Monday, 1 May 2017

New pics reveal Bethany's story gets worse

This week we'll see evil Nathan propose to Bethany in his plan to further control her.

He's also going to offer Bethany to another mate of his too.

Could it get any worse? Yes, I'm afraid so.

The Manchester Evening News carries a Coronation Street spoiler today that says Nathan burns Bethany with a cigarette.  The MEN have paparazzi pictures taken this week.

This is such a nasty storyline and I do understand that it's highlighting an issue which affects young girls - and boys - but I will be pleased when it comes to an end.

Coming to an end? Yes! Have a look here.

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Louby said...

I don't know how others feel about this, but it's gone far enough in my opinion. They've highlighted the issue, and brought it to people's attention, if they were unaware of it before. Friday's scenes with Neil and Bethany were stomach churning. They don't need any more.

I still think that they should leave this sort of thing to EastEnders. They are excellent at misery.

Tilly Flop said...

I totally agree Louby. I know it goes on in the world and it is terrible, but I now wish it would come to an end. It has been handled well and acted superbly, but I'm finding myself not wanting to watch any scene with Nathan in. He is so convincing. I hope that if I see Chris in other programmes after he leaves Corrie I see him as his new character and not nasty Nathan. I stopped watching EE decades ago because of storylines like this. I don't wanna follow that route with Corrie

Humpty Dumpty said...

It has been an excellent storyline and hasn't been sensationalised. I'm sure young people and their carers will have gained a lot from it but ... burning with a cigarette ... I thought the psychological controlling was very authentic but perhaps physical torture will signal Bethany's understanding.

Although grooming happens in reality, Corrieworld is full of people lurking round corners, coming out of pub toilets and overhearing conversations. It seems to me that Gail, or rather the old Gail, would have picked up that something was wrong. Moving in with a boyfriend at 16 and skipping school? She doesn't need to have seen anything but alarm bells would be ringing. Perhaps I've missed a scene between Gail and Sarah. This is one problem with issues in a soap. Viewers have to use their knowledge of what happens around them and suspend their disbelief when things don't quite ring true on the screen.

Maricha said...

We've gotten the point the story was making so it's time for it to end.

Beth said...

I find it ludicrous that neither Gail or Audrey aren't banging down Nathan's door. We haven't even seen them in conversation about it, all concerned and worried...

Whilst Corrie are insisting they have gotten advice and are doing it correctly, so many things don't ring true. Doesn't Gail wonder where Bethany has gone from that cramped house, she'd nag Sarah senseless especially since Sarah was groomed herself. Her being 16, Uncle Nick and David would also step up when they'd know Nathan's age. They'd rally around and scare him off big time. It wouldn't be worth his while. It would be more likely that he'd set his sights on someone with less family network and the only reason he's managed to get his claws into Bethany is that for once nobody has listened around corners, to phone calls or were at the pub when Nathan dropped by. All very convenient in this tiny street where everyone know everyone's business.

Anonymous said...

imho, this is Corrie's strongest storyline in recent memory. By having it play out inexorably, they're also going to have created one of their strongest female leads in recent memory. Having watched Bethany go through this, viewers won't be able to see her as a child any longer. She'll be more mature, if she isn't already, than Sarah or her gran. It will be interesting to see where she goes as a character after this.

When Nathan goes down, I hope Mel finds redemption, as she too is a victim and a potentially sympathetic addition to the Street.

I agree it isn't realistic that Gail would ignore Bethany's extracurricular activities, although the writers could do more to show her being distracted by the whole Leanne-Oliver-not-baby-daddy-Nick triangle. It seems what they're trying to do, and which they did with Faye's pregnancy as well, is make the teenagers' storylines more detachable from adult interference. That's how it would be in real life, as no teenager would put up with living in the goldfish bowl that is Coronation Street, but probably they're ultimately doing it to make the storylines more relatable to viewers in that age group.

Maricha said...

I hope that when Nathan goes, we're also rid of Mel. Sure she was a victim too, but in this day and age you can warn a family or the authorities in many different and anonymous ways to prevent another girl from being exploited. Instead, Mel is the one who spiked Bethany's drink on the night when she slept with Nathan.

Also, two other girls were being searched for as victims of Nathan earlier in the year. Mel's also turned a blind eye to their plight. The people who know human trafficking is happening and keep mum are as bad as those doing it since this crime relies on secrecy to get carried out successfully.

popcorn said...

I am totally with Beth. Yes, a soap will always stretch things, but the complete non-involvement of the entire Platt family is a stretch too far.

Zagg said...

I am with Beth and Popcorn on this. While they may have researched the grooming aspect and got it right, they totally missed the mark on what would be appropriate character responses. To think that her Uncles and Gail and Audrey would not step in is ludicrous.Or the fact that Gary would let it go is silly. It seems they're so eager to pat themselves on the back with bringing yet another "awareness" storyline, that they totally wrote it with blinders on, just to tell the story. This is a soap, not a Public Service announcement. It's gone on too long now and some scenes are starting to look too gratuitous for me.

J said...

From a storytelling standpoint it is well done. Dragging it out only adds to it. Sarah is more worried about being a friend than a Mom.

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