Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Wednesday 5 April

Wednesday 5th April 2017

Simon is gutted when Peter lies that he dropped his phone in a puddle and had to chuck it away but he's mollified when Peter gives him money to buy a new one. Once he's reconnected by his provider, Simon accesses his missed messages, including a voicemail from last Monday where a panicky Peter apologises for messing up again and insists he's got to get away. Simon is rocked by the implications of Peter's words. Meanwhile, DS Mackinnon intercepts Peter and Daniel at the hospital and explains that Ken's refusing to see any members of his family.

Sinead is dismayed when Beth reveals how she was drunkenly wishing Ken dead last night. Sinead vows never to drink again but Beth's secret fears remain. Mackinnon takes Daniel to one side to ask him about his mum. When Mackinnon states that he lied convincingly for six years to cover Denise's absence, Daniel realises she's insinuating that he bumped off Denise then targeted Ken.

Tracy pulls out Ken's will, tears open the envelope and starts to read. Tracy confronts Adam with Ken's will and points out that the lion's share goes to him, Peter and Daniel while she's been cut out completely. Adam is confused as it's a different version to the one he witnessed.

When Rita gives Freddie £1 for the fruit machine and he wins the jackpot, Freddie reimburses Rita's £1 stake from his winnings. Believing she's entitled to more, Rita's not happy.

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1 comment:

Newfy Pearl said...

Peter - low tech man in a high tech world
Sinead - could not hold her liquor in a plastic bag
Freddie - personality shock that he is leaving. The Freddie we know would not be so petty. Give me a break!

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