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Corrie weekly update: Cardies, cream horns and kebabs

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While Tracy confesses to the worst police force in the world that she pushed her dad downstairs – but it was all an accident – Rob and Amy have broken down on the moors. Back in Weatherfield everyone is worried about missing Amy. Ace mechanic Rob (who knew?) gets the car going again and confronts Amy about pushing Ken. She says she didn’t do it and although she’s very much her mother’s daughter there’s no way she could convincingly lie about such a serious thing. Meanwhile the police charge Tracy with attempted murder.

Adam is over the moon that Tracy’s in the frame, as he is whenever the spotlight for the crime falls on someone other than himself but Ken is having some difficulty coming to terms with the idea that it could be her. The only reason he’d cut her out of his will was that he was going to gift her her inheritance now so that she could buy the florist’s shop to help secure her and Amy’s future.

Tracy is up in court for her committal but then proceedings are interrupted by Rob bursting into the court room to tell Tracy she can’t admit to something she didn’t do and it wasn’t Amy either. As he blocks the door to keep security out he tells everyone that he was with Tracy in Preston’s Petals on the night of the push and there’ll be CCTV to prove it. There’s shock and relief all round except for the Nazir’s who still blame Tracy for Kal’s death and want to see her get her comeuppance. 

Tracy is still in the frame now for wasting police time and perverting the course of justice and is taken back to the cells along with the Rob. They somehow end up in the same cell together and say their farewells before Rob is taken off to a solitary life in Hull. It’s not long before Tracy is released and able to make her peace with Ken who seems to be closer to recovering his memory of the night of the push. She’s still got to face the consequences of going on then run with Rob but for the moment things are back to some sort of normality.

Sally’s sister Gina has gone missing and her step-daughter Leah turns up on Coronation Street looking for her. She turns up outside the factory looking for Sally while Rosie, Sophie and Leah are in the Rovers. As Sally appears so does Leah and she bundles Gina into the car and speeds away. Sally is worried about her sister and she and Tim go to see her. Gina keeps apologising for what she’s done and Sally still doesn’t understand that Leah has put Gina in the frame for trolling her sister. Sally thinks Gina and Leah should come and live with her and forces the situation by smashing the front window on their house. Sally pulls strings with Aidan and gets Gina a job in packing in the factory.

Little Oliver has a rash. He’s had one before and Leanne and Nick give him some anti-histamine medicine to clear it up before handing the baby over to Steve for the day. He takes him out for the day and when he returns he meets Michelle who guesses that he’s been to the beach where they scattered Rauri’s ashes. Today was the due date for their child and she’s absolutely livid that Steve has polluted Rauri’s memory by taking the baby she calls Plan B to his beach. Olly is returned to Leanne and Nick but he’s still not well and hardly breathing so he is rushed to hospital. When Steve eventually turns up he says that he’d given Olly some of his medicine too and then doctor concludes that he’s simply had too much of it and will be ok.

Aidan and Maria take every opportunity to be together and David works out what’s going on when he sees them emerging from either end of the ginnel. He warns Maria of the dangerous game she’s playing especially as Eva is such good friends with her. Real life isn’t as straightforward as social media so it requires a bit of work for Maria to unfriend Eva. She does impressions of her in the Rovers in front of her workmates, bad mouths Leanne to her and ends up with a cream horn in her face for her trouble.

The news in the cafe is that there’s been trouble in the young offenders institution and Kylie’s killer, Clayton, has been beaten up and taken to hospital. Shona rushes straight to hospital but Clayton’s dad Dean is there so she can’t get to see him. David, who seems to be wearing one of Betty’s old cardigans, is over the moon that Clayton could be at death’s door and celebrates in the Rovers. When he’s had far too much, Shona takes him back to his house and lends him a friendly ear and an outlet for his troubles. He wants Clayton dead but then if he died he’d have nobody to hate any more. He misreads Shona’s support and leans in for a kiss just as Gail comes home with the news that the family liaison officer has been in touch and Clayton wasn’t involved in the disturbance and has just fallen and broken his wrist. Later on Gail, who knows that Shona is Clayton’s mother, gives Shona £400 and tells her to get out of their lives.

Elsewhere Toyah, also wearing a bad cardigan, buys a pregnancy test which proves negative. She’s distraught and still hasn’t told Peter that she went through with the procedure to implant the eggs despite his reservations. Sinead is having a random existential crisis and Daniel convinces her to go to Oxford for a break with the possibility of moving there long term. Rana buys Zeedan a kebab van so he can set up his own street food business. Norris suggests to Mary that they rekindle their love of comping, Mary throws herself into it with gusto and tries to win Norris a weekend break in a radio quiz. She tells Sean the answer to the question and he only goes and wins it himself but he gives the prize to Norris as Mary had intended.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week’s writers were Ella Greenhill and Susan Oudot (Monday double); Ben Tagoe (Wednesday); Debbie Oates (Friday double). 
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Newfy Pearl said...

I will say again. I loved the scene with Tracy and Ken. I like that he is rethinking his interfering ways with his family. It brought tears to my eyes when Ken said that no matter what Tracy is his daughter. She really needed that and I think it will go a long way with her. The fact that she would go to prison to save her daughter shows the kind of love she has been craving all of these years....she may not have felt it all the time...but she can give it.
Michelle is hurt and confused and angry....Corrie should have stepped up and shown women who have suffered the loss of a child that they can go for grief counselling. They are so up on everything else being a life lesson to help their viewers. Michelle has gone off the rails..and rightly so...but it has made her very unlikeable. Then again her self entitled ways and crossing of her arms and putting Steve down for years already did that I guess. By the way...where is her sons..the one she raised and the one she gave up?

Rapunzel said...

I was thinking the exact same thing, Newfy Pearl, when watching Friday's episode. While I think Michelle's biological son, Nick, has been discarded into bad plot line history, there is still waste-of-space Ryan. Why doesn't she go visit him in Ibiza for a bit?

Anonymous said...

I'm also finding Michelle hard to watch and I wonder how much longer will Robert put up with her rages?
As for Steve taking Oliver to the beach,[which is not sacred ground]I don't think he disrespected Ruari's memory.I think Steve who had a close bond with his brother Andy,went there to tell Oliver all about his brother Ruari.
I think Michelle was the one who disrespected her son's memory by making a pass at Robert[trying to kiss him]a few days after her miscarriage while Steve was worried sick about her.

Newfy Pearl said...

That is a good point anonymous 17:20 - She thought that was a better idea than sharing her grief with Steve who lost twin babies with Tracy, and Liz who lost her little girl. Two people that could have been the most helpful as they knew the pain. Good point indeed.

popcorn said...

I also think that Michelle needs to get a grip. Women have been having miscarriages and still-births since time immemorial, and while it is certainly very sad at the time, it is not an unusual part of life. Most women I know have had one or the other. Meanwhile, Michelle HAS a son (maybe two, depending on how you look at it) who she seems to completely ignore. I have had it with her - wish they'd send her back to Ireland, or anywhere, for that matter.

Zagg said...

I could not agree more.She has become unbearable to watch. Every scene is her scheming or screaming. I am tired of seeing her toothy,snarly mean face. It's so overacted, it's actually funny to me now. In real life,someone would have told to her belt up and back off, or people would just step away from her.
She really is becoming a disposable character. What friends does she have now? No one besides Robert really.And I'm sure she'll run him into the ground soon.

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