Thursday, 18 May 2017

Coronation Street Wins Another Award

Coronation Street has been given another award this week. But this time it's not for storylines or actors. It's not for writing or performing. It's for something a little more down to earth than that.

Coronation Street has won the Zero Waste Platinum Award 2017.  Yes, I know, how much more exciting could it be?!

In all seriousness though, the award went today to Corrie for showing Excellence in Recycling & Waste Management. In addition, back in 2011, EDF Energy voted Coronation Street characters 2nd best at being environmentally friendly.  The research was based on how often characters used public transport, the amount of times they used electrical equipment and if they remembered to switch them off, and using local markets, amongst other criteria.
Good on you, Corrie and ITV, for being so environmentally friendly.

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IAmKenBarlow said...

All the rubbish rejected in Weatherfield is sent down south for recycling......they call it Eastenders.

Tashacat said...


Linda Shockley said...

They bring Brian back as King of Recycling and look what happens!

Aussie Pete said...

Brilliant! 😂😂

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