Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Anna goes into meltdown on Coronation Street

In next week's Coronation Street, things aren't looking good for Anna Windass.

It starts when Anna spots Faye begging Pat Phelan to take her to visit Seb at the Young Offenders Unit. But as Faye climbs into Phelan's van, Anna clocks her from across the street and she's furious!

Anna climbs into Phelan’s van with Faye and demands answers from them both. Faye admits that Phelan's been giving her lifts to the Young Offenders’ Unit to visit Seb. In a fury, Anna drives off, stopping away from the street where they have a blazing row and Faye runs off.

And then, later in the week we'll see Kevin book a surprise overnight hotel stay for him and Anna. But she refuses to go on account of Faye’s meltdown - but is Anna using Faye as an excuse to avoid getting intimate with Kevin?

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Maricha said...

Anna is right even though it might be a bit of a way to beg off on a night with Kevin: when your daughter is lying to you is not the time to leave her unsupervised overnight.

Anonymous said...

I'm also on Anna's side this time as Faye is getting out of control.
As for Kevin,Instead of investing Anna's compensation from David on the garage,he's blowing it on dinners for his friends and now a hotel room for him and Anna?!
Poor David,I think he could've used the money for his children's futures.

Maricha said...

Agree. Why is Kevin wasting money like this? It only covered his debt. It didn't put the business ahead. Also, shouldn't he be thinking of a way to pay her back someday?

Newfy Pearl said...

Poor Anna. When is she going to get a break. I would like to see her on her own....Faye can go live with Seb and grandpa Phelan lol. Then Anna should win the lottery and for once in her miserable life live a comfortable life.

Zagg said...

I would have liked to see Anna take that money from David and leave the street for a new beginning somewhere else.Faye could have stayed with Tim and Gary is an adult anyway. Every man she is with goes down the tubes and turns into a character that is unlikable.I'm still not team Anna on any front.

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