Saturday, 13 May 2017

Coronation Street now available on BritBox in America

News reaches us that Coronation Street is being made available in the USA the day after it airs in the UK.

But you have to pay for it.

American Corrie fans can already watch Coronation Street on Hulu.  Now, subscription service BritBox is making new Corrie episodes from the UK available within 24 hours .

BritBox costs $6.99 per month after an introductory free trial period.

Soumya Sriraman, president of BritBox, said: "Coronation Street has been the most requested show for our service, and we know that subscribers and fans will jump for joy now that BritBox not only has the series, but will be running them stateside hours after viewers get to see them in the U.K.”

Any American fans reading this thinking of signing up to pay for Corrie?

Would YOU pay to watch Coronation Street?

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Laura said...

I signed up the second I got the news.

Tvor said...

That's going to make Hulu and their paid subscription with a 3 week delay unhappy!

Flo said...

Hulu is no longer free, so this is a much better option. Hulu lost me when they initially decided to drop it, then wouldn't answer anyone's questions as to why. Quite honestly, I don't understand why now it's a 3 week delay for Hulu when it used to be 2, and now if Britbox can do it next day, they have serious egg on their face. Hulu can get stuffed!

Britbox also has a lot of other good programming that other sources don't offer. Britbox combined with Acorn should make any British TV lover happy!

Anonymous said...

I do pay.. from Washington state U. S.
I pay for the Canadian TV station that airs Corrie.

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