Friday, 5 May 2017

Corrie's Zeedan - a man with a plan and a van

Finally, Zeedan gets a storyline in Coronation Street.  He's been languishing in the kitchen at the Bistro for goodness knows how long.

But now, Inside Soap magazine reveal that we'll soon see Zeedan cook up a storyline all of his own.

Rana is going to surprise Zeedan in next week's Corrie when she gives him a gift of a food van. Well, it's different I suppose. 

Keen to inspire her talented chef of a husband with a new business idea, Rana reckons she and Zeedan could start selling street food togheter. While Zeedan is currently working in the Bistro, it seems Rana's timing is spot on when new Bistro boss Michelle suggets his menus need tweaking.

But will working so closely to Rana prove a recipe for disaster for Zeedan or could he just make it work?

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Scott Willison said...

"New bistro boss slash professional irritant" Michelle. Although I'm not surprised she's being given free reign at the bistro; her brilliant and innovative idea "Let's have a lunch menu" was so out of left field you have to bow down to her superior knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the writers are watching reruns of Kitchen Nightmares. Adding a lunch menu is one of Gordon Ramsay's go-to, off-the-shelf solutions:/

Stephen Feldman said...

Hmmmm, someone with full nursing qualifications (and likely the higher wage earner) leaves that for a mobile kitchen? I guess weirder things have happened on the street.

abbyk said...

Nick's exit story: Michelle makes so many brilliant dynamic changes she turns the bistro inside out. Nick's damaged brain can't figure out where he is or where the bistro went. He leaves to search for it.

I like the food truck idea for Z (esp the Michelle is horrible so I'm leaving part) but I don't like Rana leaving a profession to work with him. Wish he could give Simon a summer job 'cause I miss their almost stepbrother relationship. Gail, Yasmeen, Todd, Shona, there are lots of un/underemployed people on the street, no need to uproot the one person with a Stable career.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It might make sense if Rana only helps out at weekend events or amongst Saturday shoppers. I will despair if she throws in a professional job. They'll need her salary to keep them afloat in the beginning. I could see Yasmeen desperate to help Zeedan but him not being thrilled. Gail is another idea; she ran the café with Alma.

Anonymous said...

Even if Rana does leave her nursing position,I love the idea of a couple working together instead at each other's throats as we've seen lately.
As for the Bistro not having a lunch menu,I think Nick did that out of respect for Roy who was concerned about losing customers and who was a good friend to the Platts over the years.
In her quest to destroy the Rovers and Steve,Michelle doesn't seem to have the same regard for Roy even though he was there for Carla after she suffered a miscarriage.

maggie muggins said...

Hmm, the food van is the second story idea recently that was in Emmerdale in the past year. The first was Billy's ex asking that he and Todd take Summer into their care. There's a gay couple in the "farm" soap that have a younger sister of one of them coming to live with them.

I would like to see Zeedan out of the Bistro kitchen, a set that doesn't lend itself to longer & more interesting storylines. I agree that Rana shouldn't give up nursing though, just help out in her off time. Will we have a mini-Glasto on the Red Rec? :-)

Maricha said...

I like that it should mean we see more of Zeedan. I don't see why Rana should do more than help out when she can since she already has a job, Alia could also participate a bit.
The one I'd like to see him partner with is Yasmeen she seems to be retired and it must be her who taught Zeedan to cook in the first place so they probably can agree on what to put on the menu.

Laura said...

I like the idea of Simon working in the van with him - it would be nice to see them revive their friendship. Maybe after seeing Simon earning some money, Amy would get interested and want to work some hours too, either at the florist or the food truck. That would be fun to watch!

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