulous magazine. There's a great interview, loads of pictures and a video of Katherine Kelly at the website right here.

See also: Becky Granger in drugs bust

Bill Tarmey's deafness transfers to Corrie plot

Bill Tarmey's hearing isn't what it was and at 68 years of age, this comes as no surprise. And so Bill has asked the Coronation Street scriptwriters to highlight loss of hearing and include a storyline where Jack Duckworth has a hearing aid fitted.

Bill says in an interview with the Manchester Evening News: "My wife was always going on about the television being too loud. Deafness sort of creeps up on you. It was starting to get a bit embarrassing. On the set, people would have to prompt me to start speaking if the prompt came from the right-hand side. Jack is five years older than me and there will be nothing at all unusual about a character of 73 having hearing aids. That's why I have asked the scriptwriters to get a storyline included."

Did you know that Bill Tarmey is one of only a handful of Coronation Street actors who have their own official websites?
Click here to see them all.

Jesse Metcalfe - from Wisteria Lane to Weatherfield?

Jesse Metcalfe played Gaby's gardener in Desperate Housewives. Anyway, he's in the UK at the minute and he's quoted in The Sunday People saying that he loves Coronation Street and wouldn't mind appearing behind the Rovers bar.

Jesse said: "I love Coronation Street. I am in London at the moment talking to producers so who knows."

However, it's rumoured that the actor could be returning to Wisteria Lane, not Weatherfield.

Saturday 25 April 2009

Michelle Keegan opens new Lipsy store

Michelle Keegan, who plays Coronation Street's Tina McIntyre, cut the ribbon at the opening of the new women's clothes shop Lipsy in the Arndale Centre, Manchester. Want to see more pictures of Michelle Keegan? Click here.

The secret of Jack Duckworth's specs

I have no idea what this is or where it came from, all I can say is thank you to fellow blogger Citizen Timepiece. Is it real or is a laugh? Have you spotted any other mad Coronation Street items on th'interweb? Do let me know and I'll share it with other Corre fans on this blog and I'll always give you a mention and a link, because that's the lovely sort of sharey-nicey blog this one is.

Friday 24 April 2009

Michael Le Vell's five favourite things about Corrie

With thanks to Corrie fan Deborah in Canada for letting me know about this. While Michael Le Vell was in Canada recently, he was interviewed by CBC and revealed his top five favourite things about working in Coronation Street.

What are they? You can watch the video here, just jump ahead to 25:00 for Michael's slot.

See also: Michael's 49 years of Corrie in 49 seconds

Coronation Street on new Google app

There's a new Google application called Similar Images and I thought I'd test it out. I typed in some Coronation Street legends' names and this is what it brought up to put a smile on my face. The David Platt one isn't too bad, it's actor John Simm, but the Hilda Ogden one? I think it needs some refining, guys! Have a go yourself at Google Similar Images

Corrie cast-offs for sale on eBay Gum

Fancy a new shirt? One that's been worn by Coronation Street cabbie Lloyd Mullaney?

Well, it's yours for the taking on eBay right now. It's pink and it's large. And as it's Friday I'm going to allow myself a snigger at that last sentence.

Missed Corrie this week?
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Craig Charles and Katherine Kelly at Truckfest 2009

Trucks, eh? They're big, they're noisy and they have their own festival. This year's Truckfest has a gathering of celebrities including Craig Charles and Katherine Kelly from Coronation Street. Truckfest takes place over the Bank Holiday Weekend of May 3rd and 4th at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. Find out more here.

Or, if you're near Rochdale on the Bank Holiday weekend, why not check out these Corrie lads?

Thursday 23 April 2009

Is Rita Sullivan the Street's kiss of death?

Rita's been through a few fellas in her time and she's going to get proposed to next week too. Colin will go down on bended knee to ask Rita to become Mrs Grimshaw and she'll say yes before she finds out that Colin's a pervert. And then, as we all know, Colin's clogs will be popped and he'll die.

So is Rita Sullivan Coronation Street's kiss of death? I have to say no, of course, as Rita is this Corrie fan's favourite female character, ever. But let's examine the evidence:

Husband number 1 - Len Fairclough. Dead.
Husband number 2 - Ted Sullivan. Dead.
Fancy man - Fred Elliott. Dead. I say, Dead.
Fiancee - Colin Grimshaw. Dead.

See also: Red head Rita, Queen of the Kabin

Corrie's runners in London Marathon this Sunday

Coronation Street have three cast members running the London Marathon this Sunday, April 26. Craig Gazey (Graeme Proctor) Graham Hawley (John Stape) and Vicky Binns (Molly Dobbs) are all running in the Banana Army to raise funds for Leukaemia Research.

If you feel their efforts deserve a reward (and at 26.5 miles, they really do!), then please donate to Leukaemia Research here.

Watch Corrie's 49 years in 49 seconds

While Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) was recently in Canada, he recorded a short film for CBC. It's a very short film, 49 seconds to be precise and in that short time Michael covers all 49 years of Coronation Street's history. It's fun to watch, via YouTube right here.

Also... listen to Michael Le Vell's interview on Canadian radio

Corrie boys in AllStars Charity Football Match

Some of the lads from Coronation Street will be turning up to play a charity footy match on Bank Holiday Monday, May 4th.

They're playing for charity at Rochdale foootball club ground. You can find out more and buy your tickets here.

Luke Strong beds Rosie Webster

Coronation Street's Rosie Webster will add another notch to her bedpost when she romps with Underworld boss Luke Strong says The Daily Star.

But while Rosie starts dreaming of a new relationship, Luke only has one thing on his mind – money. He finds out Rosie is considering investing in his business and makes sure he seals the deal. A Corrie insider said: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. “Rosie will be out for blood when she finds out she’s being used by Luke.”

I like the sound of this one, oh, I really do.

Vote for soap's leading man

It's week four in the fab Inside Soap magazine challenge to put together the UK's best soap. This week your votes are needed for soap's greatest leading man but if you're a Corrie fan, don't get too excited. There are only two nominations from Coronation Street - Ken Barlow and Steve McDonald. Both of whom are great, I grant you that, but who would you vote for as your Corrie fave leading man? Me? Oh... definitely this one although the word 'leading' might have to be stretched somewhat.

Steve McDonald gurn of the week - April 23 09

With thanks to Coronation Street fan Martin S. for sending in these wonderful gurns of Coronation Street's Steve McDonald. If you've captured a good Steve gurn and want to share it via the blog, do email it in.

To see more gurnage from Stevie McGurn, have a look here, there's loads. Some good, some bad and some really very funny.

Becky's Slug returns to Coronation Street

Remember a while ago it was revealed that Becky and Steve will go for wedding number two but someone from Becky's past will put a spanner in the works? I wonder if it'll be her old boyfriend, Slug?

Actor Marshall Lancaster is returning to Corrie as Slug, says Ian Wylie at the Manchester Evening News. Slug was last seen on the Street in 2007 when he got Becky into all sorts of trouble, and if I recall correctly, stole Roy and Hayley's prize Morris Minor Traveller.


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