Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Shock for Shona and drunken David

In the spoilers for next week's Coronation Street there's an interesting storyline brewing that will bring David and Shona closer, but perhaps not in the way we might imagine, or want.

First off, Billy persuades David and Shona to help out at his charity bring and buy sale. They both agree, but will they get on or just get on each other's nerves?

Then, later, Shona overhears Faye telling Phelan there’s been a fight at the Young Offenders’ Unit. Shona's son Clayton has been involved at the fight and he's been hospitalised too. Shona rushes there to see her son.

But when David hears the news that Clayton might not pull through he heads to the pub to celebrate. When Shona returns to the street, she finds drunken David sitting on the cobbles where Kylie died.

Do you think she should reveal the truth about who she really is? In the world of soap, secrets don't stay secrets for long so it's best to come out sooner rather than later, isn't it?

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Maricha said...

For the story going forward, Clayton's death would be the greatest thing. Otherwise, he'll keep turning up on the cobbles like a bad penny and it already has enough criminals.

Newfy Pearl said...

In regard to the line - 'in the world of soap'...lol sad part is the characters do not know they are in a soap. lmao

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