Thursday, 4 May 2017

Daniel to leave Coronation Street?

There's a small teaser in this week's fab Inside Soap magazine that suggests Daniel is thinking about moving away from Weatherfield for a new life - gulp - down south!

The magazine reveals that in next week's Coronation Street, Daniel asks Sinead to make a life-changing decision when he suggests that they both leave Weatherfield for a new start in Oxford.

Daniel, you'll recall, is still in the frame for the attack on Ken, especially in light of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his mum, Denise.   And now that there's no baby to think about for him and Sinead, he wonders whether his dream of becoming an Oxford student could still become a reality.

But how will Sinead react when Daniel asks her to move away?  I do hope he won't leave, he's brilliant.  I can't see Corrie getting rid of Daniel any time soon, can you? He's very watchable on screen and, I think, one of the best things about Corrie right now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh on the contrary, I hope he does leave. I don't like him and he's not a good addition to the street.

Tvor said...

I really like him, too. I like that he stands up for himself and doesn't take anyone's crap. I like that he has layers, like that flash temper which may or may not be a good thing but it gives him depth, more than just a nerdy student. Lots of repressed anger probably over his mother leaving him and father abandoning him though his mother had some to do with that as well.

abbyk said...

It's been far too long since we've had a new intellectual neighbor. He's very talented, and I love his relationships with Peter and Ken, and somehow see him playing well with Tracy given the chance. With Adam, there will be a lifetime of intelligent feuding, Ken and Mike release 2. Oh, and he's easy on the eyes. Not jazzed about his relationship with Sinead, but if she did a bit of self improvement, i.e., got away from that soul draining faktry and made something of her design and crafting skills, she'd be a more interesting person and better matched to him.

C in Canada said...

I hope he doesn't leave. Not only because he just came to the show, but he's so much a 'mini Ken' that I can see him carrying the Barlow Baton for years to come. Like Tvor says, he's got layers, he's not just an intellectual but has a bit of bad boy temper about him also.
I like the character, he doesn't grate on me like others, and I the character has a lot of mileage left in him.

Does Oxford do online courses? That way he could stay on the street and still be an Oxford man!

Newfy Pearl said...

I love Daniel for the same reasons as everyone has listed, plus he was mature in his dealings with the pregnancy issue. I loved how he was willing to put family before all else.
But now I wonder...if he is makes sense that he asked Sinead to claim miscarriage....keeps the spotlight off of him doesn't it.

Maricha said...

I haven't warmed up to him yet but I hope he stays for all the reasons mentioned. What I dislike is his sneaky side but that should diminish when his mother turns up.

popcorn said...

Wonderful actor and great character. It would be a big mistake to let him go, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Laura said...

I hope he stays too. There's a lot of unfinished business with his character.

abbyk said...

No, they don't, at least for his program; this was brought up in a passing conversation in an episode. Not sure why residency would be a requirement for a masters program, however.

Eryn Clarke said...

They need to make him more settled. I think the relationship with Sinead isn't realistic. They barely know each other and they're claiming love! Poor Chesney.
If he's Oxford material than write him as an intelligent bloke...lecturer at Manchester Uni of example not a waiter at Nick's Bistro!
Corrie needs to develop his backstory with his mum a lot faster and deeper than a mention here and there.

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