Friday, 5 May 2017

Coronation Street film a funeral. Whose... Drew's?

Photo: Manchester Evening News/Eamonn and James Clarke
Earlier today we posted on the topic of the paparazzi and Coronation Street.

You can read more on that here.

And guess what? Today, more paparazzi pictures emerge.

This time, it's a funeral that has been filmed in the sunshine of Weatherfield.  And Billy the vicar looks to be one of the mourners, rather than being in his official duty and officiating at the service.

Therefore, putting two and two together, it's no stretch to guess that the funeral must be that of Billy's ex-fella Drew.

What will the passing of Drew mean for the future of his daughter, Summer? And if Billy wants to take Summer on as his own, what will Todd decide to do when he's already said he doesn't want kids?

An interesting dilemma for Billy and Todd.

There's more pictures at the Manchester Evening News.

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea of Billy bringing up Summer. Todd and Billy can still have a relationship. Just because Billy takes on the responsibility of raising a child, doesn't mean Todd automatically has to be the other Daddy/parent.

Newfy Pearl said...

When I saw the headline online I was intrigued....almost a let down when I realised it was Drew....a character we do not really know who is not really a cast member as that wrong? lol

Maricha said...

Sooooo,who were you hoping was dead? :D

Newfy Pearl said...

Ken! lmao

Anonymous said...

I bet Todd will resist and resist, then become the more caring parent to Summer.

Newfy Pearl said...

Just kidding I one wants to see Ken dead...the writers are just making him so irritating these days.

Maricha said...

I totally understand. Ken has been pretty bad. I'm hoping that when his assault storyline is done he comes to realize that giving all your kids and grandkids a reason to kill you means you need to mend your ways.

maggie muggins said...

Another Emmerdale storyline for a male gay couple, along with the upcoming Zeedan food van. Not a bad thing, as I like both of them, but seems a bit derivative for the show-runner, who was previously at t'other soap.

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