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Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th May

Apologies there was no Monday review last week. I was in Ireland, drinking in (Sean) Tully's Bar, eating at (Michelle O')Connor's restaurant and taking (Jerry) Morton's taxi.

Amy is still "missing" and Tracy's in the clink, which affects everyone from Steve to Mary to Michelle to Luke. Rob's car has broken down somewhere in the Peak District/Bolton area and Amy manages to get a confession out of him, that he is sorry for what he has done (and he's not the only one) and that Tracy is in chokey for the attempted murder of Ken. He gets a confession in return: that Amy didn't push Ken. She runs away from him, and is almost picked up by a dodgy feller in a car, but Rob comes to the rescue and drives her back to Weatherfield.

Ken, meanwhile, returns home for the first time since the attack. He seems suspicious of Tracy's motive and, indeed, guilt, saying that he wants to get to the truth. In a somewhat dramatic turn of events, Rob bursts into Tracy's plea hearing (how the flamin' heck did he know where she was?) to implore her not to plead guilty. She retracts her statement, but is locked up again for perverting the course of justice, and Rob is heading to solitary, not before they have final seven minutes of um, heaven, in Tracy's cell. Rather you than me, love. And we're no nearer to finding out who clobbered Ken.

The main drama doesn't affect Maria and Aidan. Shayne Ward may be sick of being a sex symbol, but Aidan's OK with it, having Eva purr over him and Maria slink off to the ginnel with him (if that gitty could talk....) David tells Maria that she can't share a bottle of wine with Eva if she's, um, intimate with Eva's fella and Maria decides to "unfriend" her, with entertaining results. Unfortunately, Eva is amused by Maria's rendition of her, so Maria changes her tack and insults Leanne, which leads to a cream horn to the face. It could have been worse; I bet Eva has got a belting right hook.

The factory girls and Sean buying 99s from the ice-cream van gives Rana an idea to cheer up Zeedan, who is in a grump after not getting a promotion at the Bistro - buying him a food truck. Nice to have the Nazirs back in a storyline that doesn't involve the £14K that Alya owes Dev.

Aunty Gina has disappeared and the delectable duo of Sophie and Rosie are determined to keep this from Sal. This seems like a bad plan to me; surely part of Sally's trauma was that a total stranger was so vile to her on the internet. If she knew it was someone with mental health problems, even if it were her own sister, wouldn't that make the situation easier to deal with? Anyway, Gina turns up to apologise to Sally, but Leah drags her away in her car. Sally goes to see her sis, but she has moved. This story still has legs and it's gonna run.

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Maricha said...

Great summary :-)
One thing though, Alya doesn't owe Dev anything. She blackmailed her grandfather into giving her the funds to buy a special machine but he's the one who embezzled money from the gym account and he wouldn't have had to do that if he wasn't also buying a flat for his mistress.

Newfy Pearl said...

I loved that Rob put Tracy and Amy before himself. I love that our Ken was back - he found it hard to believe Tracy guilty and had decided to gift her a share of the inheritance.
I found it funny when Maria referred to Leanne's form of being on her back...hey pot meet kettle.
I like the storyline already for the food truck.
I don't understand why Amy told Steve that no one is to know the real reason that Tracy confessed....I would think it would give Ken a little comfort to know that Tracy would go so far to protect Amy.
Anyhow....for better or worse...I enjoyed tonight's episodes. :-)

abbyk said...

I liked it, too. It all came down to relationships. Old friends Audrey and Liz, a loyal employee Mary (who I am really beginning to like, never saw that coming), newlyweds and their gran, two sets of sisters and even a glimpse at the domestic bliss that is Sean and Norris. I also like that we now have three suspects out of the frame but still no idea who pushed Ken and that even a confessed murderer can have a conscious. My innate sense of fairness likes the way Ken reapportioned his will to give Adam what would have gone to Susan, which he would have benefitted from if she were still alive or inherited anyway if she died, and Tracy getting hers right now to buy the shop. It was also good to have a break from the grooming saga. A well spent Monday night.

Anonymous said...

Strange not to see Peter at Tracy's hearing. I always thought that Peter and Tracy were quite close. I don't think Peter would believe that Tracy pushed Ken, Surely he'd be there to support his sister?

Rachel Stevenson said...

Hi Maricha, Yes I remember that it was Sharif who stole the money from the gym. It was more of a throwback to my previous reviews in which I've pointed out that Alya should feel the responsibility to pay back Dev rather than Zeedan. So it was a bit of a bitchy throwaway comment. I'm sure IRL, Dev could hire debt collectors to hunt down Sharif, but that wouldn't make a good plot, I don't think.

Louby said...

While there may have been lots of plot holes in last night's episode, I really enjoyed it, best one for ages.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree with abbyk. It was refreshing to see the relationships come to the forefront.
Rachel, it really shows that Alya is more like her grandfather, leaving someone else to clean up a mess made by her wanting to have what she wants with no regard to others.
Anonymous...I too thought that right away...where is Peter!
I really liked that Ken reasoned out why Tracy would not have hurt him.
Enjoyable all around.

Maricha said...

While I do think Alya shouldn't have blackmailed her grandfather, I don't think she's leaving others to clean up the same way he did.

She couldn't have known her grandfather was overextended financially. Once she did know, selling used equipment for a fraction of its value wouldn't have fixed anything.
As Kal's child like Zeedan, she, her brother and Dev are in a position to get Sharif arrested for embezzlement and force him to repay them so why should she reimburse his debt instead of going after him? Maybe if Zeedan had gone to university too instead of laying about until the gym opened, he'd know that this financial mess has to be resolved by the person who caused it; his grandfather.

Being in the wrong about one action doesn't mean Alya should hold the bag for everything else that happened.

Maricha said...

I think it doesn't need to be plot but it makes no sense to have an experienced businessman like Dev act as if Yasmeen and the Nazirs owe him something (and them acting as if he's right) when he could just say he got a judgment against Sharif and all his assets were auctioned off to repay the missing money. No need to show the proceedings, Dev could explain it to Yasmeen as she went to buy a pint of milk and it would neatly tie up that storyline.
It wouldn't hurt if, for once, a financial and legal situation was properly handled on Corrie.

Newfy Pearl said...

But Maricha wouldn't you agree that Alya should try to help out financially? Where is she anyway? I don't remember where she is living. I see her at the factory but never at home.

Maricha said...

Last I knew she had to bunk on Fizz and Tyrone's sofa because her grandmother, rightly, threw her out for keeping Sharif's secret.
She still works at the factory and must be the PA since I saw Eva sewing recently.
I agree that her money would be better spent going back home to share her grandmother's expenses and that she should use any profits from that embroidery venture to help her grandmother but I don't want her and Zeedan on the hook for all of Sharif's embezzlement at all. Dev is acting like a dummy because it's easier to pressure the Nazirs across the street than go after Sharif but that's wrong on many fronts and unrealistic.

Louby said...

Alya is sharing Kate's flat I think.

The money thing was made more complicated than it should have been due to the actor's hasty exit. Or at least different to how it was planned in the first place. I guess we'll never know how that would have turned out!

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