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Monday, 1 May 2017

Remembering Corrie's first copper, Cyril Turpin

With young Craig Tinker about to start his training as a policeman, last week we took a timely look at back at some of the Coronation Street characters who had worked as policemen and women.

You can have a look at it here, with pictures.

And in the comments on that blog post about the Weatherfield police, it was mentioned that we hadn't included Betty Turpin's husband Cyril, who was Coronation Street's first ever policeman. And so, it's time to say a few words about PC Cyril Turpin.

Cyril and Betty Turpin

Cyril was married to Rovers Return barmaid Betty and they lived above the corner shop.  He retired from the force in 1970 after assaulting a convict who had been terrorising poor Betty. 

It was one of the pub's customer called Keith Lucas who had stalked Betty.  Lucas was fresh out of prison and wanted revenge on Cyril for arresting him three years earlier.  Betty tried to ignore Lucas but when he trapped her in her own home she broke down.  Cyril found out and attacked Lucas, continuing to hit him when he was unconcious. Cyril told his police superiors he had lost control and he took an office job as a clerk after he resigned from the force. 

With thanks to Daran Little's 40 Years Of "Coronation Street" book for the recap on Cyril!

In 1974 Cyril died of a heart attack.  At his funeral, Betty was supported by Maggie Clegg.

Betty did go on to marry again when old flame Billy Williams hunted her down and wooed her with an old love letter but it was always "My Cyril" Betty talked about often.

Find out more about Cyril Turpin at 

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njblas said...

Cyril became an offscreen character after leaving the police force in 1970, however, he returned for a few episodes in 1972. He was played by William Moore, who was married to Mollie Sugden (Nellie Harvey in Corrie, Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served).

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