Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Kevin Webster Set For Shock Affair?

Yet more paparazzi pictures have made their way online this week. This time, they show Kevin Webster "sneaking off to a hotel".

And in soap land, that can only mean one thing - he's up to no good. But who with? We know that Anna has been cool towards Kevin lately, so has he turned his attentions elsewhere?

Well, also snapped in the pics was Claire King, who plays Erica Holroyd. So could Kevin and Erica be sneaking into the hotel together for a bit of sub-duvet delight?

Erica Holroyd is one of the four characters we blogged about this week, saying that we'd like to see more of her. Let's hope this is the start. But Erica and Kevin? Well, it doesn't do it for me!

You can see the pictures at Digital Spy 

Why don't we put paparazzi pictures here on the Coronation Street Blog? Because you have to pay to use them and photographers feel as strongly about having their work nicked and used online as I do about having our words taken. So we respect the photographers. Just wish the tabloids would respect us too.

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Newfy Pearl said...

Anna is frigid with Kevin and making him feel unloved. Erica is feeling taken for granted by Dev.
Kev is the exact opposite of Dev.
So for these two to seek comfort elsewhere..makes sense...but I really did not take Erica to be the cheating kind.

Maricha said...

Kevin didn't have anything but holes in his pockets until he got Anna's money and he's using some of it on a hotel room to cheat on her !?! Despicable.

Anna isn't frigid. She was fine until she got burned. Maybe if she'd used the money she got on herself and some therapy she'd get back to normal faster but then Kevin would be bankrupt.

This isn't at all like Erica. Dumping Dev would be great because he's a bire and his kids are brats but Kevin is a step down.

coconno196 said...

Well said Maricha!
It would be great to see more of Erica, but why an affair? Have the writers no imagination?

Newfy Pearl said...

I was using the term frigid as such = unable or unwilling to be sexually aroused and responsive. Since her accident Anna is too self conscious about her body image to enjoy an intimate relationship with Kevin. I was not knocking her in any way. I too feel that it would have been good for Anna to get therapy after her ordeal.
As for Kevin. He was doing fine until he got into Phelan's sights. Remember when Anna could not afford to pay her rent he offered for her to move in with him. Considering he had already raised two girls I thought his decision to coparent another one was pretty cool.
Then Phelan really hurt him when he stole that new truck....Sally paid for half of Sophie's medical bills...but then the fire that was set by Andy and the insurance would not covering it it really did Kevin in financially.
Let's face it...the truck and the fire would not have been an issue if Kevin was not involved with Anna.
Anyhow..that is my two cents. I like both Kevin and Anna. I am sorry that they are going to be dealing with the cheating storyline as both characters deserve a little happiness for a while. For goodness sakes...why is Phelan happily married and living it up! lol

Anonymous said...

So Kevin is again going to betray a friend,Dev and cheat on Anna who I may had saved him from bankruptcy when the money she received from David could have gone for plastic surgery for her burns.
Kevin is a pig,he cheated on Sally twice,with Natalie Barnes while she was looking after her dying mother and with Tyrone's wife Molly while Sally was dealing with breast cancer.
What is the point of Kevin?
I hope Gary gives it to him good!

Laura said...

Well, we don't know for sure that's what's happening...what I would like to see is that Kevin suggests it to Erica, she lets on that she's interested, then lets Anna know and it's Anna waiting at the hotel instead, letting Kevin have it as only Anna can. Hopefully she hasn't given him any of the money yet and he can go bankrupt. He deserves it. Would hate the impact on Tyrone/Luke, but maybe they can find a new buyer for the garage like they are for the Rovers?

I'll be really disappointed if they write Erica into an affair with Kevin. She seems like the type that if she's tempted by Kevin, she'd realize she's not happy with Dev and either fix it or end it and move on, not get into an affair that wouldn't solve anything.

Newfy Pearl said...

Why is everyone hating on Kevin? lol Sally was no angel when he was married to her. And Anna and Kevin have had a really tough run......have I missed something here?

Laura said...

Sadly though, this is exactly what I would expect from Kevin. Down to having Anna home looking after his son while he's doing the dirty on her. So true to form, ugh. People talk about Tracy and Michelle, but Kevin is the character on the street that I absolutely CAN'T STAND. He's so entitled, selfish, and unself-aware that it's cringeworthy to watch him a lot of the time.

Laura said...

Whether Sally did things she shouldn't doesn't excuse Kevin's behaviour and choices over the years. That business with Molly alone was completely disgusting and over the top. The way he throws his weight around at the garage and talks to his supposed "friends" isn't something I'd want to see anyone put up with. He didn't tell Anna Sally was giving him a huge amount of money and was going to let her put herself through something she told him she didn't want to do because she thought it was the only way to help him...ugh I could go on but I need to stop myself. Someone should write a post on the nastiness personified that is Kevin Webster! lol

Maricha said...

I get what you're saying but Anna is in no way responsible for Phelan's actions or obsession with her and the men in her life. She has no part in his schemes and doesn't owe anyone anything because of what he does. We, the viewers, know Phelan caused all this trouble but neither Anna nor Kevin do. She didn't give Kevin the money out of guilt but out of love and concern.

What Kevin did in asking his girlfriend to move in with him was nice but nothing out of the ordinary. People in relationships usually live together and raise kids if there are any. He'll help her with Faye just as she'll help him with Jack.

Anna has been frank about why she doesn't feel at home in her body anymore and that it isn't from a lack of feelings for him. A decent boyfriend would have strongly encouraged her to seek help for her own sake.

A girlfriend who gives you all her money to save your family business is obviously not withholding sex out of indifference so the least Kevin could do is be honest if he doesn't want to wait for her to get better.

I really hope this spoiler isn't what it seems.

Newfy Pearl said...

Well I give up. lol Just as we have the option to fast forward over some of the scenes in Corrie that we don't enjoy....I think I will pass on any further discussion of Kevin Webster.

Canuktuk said...

Could it be possible that they are meeting to discuss business plans? I could see Erica being a useful business partner to Kevin for some reason. She seems level-headed and focused whereas Kevin should just be a mechanic. In a way it would be kinda like cheating (Dev being Mr. Entrepreneur) but it would be a nice twist rather than another boring affair.

Maricha said...

I hope Kevin is just talking to her to get a woman's perspective on what to do to make Anna get over her self-consciousness.

I don't remember what Erica's business expertise would be so you may have a point about that.

Abercrombie said...

The spoiler relating to Erica and Kevin is hearsay, isn't it? So best wait to see how it pans out. My take on Kevin Webster is in line with many bloggers above - sense of entitlement, selfish and lacking self awareness, as Laura pointed out, seems to be the main features of his personality. And, pushing Anna for intimacy, when she is struggling emotionally and psychologically from her burns is saying he is fed up waiting. Difficult for her.
Naturally, I think, we respond/react to certain personalities according to our own experiences. We love the characters that fit with our ideas of how life needs to be - harmonious, understanding, compassionate and we oppose those whom we deem to be unpleasant. We all know these different people in our lives and know where we find our joy and our difficulties and challenges. That why I cheer or shout at the screen in equal turns.

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