Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Gina confesses all to Sally

Sally’s troll is finally unmasked next week on Coronation Street.

Unable to live with the guilt any longer, Gina confesses to Sally that she was her internet troll. In tears Gina blames her medication and assures Sally she has no knowledge of the terrible things she’s done. Sally’s stunned, as you can imagine, but she determines to help her sister find somewhere decent to live.

When Sally takes a call from a housing contact telling her of an available flat for Gina and Leah, Gina’s thrilled.

But when Tim find out what Sally’s sister has been doing to her, he’s furious and goes to confront Gina, but she goes on the run. Tim finds her sitting alone on the site of a demolished house and then Sally begs her to come home. Will Gina agree?

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Maricha said...

Still think Leah did the trolling.

C in Canada said...

I agree with Marchia, I think it was Leah after all, especially since Gina doesn't even remember trolling.
Leah might have told Gina that she did it, and in her fragile state accepted it as fact.

Ladylauragee said...

I agree with the above. Something seemed off about that whole thing with Leah. I wonder why Leah would troll Sal though?

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