Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Complaint about Granada Wrap Party organisers

In almost ten years of running competitions here on the Coronation Sreet Blog, we have never been let down by the person or organisation offering us the prize.

Until now.

Last week we ran a competition to offer two sets of tickets to the Granada Wrap Party at Old Granada Studios in Manchester. We picked two winners at random from all those who entered and I emailed the winners' details to the person at the email address at Granada Wrap Party who had offered us the competition prizes.

There was no reply, not just to me, but neither was there a reply to our winners.

I chased this up by email and publicly on twitter, but again no reply.  Then we received a Direct Message on twitter, late on Saturday to say that if the winners gave my name on arrival they would be let in free of charge.  This was too late for our winners to get to Manchester as they were both in different parts of the country.

I have today sent both winners an apology and have paid from my own money for an alternative Coronation Street prize for each of them which is on its way today.

The Granada Wrap Party twitter account and website have today been taken offline.

What a nasty way to end the days at Granada - and what a nasty way to treat Corrie fans too.

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Disappointed said...

It was a shoddy, badly organised travesty. No wonder the organisers have fled already. This event was organised by some lot called "Atoozee" based in Sharston, and Stage One was hired from Allied London for this purpose. At no time was anything to do with Granada featured. It was a shameless and pathetic attempt to use Granada's history and quality brand to promote what was, in reality, a crap tribute band on a tiny stage, wth overpriced and limited food and drink. I think your readers got away lucky, as I have no doubt the event would have been as disappointing to them as it was to me.

popcorn said...

Such a shame, FN, but you are a star for trying to make it up to them.

Rebecca said...

I give you credit for trying to make it up to the winners. It's a shame you had to purchase prizes yourself. The "company" who organized the event should do the right thing and reimburse you. Shame on them.

Lee said...

Horrible. Glad they have Ben named and shamed. (Insert a few swear words here please)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for everyone who got misled. It sounds a bit like the recent Fyre Festival (on a smaller scale).