Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Coronation Street spoiler: Is Toyah pregnant?

I don't know about you, but I'm not invested - at all - in the Toyah and Peter relationship. To me, they're a Coronation Street couple without any chemistry.  You can read more on that here.

But if you are liking Toyah and Peter together, then you might like to know there's a chance that Toyah could be pregnant.

In the spoilers from ITV for next week's Coronation Street, we'll see Toyah buy a pregnancy testing kit. She heads to the bathroom, intent on discovering if the IVF has been successful and if she's pregnant with Peter's child.

She also confides in Eva that she went ahead with the IVF behind Peter’s back. Hmm... since when did these two become such good mates?

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Maricha said...

Harsh to be saying this but for people resorting to IVF, getting pregnant is half the battle, so I doubt Toyah and Peter will have a kid to remind us of this boring relationship for years to come.

Linda Shockley said...

I don't understand the obsession about having a kid. IVF is expensive. How does the couple afford to raise the child after paying $20,000 just to get pregnant?

Maricha said...

This particular storyline is unrealistic because Peter and Toyah seem barely able to afford to take care of themselves but most people who can afford IVF can also afford to raise their kids.
It stands to reason that if you have 20-40 thousand to spend just on IVF you probably have a good, well-paying job. Having a child doesn't make you lose that well paying job.

Linda Shockley said...

Yeah, I thought about how people who can afford $20K to get pregnant can probably afford to raise the child but I can't see anyone living on Coronation Street being able to afford it.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): My favourite moment in this preposterous story line is when Peter earnestly tells Toyah and the lawyer that he HAD to be nice to Chloe and kiss her because he needed her money to keep coming for the IVF. OMFG!! Just highlights all the things that are wrong here--neither have any money nor a stable job, the husband's a casanova, and the relationship is built on fantasy! I don't know who is sillier in this story--the writers for putting it out there or Toyah for her delusions about getting pregnant with a man who gets money for her IVF by being another woman's escort! Why didn't she just stay with Toby if pregnancy really was her only focus--they had a house, good jobs, stability.

Zagg said...

The ONLY chemistry between them has been the IVF treatment. Together, they are just so boring. Who on earth thought they would be good together? I am disappointed in Peter's return and what they've saddled him with. He needs to drop Toyah and get a new story. And she may as well go back to her hubby. Her return has really been disappointing. What a shame that these writers/producers just don't know what to do with these characters other than pregnancies, cheating and the occasional murder.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I hoped Peter and Toyah together was just a plot device to re-introduce Toyah. If that had been the case, the relationship would be over and done with and quickly forgotten. However, the writers appeared to think the couple have chemistry. I am sure the actors are deeply embarrassed about their storyline as they never look comfortable on screen together. As for the pregnancy, realism goes out of the window and I'm guessing Toyah will be briefly pregnant. Long enough for Peter to be angry, come round to the idea and be grief-stricken. Maybe Toyah then goes back to her husband as tptb realise they made a mistake.

Maricha said...

Sometimes I really wonder if these people watch the show they create. Who is looking at Peter and Toyah and thinking this works in any way?
He has more chemistry with Chloe, who is his stalker, than with his girlfriend. Considering that Gascoyne shines with everyone else- man, woman and child-perhaps they expected it to work out no matter who they paired him with but she's the rare exception.

Newfy Pearl said...

When Peter was with Leanne she got pregnant and I don't think he was happy. While she was in hospital after the miscarriage - wasn't he hooking up with Carla...they may not have had sex but he spent the night in her bed.
And when Carla was pregnant with his child, he had already started up something with Tina.
Oh and let's not forget - when Lucy was pregnant with Simon he was in the middle of his bigamist adventure.
So why in the world does Toyah thing that Peter is going to be any different about a pregnancy that she has brought about in such an underhanded way.
Toyah and Peter have no chemistry.......and that is saying something because Peter Barlow mixes well with everybody. lol

Flo said...

Peter and Toyah are a big yawn fest. It just doesn't work. They are dragging each other down. Not a fan of this storyline at all, time to end this and move on.

Laura said...

Agreed with everyone else on here. Just end this storyline and relationship already, it's dragging horribly and hard to watch.

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