Sunday, 14 May 2017

Corrie Weekly Awards for May 8 - 12

Out of the Mouths of babes: Amy really gave Rob a reality check, calling him a loser and a coward and rattling his cage well and truly.

Confession is good for the soul: Rob confessed to being with Tracy and Tracy retracted her confession about Ken.

Soap Law #431: 7 minutes in a cell with Rob. Hands up how many of you think Tracy's going to be up the duff?

Throwback award: Jenny mentioned the fact that Gina used to flirt with Kevin back in the day.

Musical Ambience: "Help me Make it Through the Night" in the Kabin while David was hoping that Clayton died of his injuries.

Rock Bottom award: Nick has gone from the rocky ground of insecurity to the mucky pits of paranoia over Steve.

Lines of the week:
Detective Inspector "You'd have to be an idiot to leave your daughter with a convicted murderer who's on the run from some pretty nasty people" (Have you met Tracy?)
Audrey to Sally "How are you? Gail told me about your gremlins" David "It's trolls, Gran"
Sean "To flake or not to flake, that is the question" (Ice cream, that is)
Sophie worries about genes (re: Gina's illness) Rosie "What's jeans got to do with it?"
Ken "If Tracy didn't attack me, who did?" (I think every single one of the suspects is going to be arrested at this rate. Rubbish cops)
Rosie "Why don't houses have windscreen wipers?"
Mary about Sean "That lo down knicker stitching cheat!!!!"
Daniel to Sinead "Is this a random existential crisis or are you on about something specific"
Sally "Bipolar...Reminds me of the time I had to start saying 'lesbian' without feeling weird"
David to Nick "You need to get a grip or you'll lose. Trust me"

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Maricha said...

If anyone would know what to tell Nick about over the top behavior, it should be David.

Frankly, I'd say Tracy was better off trusting Rob than the police. She was known to have been his girlfriend but they didn't think to warn Tracy weeks ago that a gang was after Rob, which might put her and Amy in danger. She'd be none the wiser if Rob hadn't escaped and explained it all to her.
It seems inevitable that Tracy is going to be pregnant. She just turned forty, if the show wants her to have more children, the clock is ticking. As shows don't seem able to manage having several newborns to deal with at once, I wonder if this means Toyah won't be pregnant or will miscarry.

Anonymous said...

On Fridays episode, Toyah was seen drinking lots of wine with Eva. Even though she never said the test was negative, surely this is a giveaway that she's not pregnant

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Nick to leave. Can't stand Amy, wish she would leave.

Rapunzel said...

Nobody disses Amy Barlow on this blog site!!
Amy, great-granddaughter of Blanche the Magnificent, granddaughter of Deirdre the Fantabulous and daughter of Tracy the Gobmeister. Our Amy is a perfect mix of all three of her Goddess forebears. Long may she rule the street!

Newfy Pearl said...

LOL Well said Rapunzel! I think the child is doing a marvelous job.
I think too that Tracy knew deep down that she could trust Rob to look after Amy and get her home safely. It probably did not occur to her about the bad guys finding Rob because she was so caught up with: 1- wanting to get Amy safely home, 2- hating to part with Rob yet again and facing years of lonliness, and 3- dacing prison time again.
So for the comment (do you know Tracy)...I think this is getting old.

Aussie Pete said...

Couldn't have said it better Rapunzel! 😂

Tvor said...

We didn't actually see Toyah take a drink though it was implied. I think that could be an 'out' if they do want her to be pregnant, but probably she's not pregnant.

Maricha said...

@Anonymous09:36. Good point!
I hope this also means that Toyah and Peter soon break up.

Maricha said...

100% right Rapunzel.:-)

Anonymous said...

I agree, but Eva put out 2 red coloured wine glasses and cleared away at least 2 empty wine bottles. Surely Eva wouldn't drink 2 bottles of wine on her own? Although, I do find it strange that Toyah didn't actually say she wasn't pregnant

abbyk said...

Ethical Businessman Award - almost went to Robert for not wanting to put Betty's hotspot on the menu. Sadly he was bulldozed by Michelle. How exactly does hotspot fit in with the Bistro's current offerings?

Drama Princess - Me Me Mechelle, for her OTT behavior surrounding Ruari's due date. I've never been in your shoes, hun, but you held him, had a wake, had a private funeral, and had an ash scattering ceremony. That's a lot of closure. Yes, there will always be a hole in your heart. Yes, it's still raw. But you are an adult and it's time to start behaving like one when you're in public. Save the dramatics for behind closed doors (and preferably off screen). And no, you never get to be nasty to or in front of Oliver -- he's an infant and none of this is his doing.

abbyk said...

Yeah, autocorrect. Of course it's hotpot, not hotspot.

Maricha said...

Oh,look! Michelle is already demeaning Robert. Who in the world brings a chef a recipe to use in his restaurant as if he wasn't able to create his own dishes to beat whatever some pub is serving. What a slap in the face.

donna harris said...

Robert is like a dog waiting for the crumbs from the table to hit the floor. He would do well to listen to Leeanne, although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that he is Mr. Right now, and he'll be on the scrapheap that is Michelle's lovelife.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:8, I'll incur the wrath and diss Amy, lol! I also dislike her. The actress is absolutely fantastic, no doubt about it, but I find Amy to be an extremely unpleasant, mouthy child and don't find her "one liners" funny. It's no wonder, having had Tracy as a mother and honestly Blanche's humour was often quite cruel. But I think Elle (I forget her last name) is a brilliant young actress and has a great career ahead of her.

Bonnie from Canada

Tilly Flop said...

Correct Anon. I've just watched Friday night's episode. There were indeed 2 wine glasses, but in fact there were 3 empty wine bottles. (Aidan had one, and the were 2 on the coffee table). Surely Eva couldn't have downed all 3?

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason award-To David who is becoming the head of the Platt family and my favorite with each episode.
Ready for the Funny Farm award to Nick for even thinking that Steve would put the health of his son or any child in jeopardy.
Considering how he's been verbally abusive to Leanne recently, how he forced her to abort their child years ago and how he wanted David to go to jail after their accident,I think Nick would be capable of overdosing Oliver to get back at Steve for himself and possibly Michelle while acting as the 'supportive grief stricken' father to Leanne.

Tvor said...

I wonder if Nick even told Steve that they'd given Oliver some medication before handing him over? Nick was the one that arranged for Steve to have the baby for the day so he could spend time with Leanne on their own.

Newfy Pearl said...

Tvor - that would explain why his mind could go to such a dark place right away. Very extremem to think that someone would harm a baby for any reason.

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