Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 10 May

SALLY UNWITTINGLY KEEPS HER ENEMY CLOSE Finding Gina’s address on the electoral register, Sally and Tim pay her visit. Sally’s appalled at the state of Gina’s house and when Leah explains that Gina’s bipolar, Sally feels awful and insists they must come and stay with them. But when Sally and Tim arrive home with Gina and Leah in tow, Rosie and Sophie are horrified. Will they reveal all about Gina’s trolling?
NICK’S GETTING CLOSE TO BOILING POINT Leanne’s stressed having noticed a rash on Oliver’s back. When Steve then fails to collect Oliver as arranged Nick calls at the Rovers and rails at Steve, cancelling his night to have Oliver. Will Leanne agree with Nick’s hardline view?
ELSEWHERE Norris and Mary embark on a competition spree. Having been persuaded by Billy, David and Shona help out at his charity ‘bring and buy’. Will the pair ruffle each other’s feathers? Aidan shows Maria the new phone he’s bought so they can conduct their affair in secret.

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Zagg said...

I just can't understand the reasoning of keeping the identity of Sally's stalker/bully a secret.

Maricha said...

Seems very dangerous, especially if it turns out Gina really is mentally ill. Who knows how far she'll go.

Newfy Pearl said...

I think if Gina is behind the trolling that Sally would understand and take the bipolar into consideration. But to be honest I do not believe it is her. I think that the step daughter is very sketchy. I am sure that in the end she is behind it. She is angry because her father is away and jealous when she saw the life that Gina's sister had and not her. I bet she is playing with Gina's meds and doing things to control her.

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