Wednesday, 17 May 2017

4 Corrie Characters We Want to See More Of

Our blogger Graeme posted an intriguing question on Twitter recently.  You can follow him on Twitter here.

Graeme asked which Coronation Street characters fans would like to see more of?  And he posted the four pictures seen in this blog post too. 

Erica Holyroyd is one I'd love to see more of, without a doubt. Stick her behind the bar with Liz and give the Rovers a smile, please Corrie! Oh, and take her away from Dev, he really brings her down.

I suspect we'll start to see more of Zeedan now that he's a man with a plan and a van. I just hope his Speed-Dahl business doesn't go up in smoke the way so many other van-based businesses in Weatherfield have done in the past! Take a look at them all here.

Yes! Yes! Yasmeen!  Woefully underused in a soap that has traditionally focussed on the more mature woman and the matriach.

And another one is young Craig, who always brightens up the screen every time he appears. Now that he's training to be a policeman, we speculate that he might be the one who helps Bethany escape from evil Nathan's clutches. You can read more on that here.

Which four characters would YOU like to see more of? Do you agree with Graeme's choices?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Agree with Graeme's choices. I would also like to see more of Luke and he needs a pal now that Steph has gone. Erica and Liz together would also be good.

Lee said...

I said Erica should be the one to buy out Steve's share of the Rovers, since the get-go. Erica is the kind of character who residents can relate to, rely on, and confide in. She has a friendship with Liz and is no pushover. We could learn more about her past. It would be great to see her have the money without question, to buy in. A single woman, who has made wise investments and needs no-one else to support her or make her happy. A breath of fresh air, in other words!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all of your choices and I'd like to add one of my own - more Sean please we rarely see him anymore.

abbyk said...

Those 4 would be my picks, too and I'd add Simon. No teen has been more deserving of angst. He's a good actor and needs a path to adulthood, not just remain a torn up kid who needs hugs. David can be rested from the front burner but he's also good as a support player -- both he and Zeedan need a friend, esp when Nick leaves.

Laura said...

These choices are all good - would definitely say Erica, Zeedan/Rana and Craig. My last pick would be seeing some scenes of Sean/Norris - there is a missed opportunity there for some comedy scenes.

C in Canada said...

I agree, as well as for Sean also. Craig is also brilliant, he's so convincing.

As always, more ROY!

Rita Tanner said...

Erica and Kevin is gonna happen as predicted!

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree Lee....that would have been gold. Liz and Erica work so well together in more ways than one.

Maricha said...

I agree with Graeme's choice. Seeing more of Sean and it doesn't have to be in a romance for any of them.

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