Monday, 1 May 2017

5 Forgotten Flings on Coronation Street

Last week, our Coronation Street Blog team met up in Manchester for a day out together. We had a wonderful time and I've done a write-up of the day here, if you'd like to read it.

When we were chatting all things Corrie, it was mentioned that Ken and Rita once had a fling - and some members of the blog team weren't aware of this.  Many moons ago, our blogger Llifon wrote a blog post about Ken and Rita's night of passion - it's here.

It started me thinking how many other unlikely flings and one-night stands between characters we've forgotten about. So let's have a look back now at five unusual flings I can recall.

1. Ken and Rita 
Ken was bored with his current girlfriend and stood her up to share a drink with Rita instead. And at the same time, Rita was on the rebound from Len. Rita cooked him a meal and they spent the night together in 1973! Oo-er!

2. Curly and Maxine 
Curly Watts, the Street's geeky binman bedded Maxine, the Street's air-head/siren. Oh yes!  It happened after Curly's wife Raquel left Curly to move to Kuala Lumpur.  Wanting more from his own life, Curly decided to go travelling and let out his house to Samantha Failsworth.  However, he spent a night of passion with Maxine Heavey.  He didn't go travelling in the end, he changed his mind and came home. 

3. Curly (again!) and Maureen 
For a geeky lad with glasses, Curly Watts got his fair share of female attention.  He bedded both Maxine and Maureen around Christmas 1996 which has been lovingly documented by our Blogger Clinkers to Riddle here.

4. Dev and Tracy 
Dev had aleady bedded Deirdre when daughter Tracy thought she'd like a ride on the Devster too.  It was Christmas Day 2002 when Tracy returned suddenly from London and announced to the family she had left Robert.

5. Sally and Tyrone

Yes, Sally "the People's Princess" Metcalfe once had a fling with Kev's garage grease monkey Tyrone.  After throwing out her cheating hubby Kevin, Sally also kicked out teenage lovers Sophie and Sian when she found them in bed together. Feeling like her life is falling apart, she turns to Tyrone, who’s grieving for his wife Molly, and invites him over for tea, and a snog.

Are there any more forgotten flings that stick in your mind?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Jack Duckworth have a brief fling with Bet Lynch?

Newfy Pearl said...

The only two I did not remember was Curly! Shocking that he got so much action. lol I only know him with Raquel and Emma.

Louby said...

Before she became Carla, Alison King was a housewife who had a fling with Jason.

Tvor said...

Don Brennan and Bet Lynch
Dev and Deirdre
Duggie Fergusson and Sunita were an unlikely pairing
Clearly Leanne and Steve were a "Wait, what????" encounter
Bev Unwin and Ciaran
BAck in the day, Gail and Martin raised more than a few eyebrows. But it worked for awhile until it didn't.

Anonymous said...

Gary had a one nigh stand with both Tina and Kylie[before she married David].I wonder how would Sarah feel about that if she ever found out?

70sStreetFan said...

Didn't Gary sleep with Rosie when he first moved into the Street? And Michelle and Peter,weren't they a couple once?

njblas said...

Tyrone and Sally went no further than a kiss, thankfully:)

Rapunzel said...

Sally and Martin Platt were an awkward item for a while.

Anonymous said...

How about Tracy and her grandmother Blanche's rich old boyfriend?? Shocking

Anonymous said...

I thought Gary sleрt with Tina, also Tracey bedding David and Nick in the same eрisode!