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What 3 things do you LOVE about Corrie right now?

Is it just me, or does it feel like there's a lot going on in Coronation Street right now? And with sixe episodes per week coming up, it can only get more busy with the drama that is soap.

But what are you enjoying most on Coronation Street right now? Let's have your top three favourite storylines and see if everyone else agrees.

For me, I think my top 3 favourite current storylines are as follows:

Sally and Gina
The return of Gina Seddon is an interesting one. Having Gina return would have been a storyline big enough to carry its own weight, even if she'd just breezed back to Weatherfield with a cheeky grin and a suitcase. Bringing her back with this internet troll story and suffering from bipolar makes it even more unusual. I think there's a lot of mileage to be had from watching Sally and her sister once Gina settles in and Leah leaves (which I hope she does).

Rosie and Sophie
Another sister storyline, and more Wesbter family members,but these two I'm loving watching. They're funny, they spark off each other and they could get into all sorts of trouble through Rosie's naivete and bird-brain.  Lots of fun to watch, for me.

Gemma and Rita

Another female pairing is Gemma and Rita. I don't think we've seen enough of these two, or the best of them yet. There's a lot more to be revealed about Gemma and Rita might just be the one to take her under her wing, fully and firmly and call her family too?

So there's all my three choices of things I'm loving watching on Corrie right now. What are yours?

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Newfy Pearl said...

Enjoying it all but here are my top three:
1. David Platt - he is a scene stealer. Great actor. Love him.
2. All things Barlow and Platt.
3. Looking forward to Eva finding out about Aiden and Maria. Now that Eva and Toyah seem to be should be interesting to watch Maria deal with the wrath of the three sisters! lol

abbyk said...

With the exception of his relationship with Toyah, which could be removed like a skin tag, quick and painless with no scar, I'm loving the current incarnation of Peter. My favorite part is his big brother role in leading the family while Ken has been indisposed, but particularly his relation to Daniel. Kinda wish for a soap miracle so we could see his adult relationship with Susan, but not if it strains credibility. I hope he finds something more substantial to do than being a cabbie, and while I don't think owning a pub is a great idea for an alcoholic, until his final downfall, there could be a lot of dramatic temptations.

I'm also liking Mary these days; I had railed against her for years, so that is a statement. The pairing with Tracy has done well for both characters, and I also like that they've toned down the crazy and added a dash of adulting. Looking forward to more of her as the safe adult in concern over Bethany scenes.

David and Maria - it's not a romance, just a fun with workmates doubles act. And they do it so well. More, please. (Less Maria and Aiden as well, thanks, unless it's needed to fuel more Maria and David banter.)

Zagg said...

Maria getting a cream puff to the face. Enough said.

Laura said...

Characters becoming more dimensional. Mary and Tracy are great examples of this trend.

The Rovers changing hands. I like Steve and Liz running it, but ready for a change and shake up. Hopefully I won't regret those words!

Craig getting a storyline. And Zeedan too. Really looking forward to seeing these stories develop.

Maricha said...

Mary getting more inclusive scripts.
David and Maria joking about like the old pals they would be after all these years of working together.
The Barlows: though the Ken attack storyline derailed that a bit, I like seeing them together.

Laura said...
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Karen said...

I've really liked Gemma from day one. I think we might see some interesting future story lines with her and Rita.
David Platt is another character that I find quite intriguing. He swings back and forth between devoted dad to seething monster at the snap of a finger!
Now I wonder what THESE two could get up to together??

Laura said...

Would take a while - Gemma is too close to Kylie's death for David to see past

Louby said...

I too am enjoying Rosie's return very much, a great surprise as I hadn't remembered her fondly. Having her work with Sophie was a great idea.

David is also on my list. He delivers his one liners perfectly, with whoever he's in a scene with.

Daniel is my third choice. In spite of putting him in a couple with Sinead. I hope they develop his character in a positive way and he doesn't end up waiting on tables forever.

There's a lot to like on Corrie at the moment!

Ryan Oxley said...

My 3 would be ;

1. Nathan / Bethany storyline
2. The Barlow's (especially Tracy, she's brilliant)
3. David Platt (in any storyline0

A lot is happening on those cobbles of late, looking forward to going 6 episodes a week :)

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