Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coronation Street Spoiler: Mary's overjoyed by family news

Mary receives some good news next week on Coronation Street.  She's beside herself when she hears son Jude is moving to Weatherfield.

This is good news for us fans too, as we'll see more of Mary and learn more about her life. 

We also might see more of her family, as it was once rumoured in the tabloids, that Jude’s family will move in permanently too. This might mean Jude's child - Mary's grandchild - and his partner or wife too. 

But will we ever see her mother?

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Maricha said...

That's great for Mary but there's no way the truth about her age compared to his and how her son was conceived is bound to come out. I hope he takes it as well as can be expected.

Laura said...

I think this is great for Mary, looking forward to seeing it play out. Really hope that Jude really is a good person as he seems - and hey, maybe he'll turn out to be the new buyer of the Rovers!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon) That's not a bad idea--Mary and Jude can run the pub! Except Norris will always be angling for freebies.

Laura said...

Ha - would be funny to see Mary handle Norris! Maybe a few shifts of Mary here and there, but I really like her in the florist shop with Tracy.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think that Mary's mother may be the needed battleaxe that the street is missing. Something to think about.
The family connection of Mary is strong. She has friends and everybody knows her - and people would put up with the old lady because of Mary. Yes - bring her in I say!

Maricha said...

I agree, she sounds like Blanche 2.0. Let's see her.

C in Canada said...

She sound a lot like Roy's mum Sylvia (I miss her!).
Yes the street needs a battleaxe, it's the piece that's missing!

dulyquoted said...

Mary's mum is like Fat Brenda though - larger in the imagination than she could be in real life.

Anonymous said...

But unlike Blanche, who honestly loved her daughter, granddaughter, and great grand...it sounds like Mary's mom sacrificed her on the alter of propriety. Making Mary the poor victim of not only the preacher BUT her mother's sanctimony is heartbreaking. I don't really want to see that woman be real.

Newfy Pearl said...

You make an interesting point Anonymous 20:08

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