Tuesday, 2 May 2017

5 Magical Maria Moments in Coronation Street

Maria Connor isn't one of my favourite Coronation Street characters.  In fact, I listed her as one of the top three Corrie characters that I'd like to get rid of.

But when Maria is given something to do, something meaty, a storyline to get her claws into, she really is fun to watch. I think we need to see more of the old Maria and less of the wishy-washer hairdresser who mopes about the salon.

Let's take a look back at my top five favourite magical Maria moments, so far:

1. Maria slaps Carla. 
It's Maria's wedding day to Liam but both Maria and Carla know that Liam's in love with Carla, not Maria. The two women have a to-do in the ladies loo and Maria slaps Carla. I love this scene. More of this kind of thing, please, Corrie!

2. Maria falls in love with the man who murdered her husband.

It's the fabulous Tony Gordon, proposing to Maria after he killed Liam. And Maria? She's flattered, of course!

3. Maria gives birth in a beach hut
Baby Liam was born in a beach hut with Tony Gordon on hand to deliver Liam's child.

4. Maria stalks Tyrone
Fiz wasn't best pleased when Maria kept sending texts to Tyrone, worse still that Tyrone was defending Maria's actions.

5. Maria at the top of Blackpool Tower
In a wonderful scene, Tyrone proposed to Maria at the top of Blackpool Tower.

Come on, Corrie!  I know we've got more Maria and Aidan action coming up on Coronation Street, but give the girl a break. Give her a proper storyline and let's see something great from Ms Connor.

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Beth said...

Unfortunately they've run out of things to do with her. She's a bit of a blugh character who has slept with the majority of the male population of the street and is known for stealing boyfriends of others. I'm so bored with her that I can't even be bothered in trying to come up with future ideas for her sadly. (I'd put Izzy and Sean in the same bag). I didn't miss her when she was away in prison and I don't think I'd miss her if she left - sorry.

Zagg said...

I still can't get the picture of her crawling around in that lion suit, out of my head.It was a real low point for the character and the street in my opinion.
I also did not miss her when she was in prison. She seems to be a pretty expendable character now.

popcorn said...

I liked the old Maria of dog kennel days.

Please, could Corrie writers dispense with the notion that everyone must march in pairs in order to be happy! Let Maria find some interest in life other than in a man. And let that be true for others as well.

Lee said...

Agreed Popcorn. Same goes for Erica. How boring is her life with Dev? Get rid, buy into the Rovers and be happy! That's my advice for Erica. As for Maria, ho hum Beth above says it best.

Newfy Pearl said...

Maria has been turned into the town bike with not even her parenting to give her credibility. Sad and past her sell by date.

dulyquoted said...

Thanks for the retrospective! It was interesting to watch those scenes again. (I couldn't believe the hairstyles in the first clip - wow.)

Like most fans who comment here, I wish the writers would stick closer to each character's core, rather than flip-flopping them around. What did Chris Gascoyne call it? pulling the puppets' strings?

Maria should still, at core, be the girl at the top of Blackpool Tower. Tyrone was puppy-love, whereas Liam was the love of her life. Why not leave it there? It seems like Maria should be the second coming of Emily Bishop. After Ernie's death, try as she might, Emily was destined for a lifetime of widowhood. Her single status gave her backbone. I'm not sure what that looks like in 2017, but I wish the writers would explore it with Maria.

Maricha said...

The show could start with having her (and David for that matter) focus on their work for a change. They've been hairstylists for years but have never entered a competition, never been shown branching out to style weddings or fashion shows on site. Stylists regularly do all that while serving their local clientele. Seeing that would be a change from their next doomed relationship.

dulyquoted said...

Maricha, great ideas!

Flo said...

Agreed. The story with Maria and Tony is probably one of my all time favorites, both of them were so good in it and it pulled at every emotion possible. The writers have such a bad habit of wasting their talent and it seems to just be getting worse, only so a handful of characters get all of the screen time and good parts. Maria deserves a good guy that sticks around now. Enough jumping from guy to guy.

Newfy Pearl said...

Flo - I agree. I enjoyed the story of Maria and Tony - a romantic tragedy for sure. Carla took him for granted and lusted for Liam. Liam though seemingly committed to Maria cheated emotionally with Carla long before they slept together. Maria and Tony found in each other what they longed for. As I do not like the Connors - I have to say.....I really felt for Tony. It was the first murderer on the street that I wanted to stay and not get found out. :-)

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