Monday, 15 May 2017

Could a Redwater spin-off work for Corrie?

This week, there's an EastEnders spin-off starting on TV. It's called Redwater and it stars two of the BBC soap's major characters - Kat and Alfie.

The BBC have created this spin-off, or companion character piece to EastEnders, offering the soap's fans "a whole new world of secrets and lies and a new cast of characters that we hope viewers will take to their hearts, as much as they have Kat and Alfie."

It's on at a later time that EastEnders is, and is a post watershed show too, which allows for deeper and darker drama than can happen in a soap.

Do you think a spin-off like this would work for Coronation Street? I'm not thinking about a two-hander episode, as we've discussed here.

Rather, I'm thinking of a whole 6 part series, like Redwater, featuring two major characters who go off on their own searching for something, or to bring closure to something in their lives. Or would you rather have a fun spin-off DVD along the lines of A Knight's Tale or Out of Africa, as Corrie have done in the past?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you're an EastEnders fan reading this, I'd love to know if you think Redwater works.

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Anonymous said...

Considering how the whole family dominate episodes with storylines going on at the same time,yes,I think Corrie can do a spin off series featuring the Platts.
Perhaps if they did, then other underused characters like Norris and Sean will have a chance to be featured.

Anonymous said...

I remember other sрin-offs like damon and debbie, joanie loves chachi and didn't corrie already do this with рardon the exрression?

Canuktuk said...

Agree on the Platts being able to run their own spin-off, it certainly would open screen time up for many other characters. There was a time I might say that about the Connors but they certainly aren't the family they may have once been.

maggie muggins said...

I'd love a spin-off located at Becky's B & B on whatever tropical island she and her fella went to. Lots of characters from Weatherfield could then visit for storylines. Death in Paradise meets Hotel Babylon!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with maggie muggins! Also, a spin-off that follows Daniel and Sinead to Oxford. It would be entertaining to have their friends/housemates show up in Weatherfield, as well as Beth and Kirk visit Oxford.

Anonymous said...

They did this once before.

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