Wednesday, 3 May 2017

New Coronation Street book for Christmas 2017

There's a new Coronation Street book coming out in time for Christmas.

Written by Maggie Sullivan, it's a fiction book called Christmas on Coronation Street

Details are as follows, from Amazon today:

"Elsie Grimshaw, sister to ten other siblings and born at No. 18 Back Gas Street, Weatherfield, is a wild child from the start. After being thrown out by her father, Arthur Grimshaw, she marries Albert Tanner at 16 and raises her children mostly alone after they split up. Never one for caring what the neighbours think, Elsie has an affair with a GI who is only one of many men who come and go from No. 11 Coronation Street.

Elsie maintains a loving relationship with her siblings who use her as refuge from their abusive father, especially Fay Grimshaw, Elsie’s sister. The Manchester Blitz was one of the worst winters of the war in 1940, but Elsie and the other Coronation Street residents will face it with strength and determination and of course, Coronation Street’s trademark humour and warmth.

The perfect Christmas gift full of nostalgia and charm, perfect for fans of Coronation Street and readers who love fiction set in Wartime".

You can order it here  Christmas on Coronation Street

This new Corrie war time book reminds me of Daran Little's books: "Coronation Street": The War Years and "Coronation Street" at War and "Coronation Street": Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Intriguingly, Harper Collins is also releasing another Coronation Street book by Maggie Sullivan in February 2018. The working title is Coronation Street Book 2

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