Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Aidan snogs Maria up the ginnel

The spoilers are in from ITV for next week's Coronation Street and it's looking hot and steamy up the ginnel. What can I say? Ginnel. It's a funny word and I'm going to use it in this blog post as much as I can .

Yes, Aidan snogs Maria up the ginnel in next week's Corrie. And as we can see from the picture above, the Corrie couple are getting passionate by the bins.

Aidan takes to sneaking around behind Eva's back this week when he's texting Maria and he even buys Maria a new phone so that they can keep their messages more private.

But David's on to them both after he clocks them in the ginnel having a kiss.  Will he dob in his friend Maria to Eva? And what will Eva do when she finds out what Aidan's gone and done. Now that.... that will be a sight to behold. Hell hath no fury like an Eva scorned.

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Zagg said...


Maricha said...

The only exciting thing about this is the telling off from Eva I'm looking forward to see them get. They can disappear right after that happens as far as I'm concerned.

Newfy Pearl said...

if it is like the Phelan storyline....Eva will never find out

Laura said...

It seems like there's nothing more interesting to do with Aiden's character, or Maria's, so they have to keep coming back to this. Waste of space and looking forward to see Eva move on from them both.

Will be interesting to see how Michelle treats Maria after finding out.

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