Monday, 1 May 2017

State of the Street - April 2017

There were some big things going on in April on Coronation Street. Sally was trolled mercilessly, leaving her a shaking shadow of her former self. Ken is also in the same boat, nervous of being out and around his family.  The police keep changing their minds about who to charge for Ken's attack and are now focusing on Tracy but Tracy's got other things on her mind. Rob Donovan has escaped prison and she's helping him get away and seems about to go with him, dragging Amy along.

Michelle has taken Leanne's job and taken Robert into her bed while she aims divorce papers at Steve. Toyah's determined to be a mum even if Peter's life is in tatters due to the false assault charges from Chloe. Bethany is in way over her head as Nathan's manipulations have only just begun. I have a few questions about that storyline. Like, if Sarah is so worried about getting her away from Nathan, why hasn't she told the rest of her family and a few of the larger, more aggressive men on the street? None of them would stand for a predator grooming a sweet young thing. I want to see Luke, Kevin, Phelan, Robert, Steve and David go after Nathan along with Gary. If the police can't do anything at this point, the local posse sure can.

All this and more on State of the Street.

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Anonymous said...

If Gail was your mum and you knew her history of meddling, would she really be your go-to person in a delicate crisis?

Maricha said...

Hmmm, I'd say this is one situation where Gail's meddling would be very welcome. I don't think Nathan wants Gail practically staging a sit-in at his tanning salon and dropping in at all hours.
Sometimes having a nosey and quarrelsome family is a good thing; this is one of those times.

Oliver Clixby said...

I thought exactly the same regarding a Corrie posse of saviours! I want to see Nathan get his comeuppance so much, along with a bloody good hiding! He's so slimy, he needs a good decking from Gary

Humpty Dumpty said...

Ideally, the womenfolk would come battering at Nathan's door. Gary walloped him and he turned it to his advantage with Bethany instantly taking his side. Although this is Bethany's story, it is also the story of the family and their subsequent feelings of guilt. Sarah's role hasn't been fully explored. She would at least be checking Nathan out on Facebook or discreetly asking around. You have to be true to the issue but you also have to be true to the characters. A great scene would be for Great Gran, Gran and Mum to gate crash one of Nathan's parties and bundle Bethany out in a blanket.

Rapunzel said...

I hope when this all wraps up that someone remembers that Toyah is a trained counselor (and has some personal experience having herself been raped, albeit under different circumstances). It would be very beneficial to see some follow-up therapy-in-action.

Naysayer said...

You're lumping Phelan in with the good guys...DON'T DO THAT! He is NOT a good guy or a knight in shining armour and never will be!

Tvor said...

No, Phelan isn't one of the good guys and he probably wouldn't be asked to be part of the posse anyway but I do think he would gladly help tear Nathan apart on this one.

abbyk said...

I am surprised that Sarah hasn't confided in big brother Nick. They have plenty to commiserate about. If his brain damage decides to take one more spin in the crazy cycle and he unleashes on Nathan, I'll be cheering him on. If there's a posse, I wouldnt dismiss Phelan because Todd would be there and he might just go along to keep an eye on him but end up showing all present how Bad is done. Baddy vs Master Baddy, it would be a good scene.

The Sally and Ken stories have both been compelling. Freddy's leaving, not so much. He was one well liked character, as was Dennis Tanner before him, who should have had more to do. He has enough street ties, I hope he finds his way back.

One new story that has potential is Billy and the Kid. There is something else going on with what's his name the (supposed) cancer dad. I know he said no but Billy always picks up strays, so of course he'll change his mind for Summer. If he and Todd break up, no great loss. Billy as the new dad would be more interesting than as the stale romantic partner to a man child who lives with his mom because he doesn't have a job.

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