Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Corrie's Samia wants Maria and David together

Samia Longchambon, who plays Maria Connor in Coronation Street, was interviewed on ITV's This Morning this week.  She talked about Maria's affair with Aidan and said it's going to get a lot darker.

She says: "Maria makes the worst decisions and it's got trouble written all over it. Aidan's just a dirt bag! I'm campaigning for Maria and David to get together."

There's a clip of the bit where Eva stuffed the cream horn into Maria's face this week. Samia said that the script called for the cake just to be put into Maria's mouth but Cath Tyldesley, who plays Eva, really went for it and stuffed it all over her face instead.

And for all those asking, Samia's skirt comes from Zara.

You can watch the video interview here.

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Zagg said...

I am not in favour of this at all. Maria's character has become a drain, a bore and kind of the kiss of death for men. It seems they leave or get killed. David is such a multi layer character, I would hate to see him bogged down with Maria.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I much prefer them as they are, really good mates. Why does everyone have to be paired up??

Maricha said...

I agree they're better as friends but I see her side of it too. She wants to stay on the show and Shepherd does too: it was disappointing when the actor playing Liam wanted to leave and he was killed off.
Before being paired with all and sundry Maria was a good character and could be one again with the right partner.
Also, I don't want David to end up with Shona so if the alternative is Maria, then I'm all for Maria.

Newfy Pearl said...

Maria needs David as a friend and a co-conspirator.
As for her being a good character? Can you imagine if she had stayed with Tyrone all of these years? Boring.
She is sly and will take any woman's man if given a chance. She is an airhead...I can't believe she married a gay man for him to get his visa and thought her boyfriend should not have any trouble with the arrangement.
Maria should focus on her child and her career and stop being such a little tart.
With that said...I know it is the writers not the actress...but ooooh she annoys me. I do have to say though...she is looking really pretty lately. They are obviously trying to make Aiden's choice more believable. Come to think of it the writers are making Eva a bit dim too. Oh well...maybe they could all set up tent on the red rec and leave us all in peace. lol

donna harris said...

Really hope they find someone for Eva...never cared for Aiden...but..if I was to pair someone with Maria, it wouldn't be David. She hasn't had a fling with Peter yet? Geez...that's be something if she did the dirty on Toyah again!
Why can't even just stay single and become David's business partner?

Lee said...

Newfy Pearl -- you took the words right out of my mouth! My exact thoughts on Maria!

Newfy Pearl said...

Thanks Lee. :-)

Laura said...

Was just thinking as I read this that I'm a bit disappointed in David righht now. Eva was a good friend to Kylie and helped David in his months-long search for her, going with him to the Dog and Gun and looking after the kids a lot. David knows Aiden cheated on her with Maria, who is supposed to be her friend, and doesn't think to give her a heads up that she's wasting her time with a scumbag?

And I don't buy that he would do it out of some sense of loyalty to Maria - it's only since Maria got out of prison that they've shown David and Maria as being such great friends. Before that there were countless scenes of them sniping at each other and bickering in the salon; they certainly weren't depicted as friends.

David understands the pain of being betrayed, so you'd think he would be a bit more sensitive for the sake of Kylie's closest friend on the street. :(

Maricha said...

@Laura, you make great points.

Newfy Pearl said...

Laura what you say would make sense in the real but just as we did not see Michelle take an active Aunty role with little Liam....Eva did not show any interest in David or the kids after their loss. The writers do what they want. I have to say though it crossed my mind as well. But bickering or not....Maria as worked with David a long time in the salon and Audrey looks on her like another grandchild. So in the end Maria will come first with David.

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