Friday, 19 May 2017

Where Have Corrie's Strong Women Gone?

Sad news reaches us today as ITV announces that Claire King is leaving Coronation Street as Erica Holroyd. You can read more on that here.

I know Erica isn't on screen a lot, but I'm going to miss Claire King on Corrie. I really liked Erica and was always hopeful that she'd be taken out of the corner shop, away from Dev and those awful kids. I was longing for her to work behind the bar at the Rovers with her mate, Liz.  But alas, it doesn't look like it's going to be.

You can read our blogger Graeme's response to the news about Erica here.

Apart from a fling with Kev Webster, we don't have much to look forward to in Erica's storyline, it seems.

What's going on, Corrie? With Erica going, it's one more of Corrie's top women on their way out. Who, among the current Corrie characters would you say is a 'strong' woman? I'm starting to wonder if there'll be any left at this rate.

I would have argued for Liz at one point but she's a shadow of her former self, serving up nothing more than a wry smile with the pints from behind the bar at the Rovers these days.

I've even wondered if Michelle McDonald is the closest we've got on Corrie right now to anyone resembling the likes of Elsie Tanner.

The women are all so wishy-washy these days. Where's the matriachs? The feisty females?

Never mind: "Woman, Stanley. Woman."
Where are the "Women, Corrie. Women?"

Right, that's me done with my rant.  What do you think?

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Newfy Pearl said...

Audrey and Rita are strong women. They also try to guide the younger generations with their years of wisdom..yet do not judge. Love them.
Gail and Sally tip their toes in the pool but then the writers make them laughing stocks.
Liz is definitely one and sadly we are losing a definite one in Erica.
Eva and Maria think they are...but really they are not. One cheating with and the other pleading for a wedding ring. Ick!
Tracy and Mary are life by their own standards not caring what the world thinks.
That is my two cents worth.
I can't wait to see what others think.
Thanks again for those responsible for the upkeep of this site and everyone who posts here. I truly enjoy the chats about Corrie!

Tvor said...

Liz still has that spark when she needs it, shouting at people in the pub or, like the other night, giving Leanne hell in the Bistro for not inviting her! She may not have too many storylines that bring it out in her these days but she's still got it.

You're right, though, there aren't many strong women these days. The ones that are, are mainly the senior ones, Audrey and Rita and, now that she's past her whacko period, I'd even suggest Mary has the potential, albeit with an off the wall edge.

C in Canada said...

That's disappointing news, and even more disappointing that her potential wasn't realized. Her relationship with Dev had zero spark, no idea why they saddled her with him.

I don't like her, but Michelle is a strong woman, and there are still many more, such as Rita, Audrey, Liz, Eileen, Gemma, Sally, Tracy...and Amy's got 'strong woman' potential in spades.

C in Canada said...

PS - I forgot Yasmeen!

abbyk said...

Yes, Yasmeen. And Leanne as well. She rubs a lot of people the wrong way but she is a determined, capable woman. She has roots and connections, and with two kids, isn't reckless like she once was. When she's ready to go back to work, I'd like to see her at her own business, maybe as a real estate agent (a real one this time).

Anonymous said...

I was going to say what about Leanne? Yes right now she's not being the strong one who wouldn't take the crap Nick is giving her but she's still strong. She's got 2 kids and a successful buisiness. She has soften a bit but at times you see that snarky side. And Jane Danson is an AMAZING actress...

Will be interesting to see her next chapter when Nick is gone. Surely she wouldn't go back to Bistro would she?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that Michelle is a 'strong woman',a bully who uses manipulation and emotional abuse to get her way yes but a Corrie strong woman no.
Unlike some of the other women listed,Yasmeen,Mary and Leanne,Michelle only cares about herself and no one else.
After seeing her scenes with Bethany,I would say that Mary is definitely my favorite strong woman of Corrie.Despite her own traumatic childhood she has a good heart and a positive attitude.
I hope Mary is the one who can save Bethany.

Laura said...

Nice post - I was going to suggest Tracy and Leanne too - maybe not the nicest people you'll ever come across, but they definitely stand up for themselves and don't care what other people think of them.

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