Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Who is Johnny Connor's mystery woman?

Things don't look good for Johnny Connor next week on Coronation Street.

First off, he declines Kate’s invitation to lunch and when Kate finds out Johnny is lying about the reason why he didn't meet her for lunch, she's very concerned.

The plot thickens when Kate spots her dad later leaving Victoria Court with a good-looking woman, and she wonders what he’s up to.

After taking a call in the factory from a hotel confirming Mr Connor’s booking (it’s actually Aidan secretly booking a room for him and Maria) Kate jumps to conclusions and tells Aidan and Eva that Johnny's having an affair. Aidan makes out that the hotel booking was made by him and was meant to be a surprise for Eva. Will Eva buy it or is his affair about to be exposed?

Still suspicious, Kate calls round to see Johnny. When his leg gives way and he collapses, Johnny tries to play it down, revealing the woman Kate saw him with earlier was a masseuse. Kate’s concerned as Johnny begs her not to tell Jenny.

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Newfy Pearl said...

Wow! Ruined that one. lol I was thinking nah...Johnny is not having an affair...but hmmm..what could this be. Then before my little mind could come up with anything....the answer is at the bottom of the post.....so much for that.
I used to enjoy spoilers but even I am getting tired of them now.

carla glaza said...

I really hope that Johnny isn't dying! or its not very serious. I like his character and really want to see him marry Jenny. They are fab together. They remind me of one of those relationships such as Liz and Tony. Its just something about them.
Also can somebody post an article about the new Rovers owner. I'm intrigued as to what Oates has planned for the Rovers and who the new owners will be. I really hope it isn't Toyah and Peter

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