Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Drunken Bethany goes ballistic in Coronation Street

There are some crazy scenes coming our way next week in Coronation Street, and this time in the Platt house once more.

It all starts when Bethany is told by Nathan that he wants to throw another party in the flat. She masks her dismay at the thought of spending more time with Nathan's friends.  Then Bethany Bethany gets a text from Sarah inviting her to a wedding fair and she begs Nathan to let her go. But as Bethany sets off to the wedding fair to meet Sarah, Nathan pulls up in his car and orders her to get in.

Sarah’s furious when Bethany doesn’t show up and sets off to the tanning salon to find out. Having forced Bethany into a sexy outfit and plied her with alcohol, Nathan heads out to get his mate Ian for the party. Sarah lets herself into the flat and is horrified to see Bethany scantily clad and passed out on the sofa. Scared she calls Gary.

Nathan arrives back at his flat with Bethany’s next client in tow but is furious to discover Bethany gone. Gary and Sarah have taken her home. But when Bethany wakes from her drunken stupor she panics that she’s late for Nathan’s party and goes to leave. Bethany’s shocked to discover Sarah and Gary have locked her in and goes ballistic, hurling ornaments at the wall. Can Gary and Sarah contain Bethany’s fury?

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Maricha said...

This would be a great opportunity to get Bethany sent for a psych evaluation.

C in Canada said...

This 'SHOULD' be the big wake up call for Sarah that all is not right in Bethany's relationship with Nathan.
Bethany is under age and in Sarah's care so it's up to her to help her child.

Anonymous said...

Why? If every teenager who got drunk was sent for an evaluation, the would be a waiting list from now till eternity.

Humpty Dumpty said...

it isn't the drunken state, it's Bethany's fear that she's not where Nathan expects her to be. I still don't get why Sarah and Gary aren't busily trying to get information about this guy. He might have private accounts on social media but he'll be known around the clubs.

Maricha said...

Drunk is the least of it, refusing to finish out a school year with only a few weeks left to go, moving out on a whim, isolating herself to be with a boyfriend twice her age, now losing it and throwing things at people. Maybe all that wouldn't be a big sign something was wrong where you're from but I don't know parents who wouldn't want to rule out mental illness if their child was doing any of this.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but if a child of mine was going ballistic and smashing things up I think I would call the police - who hopefully in turn could put me in touch with social services or someone else who could provide professional help. But of course we must remember who we are dealing with so no professional help will be sought.

Newfy Pearl said...

The spoilers say that Sarah upon finding her in that drunken state she locks her in the flat.....so she is doing something.
She lashes out at her family...why..because it is safe to do so. she has so many mixed emotions and is afraid to show them where it should be shown. This is where Tracy needs to come out of murdering retirement and smack Nacthan up side the head with something big and heavy.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a rubbish mum. She is more worried about trying to be Bethany's pal than truly looking out for what's best for her daughter. Being a parent is hard work, and sometimes you have to risk being unpopular with your teenager. Your daughter is 16 and dating a man older than you! Wake up, lady. The actress who plays Sarah is marvelous, but the character of Sarah has not grown up much, in my opinion. It's all about what's easy for her. Granted, you will not be able to stop your kids from doing every stupid thing they want to do (we all remember being teenagers, right?), but as a parent, it's your job to at least try to prevent it when you can. Sarah, how is Bethany doing at school? Where does she go after school? Does she have any mates other than her geriatric boyfriend who she spends time with? Does she have wages from "working" at the salon? What does she do with her money? Have you looked into her "boyfriend's" background at all? Does Bethany look healthy to you? Is she sleeping well? Has it occurred to you that your own poor taste in men (apart from Gary) and irresponsible choices have had an effect on your daughter's feelings of only being worthy if she's with a fella? Come on now. I'm hoarse from yelling at my TV. Anyone else?

Maricha said...

I'd be hearing so many alarm bells my car would be permanently parked in front of that tanning salon until I got my daughter home.

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