Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 Big Coronation Street Spoilers

There's a lot going on in Coronation Street next week and so here's our pick of the big storylines to enjoy.

Sally's sister Gina comes clean and reveals all about herself and her past. What more secrets could there be? Find out more here.

There's good news for Mary next week in Coronation Street. It's all to do with her family and could see the return of son Jude. But who else might be turning up in Mary's life? Find out more here.

There could be a new name going up above the door at the Rovers Return.  But whose will it be? Find out more here.

Bethany goes to the police next week in Corrie and reports Nathan and his friends. But there's a nasty shock when she finds out who the policeman is. Find out more here.

A worried Kate Connor takes her dad Johnny to see the GP next week in Coronation Street. The GP gives Johnny some news he doesn't want to hear. Find out more here.

And Ken finally starts to remember who attacked him. But who could it be? Find out more here.

And Adam bundles Daniel into the boot of his car and kidnaps him! What on earth's going on? Find out more here.

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C in Canada said...

I still say it was Leah who was doing the trolling, and not Gina.
Gina's got no memory of it, and Leah seems to have a chip on her shoulder about Gail 'abandoning' Gina in her illness.

popcorn said...

Don't you mean that Sarah reports Nathan to the police?

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